standard car insurance

Standard Insurance

Accredited Repair Shops


Max. Total Sum Insured

P 5,000,000

Casa Eligibility

15 Years

Product Summary

standard car insurance

Standard Insurance

Standard Insurance aims to bring peace of mind to its customers by providing quality insurance coverage and services. Its aspiration to become one of the finest top insurers in the world by 2035 has led to a gold rating and awards that rank it as the best general insurance company for several years since 2015.

Standard Car Insurance Key Features

  • Received a national strength financial rating of A with a positive outlook from the Global Credit Rating Co. (GCR)
  • Received its sixth award as the World Finance Best Non-Life (General) Insurance Company from World Finance (WF)
  • Has ISO 9001:2008 Certification and has been ISO certified since 1998
  • 15 Years Of Casa Eligibility
  • 504 Casa Repair Shops
  • P 2,000 Deductible
  • 5,000,000 Maximum Total Sum insured
Overnight Accomodation P 2,500
TowingP 4,000
Vehicle Removal Crane ServiceP 10,000
Minus On-site Repairs:
Battery BoostingYes
Gasoline Delivery Yes
Flat Tire ReplacementYes

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Standard Car Insurance Review

Do you drive your car with worst-case scenario thoughts about road accidents simply because you’re not insured? Then it’s time to get a Standard Car Insurance to feel more secure, plus, receive discounts and freebies. Read this short Standard Car Insurance Philippines review to find out more.

Standard Car Insurance Coverage

Standard car insurance’s coverage is extensive enough to meet your car protection needs. The list below provides a detailed view of its coverages:

  • CTPL Coverage - As required by law, this is the most basic and mandatory coverage you must get for your vehicle. This will cover third-party bodily injury or death involving the insured vehicle.
  • Third Party Property Damage - Amp up your car insurance coverage with another third-party insurance but this time, it covers damage to the vehicle of the other party caused by the insured car.
  • Personal Accident Rider - This coverage takes care of the hospitalization and burial expenses of your passengers in the event of an accident that results in their injury or death.
  • Acts of Nature - Uncontrolled circumstances brought about by Mother Nature are costly. Since Standard Car Insurance’s coverage in the Philippines is comprehensive, it comes with Acts of Nature coverage that insures your car from damages caused by floods, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.
  • Excess Bodily Injury - We’ve discussed Standard Car Insurance coverages for your passengers and third parties. Now, this coverage answers for you and your passengers in case you both incur injuries while on the road.
  • Own Damage - this coverage serves as all-around protection for your car since it’s not limited to damages sustained from road accidents such as vehicle collisions and car overturning. Damages due to falling, fire, and malicious acts of a third party are also included.
  • Theft - Aside from Acts of Nature, another uncontrolled circumstance that Standard Car Insurance Philippines covers is theft. It covers the cost of a lost part/s of your car or the whole car itself by thieves and carnappers.

Why Choose Standard Car Insurance?

Standard Car Insurance goes beyond the regular insurance benefits and takes it up a notch with Standard Prime, a free loyalty rewards program. Standard Prime offers its members freebies, special promos, and discounts with partner merchants like Grab and Cliqq by 7-Eleven. All Standard Insurance policyholders, no matter what type of policy they have, are eligible to sign up for a Standard Prime membership.

Standard Car Insurance Rates

Getting car insurance should be the next step after buying a car. Because there are several car insurance plans with different coverages, it’s best to compare car insurance quotations before deciding on the right one for you. Here are some Standard Car Insurance costs for five of the most popular cars in the Philippines:

Car Brand and Model

Standard Car Insurance Rates

Hyundai Accent₱9,594/year
Mitsubishi Mirage G4₱16,705/year
Honda City₱10,576/year
Toyota Wigo₱11,638/year
Toyota Vios₱17,076/year

*Rates are based on 2022 manual transmission vehicles and are subject to change.

How to Get Standard Car Insurance via Moneymax

Ready to insure your car with Standard Insurance? Then you’ll be pleased to know you can get your car insurance online. Moneymax is the fastest way to get a Standard car insurance policy. Protect your car today without leaving your home with these simple steps.

  1. Scroll back to the top of this page and click Get Free Quote.
  2. Provide your car brand, model, year, variant, and vehicle type before clicking Next.
  3. Enter your name, email, and contact number.
  4. Tick the two terms and conditions boxes.
  5. You can also enter a promo code. If you have none, click Next.
  6. Review the details you provided then tap Apply.
  7. Expect a call from a Moneymax representative within a few hours.

From there, our Moneymax representative will help you process your application. Once you’ve settled everything, you’ll receive your e-policy within 24 hours.

How to File a Standard Car Insurance Claim via Moneymax

Dreading the hassle of filing a claim? You don’t need to head down to the Standard Insurance office and queue up to process your claim. Our Moneymax representatives will be the ones assisting you in filing a car insurance claim. All you need to do is to prepare the basic requirements:

  • Original or certified true copy of the police report (for theft, third party liability, or severe vehicle damage)
  • Accomplished insurance claim form or motor accident report form or duly notarized original owner’s/driver’s affidavit (for self-accident/minor collision)
  • Pictures of the damaged or lost parts of your vehicle and the full view of the car at the accident site showing the plate number, if applicable
  • Driver’s license with official receipt (OR)
  • Car registration and official receipt (OR)

Once you have all of them, email your requirements to and our Claims Team will assist you from there. Upon receiving your claim documents, Standard Insurance will review and evaluate the damages. Once approved, you will receive a Letter of Authorization and you can have your vehicle repaired at your preferred casa.

*Note that the process may change depending on the type of claim

Other Services Offered by Standard Insurance

  • Fire Insurance - This is another insurance coverage for one of your most important and expensive, if not the most expensive, properties. Standard Insurance’s fire protection covers lightning and fires brought about by windstorms, earthquakes, and other allied perils.
  • Cellphone Protect - Standard Insurance offers protection to not only your big properties but even your small gadgets since in this day and age, small devices are almost as expensive as the big ones. Cellphone Protect covers accidental damage and loss due to theft, robbery, and pickpocketing.
  • Office Protect - Business owners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can get protection for their business properties. Office Protect will keep your operations in its Business As Usual status by covering costs related to property damage, allied perils, and other coverages like electronic equipment, comprehensive general liability, and securities and payroll, among many others.

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