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Money in as Fast as a Few Minutes: 16 Best Quick Cash Loans in 2023

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated July 04, 2023

Emergencies happen. The sudden hospitalization of a loved one, unexpected school expenses, job loss, and even home or car repairs after a typhoon will catch you off guard. But if you’re lucky enough to have an emergency fund, chances are you’ll get past these financial snags.

Not all of us, however, have a robust and steady reserve of money. There may come a time when your emergency fund will not suffice. In this case, your only option is to turn to a quick cash loan provider.

If you've been thinking about how to get a loan quickly, don’t worry—here’s a comprehensive guide on the basics of fast cash loans in the Philippines. We’ve also included a list of the best quick cash loans in the Philippines to consider.

What are Fast Cash Loans?

Fast cash loans are salary loans and personal loans that offer quick approval—from just 10 minutes to a few days. Various lenders,  from local cooperatives to large commercial banks, offer quick loans in the Philippines.

Because this type of loan is processed quickly, you get immediate access to funds exactly when you want or need them, making it the ideal financial support for emergencies.

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Are Instant Loans in the Philippines Legal?

You may be wondering, “Are fast cash loans legit?” This question can only be answered by looking at your lender. 

Sketchy lenders, or loan sharks, usually have high interest rates. Dealing with this type of lender can get you into deep water, as paying high interest on top of your principal may exhaust your financial resources.

But if you’re working with a reputable bank or lending/financing company, you have the assurance that its product is legitimate.

How Do Fast Cash Loan Applications Work?

best quick cash loan philippines - how it works

To ensure that the fast cash loan will be granted to the applicant as quickly as possible, the lender may employ a streamlined procedure like this:

  1. The borrower fills out a registration form at the lender’s office, the lender’s website, or its fast cash loan app in the Philippines.
  2. The borrower submits the loan requirements. If you’re applying online, you must upload a photographed or scanned copy of the required documents.
  3. If your application is approved, you may receive the loan amount on the spot. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait one to three days for the loan disbursement. Expect a longer wait time if you’re borrowing a large amount of money, as expensive loans need more careful validation.
  4. You can pick up the cash at the lender’s office or deposit it into your nominated bank account.

Note that the fast cash lending process may vary from one organization to another. So we recommend that you check with your potential lender.

Repayment will depend on the terms of the agreement or the nature of the loan. For instance, if you applied for fast cash loans with monthly payments, you’ll pay on a specific day of the month until you fully pay off the loan. If you applied for a salary loan, you’re expected to return the borrowed money on the next payday.

How to Qualify for Fast Cash Loans in the Philippines

best quick cash loan philippines - requirements

Major banks and lending institutions usually have straightforward requirements to facilitate the approval and release of cash quickly.

👉 Fast Cash Loan Requirements

Here are the usual required documents for quick cash loans in the Philippines:

  • Filipino citizen
  • At least 21 years old and not more than 60 years old at the maturity of the loan
  • Must have a stable source of income
  • Must be able to present the following:
    • Valid government-issued, photo-bearing ID/s
    • Proof of income (payslips, ITR, among others)
    • Certificate of Employment (for employees)
    • Business Registration Documents, such as DTI and SEC Certificates (for business owners)

Note that the number of requirements will depend on your lender, so contact them to learn more.

16 Best Quick Cash Loans in the Philippines 

Where you can borrow money fast or get a fast cash loan in the Philippines? To stay on the safe side, deal only with reputable banks or lending companies.  Here are some legit fast cash providers you may want to include in your list:

📌 RFC Cash Loan

If you’re dealing with a minor financial inconvenience that doesn’t require a considerable amount of cash, Radiowealth Finance Corporation’s Cash Loans may be right for you. This online quick cash loan in the Philippines can help with critical emergencies.

  • Loan amount: ₱10,000 to ₱3 million
  • Interest rate: Varies on the amount borrowed and the repayment period
  • Approval time: As fast as 24 hours
  • Payment terms: Three to 36 months
  • Features: Ideal for kids’ tuition needs, car repairs, gadget acquisition, travel funding, home improvement, special occasions, and medical bills
best quick cash loan philippines - rfc loan

📌 Tonik Quick Loan

Need a quick cash loan online where you can apply in minutes and get the money ASAP? Check out Tonik’s Quick Loan, a personal loan you can easily apply for online. 

You only need a Tonik bank account and a valid ID to apply. If you qualify for a Tonik Quick Loan, you can get approved within 30 minutes and receive your cash immediately, provided you’ve completed all the post-approval requirements. 

  • Loan amount: ₱5,000 to ₱50,000
  • Monthly add-on interest rate: As low as 4.26%
  • Approval time: As fast as 30 minutes
  • Payment terms: Six to 24 months
  • Features: No collateral and no credit history needed, fast approval, real-time loan disbursement, flexible payment date

best quick cash loan philippines - tonik quick loan

📌 Tonik Flex Loan

The Tonik Flex Loan is another quick online cash loan in the Philippines. You can get approved for the Tonik Flex Loan as quickly as one day. The approval speed depends on how fast you submit the requirements. 

Since it's an unsecured loan, you don't need to provide any collateral. You also don't need to leave the house since the application process is done in-app.

  • Loan amount: ₱20,000 to ₱250,000
  • Monthly add-on interest rate: As low as 1.7%
  • Approval time: One day
  • Payment terms: Six to 24 months
  • Features: Fixed interest rates, no collateral needed, fast approval, flexible payment date

best quick cash loan philippines - tonik flex loan

📌 CIMB Personal Loan

CIMB offers a seamless all-digital loan application, which takes only 10 minutes, through the CIMB Bank PH mobile app. The digital bank also has some of the most flexible loan terms and the lowest interest rates in the market.

On top of that, approval takes up to two banking days only. Enjoy instant disbursement if you want your loan proceeds credited to your CIMB Bank savings account. Disbursement to other banks takes one to two banking days.

  • Loan amount: ₱30,000 to ₱1 million
  • Monthly add-on rate: 1.12% to 1.95% 
  • Approval time: Within 24 hours 
  • Payment terms: 12 to 60 months
  • Features: Quick and easy loan application process; no credit card needed; no collateral required; ideal for hospitalization, major car repairs, and new business
best quick cash loan philippines - cimb personal loan

📌 Tala Cash Loan

On-the-go cash assistance has never been more convenient with Tala Cash Loan. Apply for this instant cash loan using your Android smartphone. Plus, the requirements are simple.

This loan is ideal for unexpected yet minor financial problems.

  • Loan amount: ₱1,000 to ₱25,000
  • Interest rate: Flat daily fee as low as 0.5%
  • Approval time: A few minutes
  • Payment terms: Up to 61 days
  • Features: Apply for a loan anytime, anywhere (24/7); no collateral needed; ideal for immediate cash needs, such as groceries and tuition
best quick cash loan philippines - tala loan

📌 UnionBank Quick Loan

Another instant cash loan option is the UnionBank Quick Loan, a fully digital loan program exclusively offered to pre-qualified UnionBank deposit account holders. 

To apply, log in via the Quick Loan website[1] provided on the notification email or SMS. Enter the invite code, the last five digits of the ATM or 12-digit payroll account number, and your mobile number and email address. You can also apply using UnionBank Online. 

  • Loan amount: ₱1,000 to ₱1 million
  • Interest rate: Will be provided in the Quick Loans Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement
  • Approval time: As fast as 60 seconds
  • Payment terms: Up to 12 months 
  • Features: Fast way to get cash, hassle-free online application, ideal for immediate cash needs

📌 UnionBank Personal Loan

The UnionBank Personal Loan is often considered one of the best in the market. This fast cash online loan offers a high loan amount, flexible repayment terms, and a fast cash interest rate that’s easy on the pocket.

  • Loan amount: Up to ₱2 million
  • Monthly add-on rate: 1.29%
  • Approval time: As fast as 24 hours
  • Payment terms: Up to five years
  • Features: No collateral needed; ideal for starting a business, buying or renovating a home, funding vacations, and other major milestones you want to achieve 

📌 ACOM Loan

Another quick cash loan you can get without a bank account is ACOM Loan. You can get approved for this quick loan in the Philippines in just one day. 

The application process is pretty easy, too—you can walk in at any ACOM branch or apply online. Plus, you only need to submit three documents: a valid ID, proof of employment, and proof of TIN. 

  • Loan amount: Up to ₱500,000
  • Interest rate: Diminishing from 4.988% for early payments or a minimum of 8% of the Outstanding Principal Balance
  • Approval time: As fast as one day
  • Payment terms: Six to 10 months
  • Features: Quick loan online, no collateral, flexible repayments, and increasing loan coverage depending on credit evaluation and payment history

📌 Blend PH Personal Loan

Need a personal loan with a quick online application process and approval time? Blend PH, a peer-to-peer lending platform, fits the bill.

It's also ideal if you're looking for high loan amounts and flexible payment terms.

  • Loan amount: ₱50,000 to ₱2 million
  • Monthly interest rate: 1.5%, 2%, or 3%
  • Approval time: Up to 48 hours
  • Payment terms: 12, 18, 24, and 36 months
  • Features: No collateral needed; ideal for major emergencies, such as hospitalization, car repairs, new business, and even travels

📌 Cashalo Cash Loan

You can opt for the Cashalo Cash Loan for minor emergency expenses. Receive the loan proceeds conveniently in your bank account or e-wallet and pay for up to 90 days. 

And since the loan amount is smaller, you can quickly pay it off and reavail of the loan the next time you need it.

  • Loan amount: ₱1,000 to ₱7,000
  • Interest rate: Starts at 3.95%  
  • Approval time: Less than 24 hours  
  • Payment terms: Up to 90 days 
  • Features: Easy application process, fast approval and disbursement

📌 Finbro

For unexpected expenses and quick cash, you can also check out Finbro. You can submit your loan application, a valid ID, and a selfie using your computer or mobile device. 

Verification and approval are done in minutes, so you can get your money deposited to your bank account within the same day. 

  • Loan amount: Up to ₱50,000 
  • Interest rate: Subject to the lender’s approval  
  • Approval time: 10 minutes to one day 
  • Payment terms: Up to 12 months 
  • Features: Convenient and fast application and approval, minimal requirements, no collateral

📌 GLoan

If you frequently use GCash, you’ve probably seen the GLoan feature on the dashboard. This GCash quick loan is available to prequalified GCash users who meet the GScore requirement. 

You can borrow up to ₱125,000 and pay for up to 24 months. The loan proceeds will be credited directly to your GCash wallet in minutes. 

  • Loan amount: Up to ₱125,000 
  • Interest rate: 1.59% to 6.57% 
  • Approval time: Pre-approved for qualified GCash users
  • Payment terms: Five to 24 months
  • Features: No documentary requirements, instant disbursement to your GCash wallet, convenient payment options

📌 JuanHand Loan

JuanHand also offers fast loans in the Philippines. To apply, you must prepare one valid ID, download the JuanHand app, provide your details, choose your loan amount, and wait for approval in one to two days.

If you get rejected, don't worry—you can apply again in a few days.

  • Loan amount: ₱2,000 to ₱15,000
  • Interest rate: 9% to 12%
  • Approval time: One to two days
  • Payment terms: Up to 90 days
  • Features: No collateral, quick customer service

📌 M Lhuillier Quick Cash Loan

If you have gadgets, gold and diamond jewelry, watches, or home appliances, you can bring them to an M Lhuillier branch for a Quick Cash Loan.

As for the M Lhuillier Quick Cash Loan requirements, you only need to present your item for appraisal and submit a valid ID to get your cash and pawn ticket. 

  • Loan amount: Depends on the appraisal of collateral 
  • Interest rate: As low as 3%
  • Approval time: Less than five minutes
  • Payment terms: One and 120 days
  • Features: Lots of items that can be put up for collateral, easy procedure, trusted and reliable company, quick customer service

📌 Online Loans Pilipinas

When it comes to quick cash loans, look for a provider that provides easy application and fast approval. Online Loans Pilipinas offers just that, allowing you to get a quick cash loan minus the lengthy approval and loan disbursement process. 

Just complete the application form online, submit it, and await approval. Keep your account in good standing to avail of a higher loan amount. 

  • Loan amount: Up to ₱7,000 for first-time borrowers and up to ₱30,000 for repeat borrowers in good credit standing
  • Interest rate: Subject to the lender’s approval  
  • Approval time: In just a few minutes 
  • Payment terms: Starts at 10 days 
  • Features: No collateral, easy requirements, no hidden charges, fast approval and disbursement, payment extension of 30 days for unforeseen circumstances

📌 UnaCash Loan

If you’re looking for fast cash loans, check out UnaCash, an all-digital cash loan app. UnaCash offers competitive interest rates, a quick online application, and fast loan approval in the Philippines. 

It’s also one of the quick cash loans without a bank account in the Philippines. You don’t need to visit the bank to submit paperwork because you can do everything via its mobile app. 

To apply, you must only be at least 18 years old with a mobile number and a valid email address.  

  • Loan amount: ₱1,000 to ₱50,000
  • Interest rate: 0% to 16%, depending on the borrower’s credit score
  • Approval time: 24 hours
  • Payment terms: Two to six months
  • Features: Convenient application via your mobile phone, no bank visit required, fast loan approval, UnaCash Credit Line, repeat loans for borrowers with a good credit standing

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Reminders Before Applying for a Fast Cash Loan in the Philippines

best quick cash loan philippines - reminders before applying

If you want a successful application for quick cash loans in the Philippines, take note of the following tips.

✔️ Compare Your Options

Not all quick cash loans are created equal. Each is made for a specific purpose, so weigh your options carefully. That way, you’ll get the loan that suits your budget and lifestyle.

If you struggle to list and compare different offers, you can use Moneymax’s loan comparison tool. With this convenient tool, you can apply for a personal loan online as soon as you find the best option.

✔️ Only Borrow What You Can Pay

Some borrowers end up struggling to repay a fast cash loan. It’s because they didn’t accurately calculate the required amount and plan how to pay it on time. 

Be realistic about how much money you can borrow to avoid high interest rates. Use your lender's loan calculator to give yourself a solid idea of the costs you will cover.

✔️ Check the Fees That Come with the Loan

Besides the fast cash interest rate, you may have to pay other fees at the start or during the loan term. For instance, some banks will require you to cover processing fees and documentary stamp taxes. These are usually deducted from the loan proceeds.

Other fees to note are disbursement fees, late charges, returned check fees, and even judicial and attorney’s fees, just in case you default on your loans.

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✔️ Check Your Credit Score

Some banks and lenders may run a credit score check to determine if you can handle the borrowed money responsibly. Remember that interest rate and repayment terms may also be based on this score alone.

With a good credit score, you can enjoy lower interest rates and lenient payment terms. Not-so-favorable credit scores may lead to the rejection of your application. However, if your application has been approved despite the score, expect to pay a higher interest rate.

✔️ Avoid New Cash Loans

Until you've fully paid off your loan, try to avoid taking out another loan. This will help you manage your finances better and ensure you won't feel overwhelmed with multiple loan repayments.

✔️ Keep a Good Payment Record 

Pay your dues on time if you get approved for a fast cash loan. Aside from avoiding the hefty late payment charges, you’re also keeping a good record with the bank or loan provider. This will be very beneficial if you need to take out another loan in the future, as you can enjoy automatic approval.  

Final Thoughts

Fast cash loans may save the day, especially if you’ve already exhausted your financial resources. But don’t just go for the first lender that comes your way. Choosing the best quick cash loan in the Philippines is essential—it will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Check Out More Loan Options Today

If you want to learn more about easy loans in the Philippines and some money-saving techniques, feel free to browse our articles. You may also check out other legit personal loan options you can apply for below.

Personal Loan Provider Minimum Loan Amount Maximum Loan Amount Minimum Annual Income Approval Time


Compare Now

₱20,000 ₱1 million ₱350,000 7 days

Compare Now
20,000  ₱2 million 300,000 5 to 7 banking days


Compare Now

10,000  ₱150,000 120,000 As fast as 24 hours

Compare Now
50,000 ₱1 million 300,000 Apply online in just a few clicks

Compare Now
50,000 ₱1 million 360,000 5 to 7 banking days
SB Finance

Compare Now
₱30,000 ₱2 million ₱180,000 5 banking days

Compare Now
30,000 ₱1 million 180,000 24 hours

Compare Now
30,000 ₱500,000 or 3x gross monthly salary, whichever is lower 168,000 5 to 7 banking days

Compare Now
₱20,000  ₱1 million 180,000 3 to 5 banking days

Source: [1] UnionBank Quick Loans

Venus leads the blog content strategy and optimization at Moneymax as the Head of Editorial Content. She has 15+ years of experience in content marketing, corporate communications, and public relations. Venus graduated cum laude with a Journalism degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Before joining Moneymax, Venus had written informative guides and articles, specializing in personal finance and digital marketing. She also invests in stocks, mutual funds, VUL, and Pag-IBIG MP2. A hardcore Hallyu Tita, she enjoys bingeing K-dramas on Netflix while bonding with her rescued cats. Follow Venus on LinkedIn.


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