In the past five years, Moneymax has helped millions of Filipinos compare and choose the right car insurance, credit card, and loan. Our goal is to make the number bigger in the next five, 10, or even 30 years. While doing this, we ensure that you, our client and reader, receive the best service and website experience possible. We take pride in having dedicated teams for dedicated needs, whether it be for getting insurance or comparing cards.

In this three-part series, we are happy to interview one of our clients, Michael Benavidez. Michael, who is a retired US Navy personnel, has been getting insurance from Moneymax for three years. Know his story and how we were able to help him below.

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Hi, Michael! How did you learn about Moneymax?

When I purchased my car, it came with insurance already. So after a year, I was asking around for a renewal, a nice and good one for me because I’m very particular. However, asking wasn’t getting me anywhere. So I checked online and Moneymax had my attention by having the insurance companies being compared with. 

How did Moneymax help you get your car insurance?

Moneymax gave me the sense of having an insurance that would fit my budget and would give me the sense of security for my family.

Over here, getting insurance is an option as compared to the US where it is a requirement. Having a car there is not a luxury but more of a necessity. Insurance is a necessity for me. Not because I’m used to it, but also because I’m putting my kid’s life, my family’s life, along the way. Moneymax gave me the assurance that everything is okay, everything is flowing.

How was the experience like?

It was really easy for me to renew my policy. It was very convenient, having just to call my adviser. Even when it comes claims, you guys did it for me. The process was great and Moneymax handled everything quite well. All I had to do was bring my car to the repair facility and that was it.

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Why do you trust Moneymax?

It’s not really easy for me to trust anybody. Money is money. Friends are friends. But along the way, Moneymax grew up on me. Back then I was having problems with an insurance company but Moneymax took care of me. It’s not really trust, it was more of friendship that I found along the way. 

What’s the best thing about working with us?

Convenience and dependability. Moneymax personalizes their customers very well. 

What is your message for Moneymax?

Moneymax, don’t stop providing world-class customer services. It really helps us a lot. You make you feel your customers very confident and good job to you all.

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