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AUB Platinum Mastercard Review: Is It the Right Premium Card for You?

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated October 09, 2023

From its name alone, you know that the AUB Platinum Mastercard is chock-full of exclusive benefits for affluent clients. Indeed, this is marketed as the most premium AUB credit card, catering to high-income earners.

So does the AUB Platinum credit card live up to expectations? In this AUB Platinum Mastercard review, let's see how the card measures up as a premium credit card.

AUB Platinum Mastercard: Key Features

The AUB Platinum Mastercard comes with standard features you'd expect from an AUB credit card and more:

AUB Platinum Mastercard Review - Credit card features
  • Annual fee: No annual fee for life
  • Interest rate: 3%
  • Minimum monthly income requirement: ₱100,000
  • Late payment fee: ₱1,000 or the unpaid minimum amount due, whichever is lower
  • Foreign transaction fee: 1.5% service fee added to the sum of peso conversion and Mastercard fees
  • Card replacement fee: ₱500


❓ Who is This Credit Card Ideal for?

If you're a frequent traveler and shopper looking for premium perks, this card is for you. Learn more about this card's features below.

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AUB Platinum Mastercard Review: Why Should I Get This Card?

✔️ No Need to Pay Annual Fees

AUB Platinum Mastercard Review - Key advantages

Premium cardholders typically pay a high price for using their card's wide range of benefits. Most premium credit cards in the Philippines have expensive annual fees, usually between ₱5,000 and ₱6,000.

The AUB Platinum Mastercard is the exception—it's one of the few premium credit cards in the country that offer no annual fees for life. This also extends to supplementary cards. AUB allows Platinum credit cardholders to enroll an unlimited number of supplementary cards without having to pay annual fees.

✔️ Earn and Redeem Rewards Fast

Typically, no annual fee credit cards don't earn rewards or cashback. But AUB credit cards, including the Platinum Mastercard, are among the few ones that do.

AUB Platinum cardholders earn 1 rewards point per ₱50 spend with their card.[1] Accumulated AUB rewards points don't expire, which means you can redeem them anytime for e-gift certificates, cash rebates, air miles, or travel vouchers.

✔️ Enjoy Exclusive Travel Privileges

With the AUB Platinum Mastercard, you can transfer your rewards points for free flights to the PAL Mabuhay Miles Frequent Flyer Program or the AirAsia BIG Points Redemption Program. Every 8.5 AUB points (equivalent to ₱425 spend) can be converted to 1 Mabuhay Mile, while 5 AUB points (equivalent to ₱250 spend) can be converted to 1 AirAsia BIG Point.

Aside from rewards conversion to airline miles, AUB Platinum Mastercard comes with airport lounge access. Cardholders, along with one companion, are entitled to access to the Marhaba Lounge or PAGSS Premium Lounge, complete with complimentary amenities such as a food buffet, Wi-Fi access, luggage area, and more.

✔️ Get a High Credit Limit

Credit limits for the AUB Platinum Mastercard are higher than for other AUB credit cards. This enables VIP clients to maintain their high-end lifestyles and afford luxury items and services.

✔️ No Need to Pay Interest on New Purchases

Any new transaction charged to the AUB Platinum credit card after the statement cut-off will not be slapped with interest.[2] This feature gives the premium cardholder one month free of interest on new purchases, even if only the minimum balance was paid on the previous month's bill.

What Other Perks Can I Enjoy with My AUB Platinum Mastercard?

AUB Platinum Mastercard Review - Cardholder perks

With the AUB Platinum card, elite clients get to enjoy the features the Easy and Classic cards offer:

✔️ Choose Your Own Due Date

Earning six-digit figures monthly doesn't make one immune to missing due dates. High-income earners are just as likely as ordinary people to struggle with making timely payments—perhaps even more so because they have more bills and financial obligations to settle.

AUB seems to understand such a common predicament. It offers flexible payment options on its premium credit card. When you apply for a Platinum Mastercard, you can choose when you want to pay your credit card bill—from the 1st to the 30th day of the month. This ability to customize payment due dates is a unique and useful feature.

✔️ Automatic Bills Payment

Too busy to settle each of your utility bills? With the AUB Platinum Mastercard's All-Ur-Bills feature[3], you can rest easy knowing that your bills are taken care of. You may charge Meralco, Maynilad, Globe, and an unlimited number of bills—even those not under your name—to your AUB Platinum credit card.

Did this AUB Platinum Mastercard review convince you? Check out this quick rundown of its features.

AUB Platinum Mastercard

AUB Platinum Mastercard Alternatives

The AUB Platinum credit card makes a solid choice for its waived annual fee, attractive rewards program, and exciting travel perks. But, of course, it helps to keep your options open. Consider these alternatives:

💳 AUB Classic Mastercard

AUB Classic Mastercard-1

If you want more payment flexibility, the AUB Classic Mastercard fits the bill. Aside from setting your own due date, you may also choose how many times you want to pay per month and how much minimum amount you can afford to pay.

Take a look at this comparison of AUB credit cards:

Credit Card Key Features
AUB Easy Mastercard
COMPARE NOW - AUB Easy Mastercard
  • No annual fees forever
  • 0% interest on new purchases
  • Flexible payment schedule
AUB Classic Mastercard
COMPARE NOW - AUB Classic Mastercard
  • No annual fees forever
  • 0% interest on new purchases
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Rewards rate: ₱50/spend
AUB Gold Mastercard
AUB Gold Mastercard
  • No annual fees forever
  • 0% interest on new purchases
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Unlimited supplementary cards
  • Rewards rate: ₱50/point
AUB Platinum Mastercard
  • No annual fees forever
  • 0% interest on new purchases
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Unlimited supplementary cards
  • Rewards rate: ₱50/point


If you want options outside of AUB, take a look at these:

💳 UnionBank Rewards Credit Card

UnionBank Rewards Credit Card

Want to earn more points? Use the UnionBank Rewards Credit Card to earn 1 point for every ₱30 spend and 3x points at shopping boutiques, department stores, and restaurants. Exchange these points for gadgets, cash credits, merchandise, points transfers, and more.

Read more: How to Apply for a UnionBank Credit Card: 3 Easy Steps to Follow

🎁 Free Gift from Moneymax: E-Gift, Wireless Earbuds, or Headphones

moneymax unionbank credit card welcome gift

Eligible card: Any UnionBank credit card 

Promo period: Until April 30, 2024

Get a pair of Apple AirPods 2 worth ₱8,490, a JBL Tune 720BT worth ₱4,699, or a Giftaway eGift worth ₱4,000! Just apply for any UnionBank credit card via Moneymax, get approved within the promo period, and then meet the ₱10,000 spend requirement within 60 days from your card approval date.

This Moneymax UnionBank welcome gift promo runs until April 30, 2024 only. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-187582 Series of 2024. 

Note: The promo is exclusive to carded applicants who do not have an existing principal credit card issued by UnionBank and/or Citi.

💳 Metrobank World Mastercard®

Metrobank World Mastercard

Another premium credit card worth considering for frequent online shoppers is the Metrobank World Mastercard®. Its E-Commerce Protection feature covers common online shopping issues like incorrect, incomplete, and damaged items. This Metrobank card also gives 1 rewards point for every ₱20 spend and 2x points on overseas transactions.

💳 Metrobank Platinum Mastercard®

Metrobank Peso Platinum Mastercard

Love dining out? Use the Metrobank Platinum Mastercard® to enjoy up to 50% off on exclusive dining deals. You also earn 1 point for every ₱20 spend. Lastly, you get up to US$200 e-Commerce Purchase Protection.

Read more: Metrobank Credit Card Application: Eligibility, Requirements, and More

💳 HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate

HSBC CC Blog Visual CTA - HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate

Want rebates instead? The HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate allows you to earn a 5% rebate on shopping and travel transactions, 1% on insurance, and 0.50% on all other transactions. This premium HSBC card also comes with free travel insurance and Caltex fuel rebates (6% on the first transaction, 3% all year round).

Read more: HSBC Credit Card Application: 4-Step Guide for First-Timers

💳 Security Bank Platinum Mastercard

Security Bank Platinum Mastercard

Yet another great travel and shopping credit card, the Security Bank Platinum Mastercard earns 2 rewards points for every ₱20 spend. Convert these points to air miles. With this card, you also enjoy free travel insurance of up to ₱10 million, airport lounge access worldwide, and online purchase protection.

Read more: How to Apply and Get Approved for a Security Bank Credit Card

💳 BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard

BPI Platinum Rewards Card

With the BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard, you earn 2 BPI points for every ₱30 local spend and 2 BPI points for every ₱20 foreign spend. Enjoy installments with 0% interest on payments for flights. You also get up to four complimentary airport lounge passes to over 1,300 lounges worldwide every year. 

Read more:

Final Thoughts

The AUB Platinum Mastercard combines the practical benefits of a standard card and the exclusive perks of a premium card. With this AUB credit card, you'll get the best of both worlds—value for money and a VIP experience. 

Considering everything it offers, the AUB Platinum credit card is recommended for frequent travelers, small businesses, and people with high-end lifestyles looking for the best bang for their buck. We hope this AUB Platinum Mastercard review has helped you decide whether this credit card is right for you.

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Venus has almost 20 years of combined experience in content marketing, SEO, corporate communications, and public relations. Most of her career was spent creating informative articles on personal finance and digital marketing. She also invests in stocks, mutual funds, VUL, and Pag-IBIG MP2. Venus graduated cum laude with a Journalism degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman. A hardcore Hallyu Tita, she loves bingeing Korean shows on Netflix while bonding with her cats. Follow Venus on LinkedIn.


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