sgi car insurance philippines

SGI Car Insurance Philippines

Accredited Repair Shops


Max. Total Sum Insured

P 5,000,000

Casa Eligibility

5 Years

Product Summary

sgi car insurance philippines

SGI Car Insurance Philippines

SGI Philippines offers comprehensive insurance not only for private cars but also for commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Aside from offering the basic CTPL coverage, SGI Car Insurance also covers third party loss or damage, personal accident rider, and Acts of Nature, among others.

SGI Philippines Key Features

  • Over 50 years of exceptional service in the non-life insurance industry
  • Customer support in over 3,000 branches worldwide
  • Offers coverage for commercial and motorcycle vehicles
    • 5 Years Of Casa Eligibility
    • 134 Casa Repair Shops
    • P 2,000 Deductible
    • 3 waived deductible
    • 5,000,000 Maximum Total Sum insured
    Access to Critical InformationYes
    Overnight Accomodation P 2,000
    TowingP 5,000
    Vehicle Removal Crane ServiceP 10,000
    Minus On-site Repairs:
    Battery BoostingYes
    Gasoline DeliveryYes
    Flat Tire ReplacementYes

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    SGI Philippines Car Insurance Review

    SGI Philippines offers well-rounded insurance coverage for your vehicle that covers you from various financial liabilities. From CTPL to Acts of Nature, an SGI car insurance policy lets you drive the road with assurance in the world.

    SGI Car Insurance Coverage

    It’s always best to review what’s in your car insurance policy so you’ll know what you can claim when an unfortunate event happens. Here are the coverages you can expect when you get an SGI car insurance policy.

    • CTPL Coverage - Getting SGI car insurance instantly grants you the most basic and mandatory coverage required to have your car registered in the Philippines. This protects you from financial liabilities brought about by the death or injury of a third party in the event of a road accident.
    • Third Party Damage or Loss - To further protect you from financial liabilities from the death or injury of the third party or the damage caused by your vehicle in the aftermath of an accident, SGI car insurance offers third party liability coverage. So even if you’re at fault, you can still meet your financial obligations.
    • Personal Accident Rider - You will also need financial protection in the event that the driver, occupant, or passenger suffers death, injury, or disablement after an accident. Survivors of car accidents are more likely to stay bedridden and this will cover all related expenses of the rider and their family while they are currently incapacitated.
    • Acts of Nature - SGI car insurance also covers you from damages brought about by natural disasters and other unforeseen events. It’s not uncommon to experience typhoons, flash floods, and tsunamis in the Philippines. In order to protect your car from the unexpected, you’ll need this coverage in your policy.

    Why Choose SGI Car Insurance?

    In its quest to become the most trusted and preferred non-life insurer to the common man, SGI Philippines has dedicated itself to providing high-quality insurance products to all forms of industries.

    For over 50 years, it has built a reputation in the non-life insurance space as an approachable and accessible financial partner. This is thanks to its world-class customer support stationed in over 3,000 branches nationwide.

    Aside from its competitive prices, SGI car insurance also covers not only private cars but commercial vehicles and motorcycles as well. Now, you can insure your business vehicles driven almost every day and are therefore more prone to road accidents.

    One downside of SGI car insurance is that it doesn’t cover vehicles older than 5 years old. So if you’re looking to insure an old or vintage car, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

    SGI Car Insurance Rates

    Before you make a decision, you should first compare car insurance quotes. Here are some estimated SGI Philippines insurance quotes for five of the most popular cars in the Philippines.

    Car Brand and Model

    SGI Car Insurance Rates

    Hyundai Accent₱9,594/Year
    Mitsubishi Mirage G4₱16,705/Year
    Honda City₱10,576/Year
    Toyota Wigo₱11,638/Year
    Toyota Vios₱17,076/Year

    *Rates are based on 2020 vehicles and are subject to change.

    How to Get SGI Car Insurance via Moneymax

    Ready to insure your precious vehicle with SGI Philippines? Then you’ll be pleased to know you can get your car insurance online. Moneymax is the fastest way to get an SGI car insurance policy. Protect your car today without leaving your home with these simple steps.

    1. Scroll back to the top of this page and click Get Free Quote.
    2. Provide your car brand, model, year, variant, and vehicle type before clicking Next.
    3. Enter your name, email, and contact number.
    4. Tick the two terms and conditions boxes.
    5. You can also enter a promo code. If you have none, click Next.
    6. Review the details you provided then tap Apply.
    7. Expect a call from a Moneymax representative within a few hours.

    From there, our Moneymax representative will help you process your application. Once you’ve settled everything, you’ll receive your e-policy within 24 hours.

    How to File an SGI Car Insurance Claim via Moneymax

    Got into a car accident? You don’t need to head down to the SGI Philippines branch and queue up to process your claim. Our Moneymax representatives will be the ones assisting you in filing a car insurance claim. All you need to do is to prepare the requirements:

    • Police report
    • Accomplished insurance claim form
    • Pictures of the damaged or lost parts of your vehicle and the full view of the car showing the plate number
    • Car repair estimate
    • Photocopy of driver’s license with official receipt (OR)
    • Photocopy of certificate of vehicle registration with MVRR number
    • Additional requirements as prescribed by our Claims Experts

    Once you have all of them, email your requirements to and our Claims Team will assist you from there. Upon receiving your claim documents, SGI Philippines will review and evaluate the damages. Once approved, you will receive a Letter of Authorization and you can have your vehicle repaired at your preferred casa.

    *Note that the process may change depending on the type of claim

    Other Services Offered by SGI Philippines

    • Fire Insurance - Because SGI Philippines recognizes that a home is also an investment, the company offers fire insurance that covers damages to your real estate due to accidental fire. It covers the reconstruction costs of the property, as well as provisional housing costs during the reconstruction period.
    • Engineering Insurance - One of the riskiest fields out there is engineering. That’s why you can rely on SGI Philippines to have an insurance product specifically for that. This covers all the financial risks faced by ongoing engineering projects, including construction, installation, and machinery, among others.
    • Marine Insurance - Do you own or manage cargo ships as part of your business operations? SGI Philippines can insure them with this product. This covers the loss or damage of cargo ships and terminals. It also covers the loss or damage of the cargo contained in the ships.

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