Earn Cash on the Side: Legit Apps to Earn Money in the Philippines

Ricky Publico

Ricky Publico

Last updated July 18, 2023

Looking to earn a few bucks during your spare time? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed a few legit apps to earn money in the Philippines using only your smartphone.

While these are unlikely to replace your primary income streams, they can surely help you gain some petty cash during your leisure time. A few of them can even help you churn out enough profit if you put in the time and effort―and of course a dash of luck―to succeed.

We’ve weeded out the scammy apps that will give you nothing but headaches down the road. Below, we present you only with tried and tested legit apps that pay real money. Check them out below.

Earn Money Through Digital Wallet Apps

Digital wallets are exactly what they sound like: digital versions of financial accounts accessed through computers and smart devices. These tech novelties revolutionize the way we move money. But did you know that many of them also provide the potential of earning money through apps? 

💸 GCash

legit app to earn money philippines - gcash

GCash is a virtual wallet that allows you to send and receive money, pay bills, buy load, and shop online, among other features. Apart from that, GCash is also a legit app to earn money online in the Philippines.

Invite People

Get ₱50 worth of freebies when someone you referred registers, gets fully verified, and completes their first cash-in using the app. You can refer up to 25 people in a month and earn an extra income of ₱1,250.

Save Money

You can grow your savings in the app through GSave, an in-app bank account feature built by GCash in collaboration with Commerce International Merchant Bankers (CIMB) Bank.

What makes it better than other bank apps is the high annual interest rate, which currently sits at 2.6%. This makes it one of the best passive income apps in the Philippines.

Invest Money

The GInvest feature of GCash allows you to invest as low as ₱50 of your hard-earned money in professionally managed funds.[1] If you’re a newbie investor, make sure to do the necessary research before diving headfirst into investing.

Play Games

GCash games let you earn legit money online as well. Did you know that GCash holds mobile game tournaments where you can win exciting prizes every time you top the leaderboard? This feature is available in Goama Games under GLife.[2]

💸 Coins.ph

Coins.ph is a mobile wallet that allows you to transfer and receive funds, buy load, pay bills, and book flights and hotels, among others. But what makes it extra special is its reputation as one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets in the Philippines. Here's how to use Coins.ph to earn money online using your phone.

Trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies or crypto are digital assets that use a decentralized system to facilitate transactions. They are viewed by some as the currency of the future. 

Coins.ph provides a platform to buy, sell, and store crypto even without a bank account.[3] You can buy crypto for as low as ₱5 and sell it for higher returns. Just keep in mind that crypto trading is a risky investment, so do your homework before giving it a try. 

Earn Loyalty Points

Coins.ph has a Coins Rewards Program where you earn loyalty points by carrying out certain transactions, including buying mobile load and entertainment credits. Although loyalty points are not convertible to cash, you can use them to redeem vouchers from different merchants like Shopee, Lazada, and Puregold, among others.[4]

Earn Money Through Social Apps

Social apps aren’t typically known as money-making machines. Rather, they’re seen as time-killers good only for defeating boredom while connecting with peers. But delve deeper and you’ll find social apps you can actually monetize to secure extra income. 

💸 Kumu

legit app to earn money in the philippines - kumu

Another legit app to earn money in the Philippines is Kumu. It's a live-streaming app[5] whose appeal stems from its reputation as a platform where people can be authentic and raw while having fun. Here's how to earn money through Kumu:

Become a Live Streamer

The main way to maximize earnings in Kumu is by becoming a content creator or streamer. All you need to start your own broadcast channel is a smartphone with a camera.

You can provide commentary on different topics; show off your multiple talents in singing, cooking, or whatnot; endorse sponsored products while doing your own variety show; or even sell your preloved items through live selling or auctions.

You earn when viewers give you virtual gifts with a diamond equivalent. Diamonds are one of Kumu’s in-app currencies that can be converted into real money.

Exchange your diamonds upon reaching the minimum cash-out balance of 50,000 diamonds, which is equivalent to ₱750. The conversion rate increases as your status or badge type upgrades.

Join Quiz Shows

Wondering how to earn in Kumu without becoming a live streamer? Join quiz shows like "Quiz Mo Ko," the app’s flagship trivia game show.

Cash prizes are up for grabs, so make sure to brush up on your knowledge about anything Pinoy-related. Prizes vary per game, but a ₱1M payout for winners is not unheard of. Cash prizes are evenly divided among winners.

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Earn Money Through Multimedia Apps

There are various online apps that earn real money through GCash and other digital payment platforms. Check out these two multimedia apps, through which you can do simple activities in exchange for a few bucks.

💸 BuzzBreak

BuzzBreak pays you to read news articles, watch videos, view memes, play games, make referrals, and answer surveys through your smartphone. 

Each activity you do on the platform earns you points with a peso equivalent. It’s a legit app to earn money in the Philippines thru GCash.[6] Points and peso conversions vary, but the minimum payout via GCash is ₱1.

Don’t expect a high cash-out potential. Think of this legit money-earning app in the Philippines as a way to feed two birds with one scone―you earn a bit while getting up to speed on the latest trends.

💸 SnippetMedia

legit app to earn money philippines - snippet media

SnippetMedia makes reading rewarding by giving you Kachings, the app’s virtual currency, every time you read, watch, and share content. Spend your Kachings at the SnippetMall, which hosts partner merchants like Grab, Zalora, Garena, Honestbee, and others.[7]

Bonus Legit App to Earn Money in the Philippines

If you’re looking for a legit earning app that also has a vision you can get behind, here’s one you should check out: 

💸 Trash Cash

legit app to earn money in the philippines - trash cash

Trash Cash is a waste segregation app that allows you to make money out of recyclable materials. It's powered by artificial intelligence which enables it to recognize different plastic materials.[8] 

Scan your trash using the app, after which you'll be directed to drop off your clean and dry recyclables at the nearest collection center. From there, your transaction will be validated before points are credited to your account. Use your points to redeem rewards from the app’s partner retailers and restaurants.

The goal of the app is three-pronged: to promote awareness about the impact of trash on the environment, educate communities about proper waste management and engage them in recycling efforts, and prevent plastic from reaching our oceans. 

Other Ways to Earn Money Online Using Your Phone

Aside from the legit money-making apps in the Philippines mentioned above, there are more ways to earn extra income using your phone. Here are some ideas:

💸 Buy and Sell Online

legit app to earn money philippines - carousell

If you have unused items lying around your house, sell them online. You can sell almost any goods, from unused clothes, old gaming consoles, legacy phones, and prehistoric gadgets to even appliances, vehicles, and even real estate properties. 

Selling goods has always been a popular way how to earn money online in the Philippines. And thanks to smartphones, it's now a lot easier.

Post your items on Facebook Marketplace or set up a seller profile through the Carousell app. You can also start a proper online buy-and-sell business and register as an online seller on Lazada or Shopee.




💸 Prepaid Load Business

Earn money using your phone by setting up a loading business. It's a surefire way to generate profit.

Now your friends and colleagues don’t need to go to stores to replenish their precious data. They can just contact and pay you! 

💸 Ride Sharing

legit app to earn money in the philippines - Grab driver

For those who have cars and want to know how to earn money online through smartphones, consider becoming a TNVS driver or operator. Sure, you’ll have to go through some paperwork. But once you start driving around in your new TNVS vehicle, you can easily get passengers in just a few swipes. 

You can also offer to carpool with your friends and colleagues for a standard fare. This way, you still get to earn passive income without relying on strangers.

But if you don’t have enough friends to carpool with, join carpool groups online and offer your services to those looking for transport alternatives.

💸 Freelance Services

Smartphones come with powerful specs that can do most tasks on the go. So instead of using your free time to rewatch K-drama scenes for the nth time, take up some freelance work through an online app.

Download the UpWork app and find outsourced jobs from around the world. You can then use your phone to accomplish tasks like writing, mobile development, and other admin tasks.

💸 Your Own YouTube Channel

Thanks to smartphone cameras, anyone can easily become a filmmaker. Capitalize on the technology by starting your very own YouTube channel.

Using your smartphone, film performances, tutorials, sketches, and short films. You can basically film anything, as long as your content is entertaining, informative, and family-friendly.

This creative outlet is also a chance to learn how to earn money online via your channel’s ad revenue. More content means more views, more views mean more subscribers, and more subscribers mean more ads on your videos.

Build a following and you’ll earn the trust of advertisers who will sponsor your videos, earning you more money in the process.


💸 Vlogging

If you’re comfortable in your own skin and don’t mind filming personality-based content, join the vlogging craze in the Philippines.

Vloggers earn a rate of ₱12.82 to ₱200 for every 1,000 views on YouTube. Try different platforms like Facebook Live to earn a larger following online.

Vlogging isn’t limited to travel and event vlogs. Talk to viewers about your life, pop culture, and politics, or invite viewers to ask questions to further engage with them.

Earn enough followers and you’ll eventually get sponsoring offers from various advertisers.

💸 Mobile Gaming

legit app to earn money in the philippines - mobile legends

Who knew Mobile Legends could be a real money-earning game in the Philippines? Mobile Legends was the first recognized esports game in the country. It was even part of the 2019 SEA Games as an official athletic event. 

That’s right, you can now be a professional gamer who knows how to earn money online. Isn’t that neat?

👉 Becoming an Influencer

Want to know how to make money on social media? Build a large following on all platforms to gain access to the perks of being an influencer. You can score free merch or earn as much as ₱50,000[9] for posting about an event—and your smartphone might just be the key.

But be warned: being an influencer isn’t all about free perks. You still have to produce quality social media posts that will attract more followers. Being a thought leader on social media also requires hard work and good networking skills.

Also, don’t feel entitled to the free services you’re getting. Respect the people and brands you'll work with once you get famous.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to earn extra cash. You can use one or two of the many legit apps to earn money in the Philippines to supplement your income.

Just make sure to do your research beforehand, so you won’t fall prey to scams. Once you’ve identified a few legit paying apps you feel comfortable using, start making the most of your free time using your smartphone or any other mobile device. 

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