Your Guide to Getting a Fast Car Insurance Quote

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Your guide to getting fast car insurance quote

Getting car insurance largely depends on the stage of your life when you get a car. Most teenagers who’re given cars are usually added to their family’s car insurance policy or are authorized to use the vehicle under the policy that their parents bought along with the car.

This means that they’ll have a driving record that’s already pretty meaty by the time they get their own car insurance policy, regardless if they get it from the same company or a different one. A driving record should be able to help them buy an insurance policy much easier.

If one gets their car insured when they’re a young adult, they’ll be doing it on their own, which may make the process challenging. Fortunately, getting it isn’t as difficult. Here’s a guide to getting a car insurance quote fast from

Getting started

When you’re looking to get your custom quote, the main page of the website opens with the prompt to either get a custom quote or allow you to retrieve a previous quote if you previously visited.

Car Insurance

If the Car Insurance portion of the page isn’t visible, click on the Car Insurance button on the bottom-left of the frame. This should take you to the personal information page which will help us find the best car insurance rates for you.

Car Insurance

The details

Once you’ve completed your personal information, you’ll proceed to the car model selection screen. You’ll be asked to select your car brand first before anything else.

Car Insurance

As you select the options, the rest of the necessary details regarding your car will appear. You can fill in the Model, Year, and the car’s Trim. This allows a better overview of the car, and which providers may provide the best coverage for your needs. As an example, let’s use a 2016 Toyota Vios E with a 1.3L engine and Manual transmission.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

The next page allows you to select what the car will be used for as car insurance policy coverage and rates will differ between possible purposes for a vehicle. You’ll be prompted to tag your car as purely for personal use, as a commercial vehicle, or as a ride-sharing vehicle.

Car Insurance

Finishing touches

Car Insurance

The second-to-the-last page will ask if you’re getting a new policy, renewing your previous policy, or if your policy has expired. For the car used as an example, it will be treated as a new policy.

Car Insurance

The last page before you get your quote asks whether your car is mortgaged. Should you select yes, you will be able to select the bank which your vehicle is mortgaged to. The next button is also replaced with a “Show Me the Quote” button, taking you to a page where you can compare the rates of our available providers, and refine your preferences accordingly.

Final thoughts

These steps will take you to comparison platform that features car insurance rates from 13 top insurance companies in the country. This will help you see all your options in one page instead of going from one page to the other.

Once you’ve purchased your initial insurance policy, it won’t be as difficult to renew, change providers, or negotiate lower costs on future policies.

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