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When you’re deciding on your car insurance, you probably don’t think too much about the specifics beyond the CTPL. You might consider getting the Acts of Nature cover just in case there’s a flood, or if The Big One actually comes along.

You might be thinking what inclusions make the most sense with your insurance policy, and what would make more sense when it comes to covering your property and keeping yourself safe when you’re driving around. Two issues that car owners might face is to decide between opting for more coverage as opposed to being able to get your car repaired almost anywhere.

Here’s what you need to know about both arguments.

When it comes to having additional coverage:

Car Insurance Inclusions |
Having additional coverage allows a car owner to be prepared for most possible occurrences. You can protect your car from the elements, or the possibility of theft. A single insurance policy can contain multiple covers that essentially save you money, or prevent you from paying more out-of-pocket in the event that you’re in an accident.
Having additional coverage – such as life insurance, or legal assistance, or hotel accommodation for when your car breaks down – can be a boon when needed.

Sec. 387 of the Omnibus Amendments to the Insurance Code (R.A. No. 10607) requires anyone owning a vehicle to take out a Compulsory Third-Party Liability cover which provides coverage when a policyholder or insured driver is responsible for a car accident. Additional coverage, such as the Acts of Nature cover provides protection against problems that arise from weather-related issues.

The argument for having access to more repair shops:

Car Insurance Inclusions |
Getting your vehicle repaired under your car insurance policy helps out a lot when it comes to the overall costs. Your claim will be easier to process when your vehicle is repaired in an accredited repair shop.

Having access to more repair shops means that you won’t have to wait out long repair queues. If you’re in an area that doesn’t have an accredited repair shop, you’ll end up paying way more out-of-pocket for a simple repair job. If your vehicle cannot be repaired in an accredited repair shop, the settlement you’ll receive won’t be the full amount spent.

The advantage to having a wider range of accredited shops available will be great when your car requires repairs and you’re stuck in a remote location. It’ll be easier to get your vehicle assessed and repaired.

Which works better?

Car Insurance Inclusions |
Having more accredited shops provides more options and a wider network of repair possibilities for anyone who owns a car. The catch is that not every accredited repair shop will repair a vehicle within the processing time set by the insurance provider.

Most people who acquire additional coverage on their car insurance policy is preparing for the inconvenience in the event that their vehicle requires extended repairs.

It becomes a question of what your plans with your car are. If you’re more urbanized, it makes more sense to have additional coverage as opposed to accredited garages. The more adventurous types may benefit from having accredited repair shops on their policy in the event that they’re stuck somewhere rural.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to car insurance, it’s always best to make sure that you’ve got the most value-for-money that you’re paying. You can choose to split your policy between additional coverage and having more accredited repair shops, and you can do that by comparing the benefits provided by car insurance providers.
You can use our handy comparison tool to get started, and our team will be able to help you decide on all your inclusion needs.