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Travel has become a part of the Filipino lifestyle. In fact, in 2016, the Philippines amassed 5.1 million departures to 42 destinations worldwide. The number is expected to increase this year as plane tickets become cheaper and as more budget airlines operate in the Philippines.

Whether you’re traveling abroad or domestic, you need to secure a budget to pay off plane tickets, accommodation, and airport fees. The latter may be heavy on the pocket, so don’t forget to keep a budget for that. Below are the airport fees you need to prepare for when traveling around or outside the Philippines.

Airport Fees on International Terminals

Travel Tax Philippines

The Philippine Travel Tax is a fee imposed by the government on individuals leaving the country. Passengers flying economy class are required to pay PHP 1,620 while passengers with first class tickets need to shell out PHP 2,700. Dependents of Overseas Filipino Workers, however, only need to pay PHP 300 to PHP 400. Learn more about these fees here.

Airport Terminal Fee

Also known as the Philippine Passenger Service Charge, the Airport Terminal Fee applies to international and domestic flights. Airport officers collect it in cash (Philippine Pesos only) after check-in or before boarding.
Unlike the Philippine Travel Tax, Airport Terminal Fees differ. Below is a complete list.

When booking a flight, always read (don’t skip!) your booking details to determine the fees included in your fare. Not all airlines include terminal fees like travel tax in their breakdown so it’s advisable to double check.

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Airport Fees on Domestic Terminals

Domestic terminals charge airport fees as well. Though cheaper than the abovementioned, it’s still smart to keep a budget for such fares.

Avoid the hassle when traveling. Other than having an itinerary and travel checklist, make sure to plan your travel expenses as well. When doing so, keep in mind of the following:

  • Philippine Travel Tax (if flying international)
  • Airport Terminal Fee
  • Food Budget
  • Transportation Budget
  • Shopping/Pasalubong Budget

Keeping track of your expenses prevents overspending and ensures a fun and debt-free holiday. If you’re keen on dining and shopping when out-of-town, bring extra cash or use a credit card that offers the best travel rewards. It pays to be smart even when on vacation.

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