mapfre insular car insurance

MAPFRE Insular

Accredited Repair Shops


Max. Total Sum Insured

P 2,000

Casa Eligibility

10 Years

Product Summary

mapfre insular car insurance

MAPFRE Insular

Why Choose MAPFRE Insular?

  • Over 80 years of world-class service in the non-life insurance industry
  • Auto Rapido, the fastest and most convenient claims service
  • Offers free legal assistance for all their car insurance packages
  • 10 Years Of Casa Eligibility
  • 366 Casa Repair Shops
  • P 2,000 Deductible
  • 1 waived deductible
  • 5,000,000 Maximum Total Sum insured
Access to Critical InformationYes
Alternative Transport Yes
Overnight Accomodation P 3,000
Towing P 5,000
Vehicle Removal Crane Service P 10,000
Minus On-site Repairs:
Battery BoostingYes
Gasoline DeliveryYes
Flat Tire ReplacementYes

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