What behold our future are our present deeds and accomplishments. If we do something good today, we can earn something great after, and otherwise if you do the opposite – that’s the basic rule of life.
In terms of finances, no one likes to feel hopeless in money – the feeling of wanting something but you know in yourself that you can’t afford it. No one wants to be poor if we all have a choice, but our habits can lead us to the other end of our goal. Here are signs that it’s going to be hard for you to recover from debt:

1. No Financial Goals

A solid plan is a good strategy if you really need to achieve something. You need goals and steps to be able to have something to look forward to and track in the process. It’s hard to craft any workable plan without a specific goal, and it’s impossible to achieve any goal without a logical plan. A plan and a goal give you direction and the lack of it can either make no changes to your financial state OR make it situation worse. Choose.

2. Awful Spending

Shopping is fine as long as you have the capacity to pay. Impulsive buying has something to do with handling your emotions plus finances. When you think you’re one of these impulsive buyers, it’s the best time to you take a look at your habits because if not, you’re going to be stuck somewhere in your life living day by day paying for credit card debts. Controlling your spending would go a long way whether you’re going to be financially successful or not.

3. Prioritizing a “Wealthy Image’

Come on, no one cares if you can buy expensive things – really, no one cares. It’s such a shame to know that some people prioritize a wealthy image that actually striving to be financially-successful – the former is actually stopping you to be rich. You don’t need that kind of image anyway.

4. Preferring Shortcuts

Being financially successful takes the perfect combination of time, effort, and sometimes, luck. The game of shortcuts doesn’t work for everyone. People who tend to do things the easy way can lead you to stick and be contented with their state, wishing for things. Always push yourself to limits, do something outside your routine and expect something extra ordinary.

5. Lacking of Emergency Funds

Life will let you experience the highs and lows and every time of it need funds. If you don’t have these emergency funds, you will definitely swipe out the little savings that you have. It’s great that you save this extra money for all the just-in-case-times whether a surprise trip or anything unpleasant.
There is nothing but the best for you if you change your financial behavior for the better. It’s a good-good situation because you’re the only one who can benefit directly. Your financial decisions today will give a domino-effect on other aspects of your life.
Do you think you’re a financially-poor decision maker?

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