Amazing Business Moms
She brought us into the world, kissed us goodnight when we were kids, and taught us how to be better people as we outgrew our toys and colouring books. Our mothers rank high among the most important people in our lives, and their powers of child-rearing and household management practically make them superhuman in our eyes.
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In honor of these unsung heroines, we’ve listed down ten amazing women who rock both in business and motherhood. They show us that the Working Mom’s dream is alive and well. Happy Mother’s Day!
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10 Amazing Business Moms to Inspire You
Women have come a long way from being plain housewives to global leaders and influencers. Here’s a list of ten inspirational “business moms” who have managed to achieve entrepreneurial success, while continuing to inspire us as great family role models. Because who run the world? Moms, of course!
1. Estée Lauder
Born Josephine Esther Mentzer, Lauder started her business ambitions when her chemist uncle taught her how to make beauty creams when she was a teen. She married Joseph Lauter and had their first child in the 1930s, establishing the company that would become Estée Lauder Cosmetics nearly a decade later.
2. Susan Wojcicki
A surprising candidate for one of the most powerful women in tech, Susan Wojcicki previously worked behind the scenes at Google before becoming the new CEO of YouTube in February 2014. This mother of five is a proud advocate of work-life balance, having written an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on why paid maternity leave matters for business.
3. J.K. Rowling
The mastermind behind the world-renowned Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling is one of the richest authors in the world today. Hard to believe that once upon a time, she was a struggling single mother living on welfare in Scotland. Rowling cites her own mother, who battled multiple sclerosis until her death at age 45, as a significant influence on her writing.
4. Debbi Fields
The woman behind all those delicious Mrs. Fields cookies started out as an average housewife with a hobby she enjoyed since she was 13. Debbi Fields opened her first store in 1977 to great success. Mrs. Fields is now a USD 450-million franchise, but Debbi never strayed from her family-centric roots.
5. Beyoncé
Queen Bey herself has done it all: music, movies, marriage, and now motherhood. Whether she’s ruling the stage at the MTV Music Awards or chilling at home with husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy, Beyoncé Knowles has certainly come a long way from her Destiny’s Child days.
6. Rosalia Mera
As one of the few women in the world to succeed as a self-made billionaire, Rosalia Mera was unmatched in her field. Together with ex-husband Amancio Ortega, Mera co-founded international retail chain Zara. A mother of two, Mera channeled her energies into a number of causes, including a medical research foundation dedicated to helping people with physical and mental disabilities.
7. Tory Burch
Before she took the fashion world by storm with her eponymous brand’s signature Reva ballet flats, Tory Burch has always placed her kids first. This wildly successful entrepreneur has insisted on keeping her work separate from her home life, shielding her six children from the spotlight. The brand is doing well enough as it is, having exploded in popularity as the must-have among New York’s elite.
8. Socorro Ramos
Socorro ‘Nanay Coring’ Ramos started a small bookstore out of a one-window shop in the 30s. That small bookstore eventually grew into National Bookstore, the biggest book seller in the Philippines. Today, it also has subsidiaries outside the country – such as Metrobooks in Hong Kong. Her strong belief that education plays a key role in anyone’s success in life has passed on to her granddaughter Xandra and the younger generation who now manage the firm.
9. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde
Being the first Filipina Prima Ballerina and foreign soloist to join the Kirov Ballet is no small feat. Today, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s passion continues to lead her to promote art in all forms through her radio show ‘Art2Art’. This mother of two is also Directress of the Ballet Manila School, and former Commissioner of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women – a role she used to promote economic, social, and political empowerment of women.
10. Susana P. Guerrero
In the 90s, Cravings was a bakeshop-cum-restaurant along Katipunan that could be lost beside the larger franchises. The small shop next to a parking lot is now the headquarters of The Cravings Group, which manages the various branches of Cravings, and the more recent Wicked by Cravings. Annie, as she prefers to be called, grew the business with her daughter Marinela, and turned it into the company it is today. She also founded the Center for Culinary Arts – the country’s first formal culinary school, borne out of a desire to formalize the art of cooking in the country.
These moms are definitely amazing and their influence spans the world. But do you know who’s the most amazing of them all? YOUR MOM, of course!
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