PGA Insurance

Max. Total Sum Insured

P 3,000,000

Casa Eligibility

10 Years

Product Summary


PGA Insurance

As one of the leaders in the non-life insurance market, Prudential Guarantee didn’t spare anything from providing financial protection to car owners. Prudential Guarantee car insurance stands out from the rest as having more value-added services compared to other insurance providers. Expect to get more out of your policy when you choose Prudential Guarantee today.

Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance Key Features

  • One of the largest non-life insurance companies in the Philippines
  • Provides noteworthy value-added services like free alternative transport, overnight accommodation, etc.
  • Offers free vehicle retrieval, towing, breakdown service, among others
  • 10 Years Of Casa Eligibility
  • P 2,000 Deductible
  • 3,000,000 Maximum Total Sum insured
Access to Critical InformationYes
Alternative Transport Yes
Overnight Accomodation P 2,000
Towing P 5,500
Vehicle Removal Crane ServiceP 15,000
Minus On-site Repairs:
Battery Boosting Yes
Gasoline Delivery Yes
Flat Tire Replacement Yes
Jumpstart Yes
Locksmith Yes

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Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance Review

Prudential Guarantee auto insurance guarantees value for your money. Aside from the special privileges you’ll receive once you’re insured, you’ll also get coverage suited for any driving need. After all, you shouldn’t spare any expense for peace of mind.

Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance Coverage

Planning to choose Prudential Guarantee car insurance? It’s best to read through our Prudential Guarantee car insurance review in the Philippines to know what you’re going to get from your policy first. Here are the coverages you can expect when you get Prudential Guarantee motor insurance today.

  • Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement - As much as it is grim to think about, you should prepare yourself for car accidents while on the road. In the event of an accidental death or permanent total disablement, your Prudential Guarantee car insurance grants you or your family 100% of the sum insured.

  • Permanent Disablement - Car accidents can also cause permanent disablement if not death. That’s why you are also insured up to 100% of the sum insured by your Prudential Guarantee car insurance when you lose your hands or feet via disablement or actual severance. It also covers the loss of sight, hearing, or speech.

  • Accident Medical Expense Reimbursement - While surviving a car accident is a blessing, it would still cost you money. Your Prudential Guarantee car insurance will take care of the necessary medical expenses incurred in the treatment of your injuries. This will include hospital bills, doctor fees, and outpatient expenses.

  • Accident Burial Expense Fund - Unfortunately, your financial woes won’t end in death. That’s why your Prudential Guarantee car insurance in the Philippines will pay your family a lump sum cash to take care of your burial expenses, along with other available benefits.

Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance Privileges

Prudential Guarantee car insurance goes beyond comprehensive coverage as it includes special add-ons other insurance providers don’t offer. Here are just some of them:

  • Free Vehicle Retrieval Service - If your vehicle falls deep in a ravine, bridge, or gutter, Prudential Guarantee can provide you with free vehicle retrieval and towing services to recover your damaged vehicle.

  • Free Ambulance Service - For accidents that need immediate medical care, your Prudential Guarantee car insurance affords you a free ambulance service for immediate dispatch of the victim/s to the nearest hospital.

  • Free Vehicle Breakdown Service - Stuck in the middle of the road with a broken-down vehicle? Your Prudential Guarantee car insurance in the Philippines can provide you with free on-site repair services like tire changes, jumpstarts, and fuel delivery, among others.

  • Free Towing Service - If a sudden breakdown resulted in a dead vehicle, you can avail of free towing services from Prudential Guarantee so you can take your car to the nearest repair facility.

  • Free Alternative Transport to Destination - If your vehicle can’t take you to your destination and an immediate repair isn’t possible, Prudential Guarantee can help you arrange a means of alternative transport.

  • Free Alternative Overnight Accommodation - If your damaged vehicle stranded you in a certain area, Prudential Guarantee can help you arrange free overnight accommodation at the nearest hotel.

Why Choose Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance?

If you look at its impressive array of coverages and privileges, you could say that a Prudential Guarantee car insurance policy goes above and beyond to serve the policyholder. That’s the result of the company’s dedication to providing financial protection to Filipinos.

And as if the roster of perks wasn’t not impressive enough, all drivers and passengers driving the insured vehicle get automatic coverage. It also exceeds the allowed seating capacity of the vehicle. However, note that the maximum benefits will be shared proportionately among all the individuals involved.

What’s more, all ages are covered by your Prudential Guarantee car insurance policy. However, passengers or drivers below 12 years old or over 69 years old will only receive half the usual benefits.

Also, you can get your passenger vans insured as long as it is used primarily for private and non-commercial purposes. As for the age of the vehicle, Prudential Guarantee auto insurance only covers vehicles up to eight years old.

Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance Rates

A solid decision is always backed by a careful comparison of all the options. Here are some Prudential Guarantee car insurance quotes for the most popular cars in the country.

Car Brand and Model

Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance Rates

Mitsubishi Mirage G4₱20,498/Year
Honda City₱12,780/Year
Toyota Wigo₱14,117/Year
Toyota Vios₱20,965/Year

*Rates are based on 2020 vehicles and are subject to change.

How to Get Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance via Moneymax

Want to start your car insurance journey with Prudential Guarantee? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to its nearest branch to do so. You can get your car insurance online with Moneymax! Just follow these steps to insure your vehicle today.

  1. Scroll back to the top of this page and click Get Free Quote.
  2. Provide your car brand, model, year, variant, and vehicle type before clicking Next.
  3. Enter your name, email, and contact number.
  4. Tick the two terms and conditions boxes.
  5. You can also enter a promo code. If you have none, click Next.
  6. Review the details you provided then tap Apply.
  7. Expect a call from a Moneymax representative within a few hours.

A Moneymax representative will help you process your application and once you’ve paid your premium, expect your e-policy to arrive in your email within 24 hours.

How to File a Prudential Guarantee Car Insurance Claim via Moneymax

Filing a claim is also a lot easier with Moneymax. Our team of claims experts can help you process your Prudential Guarantee car insurance claim. Just prepare the following requirements to begin your car insurance claim process.

  • Police report
  • Accomplished insurance claim form
  • Pictures of the damaged or lost parts of your vehicle and the full view of the car showing the plate number
  • Car repair estimate
  • Photocopy of driver’s license with official receipt (OR)
  • Photocopy of certificate of vehicle registration with MVRR number
  • Additional requirements as prescribed by our Claims Experts

Email these documents to and our dedicated Claims Team will assist from there. Once Prudential Guarantee receives your requirements, they will review and evaluate your claim. They will then send you a Letter of Authorization once your claim is approved. You can then send your car to your preferred casa for repair.

*Note that the process may change depending on the type of claim

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  • Marine Insurance - The seven seas are not a problem when it comes to providing quality insurance. Prudential Guarantee protects your ships, cargo, terminals, and other marine-related assets you have.

  • Fire Insurance - Accidental fires can cost you the home you’ve worked so hard for. That’s why you can insure your home from potential fire-related damages with this insurance offering from Prudential Guarantee.

  • Engineering Insurance - Engineering is a field full of risks that need insurance. Prudential Guarantee also provides financial protection from the perils of any engineering project.

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