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Metrobank Credit Card Application: A Beginner’s Guide

Ricky Publico

Ricky Publico

Last updated April 25, 2022
Metrobank Credit Card Application Guide | Moneymax

Looking for your next credit card? Whether you're a rookie or a veteran cardholder, Metrobank's diverse roster of credit cards will surely excite you in more ways than one. Want to try your luck? All you have to do is follow this Metrobank credit card application guide and you're all set.

Metrobank Credit Card Application Steps

metrobank credit card application steps

1. Check If You're Eligible for a Metrobank Credit Card

Just like with other credit card providers out there, you should check if you're eligible for a Metrobank credit card. Here are the following criteria you should be able to meet:

  • At least 18 to 70 years old
  • Filipino or foreigner with local residence
  • Must be employed for at least 6 months
  • Must be at least 2 years in business for self-employed

2. Prepare the Metrobank Credit Card Requirements

If you're eligible, you can now start your Metrobank credit card application journey. The next thing you should do is compile all the necessary requirements and make sure all are accounted for before sending your application.

You need to have one or two of the following valid IDs:

  • Driver's license
  • UMID or SSS ID
  • Passport
  • PRC ID
  • TIN ID

If you are employed, prepare any of the following:

  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Copy of BIR Form 2316 duly signed by the employer
  • 3 months latest payslips
  • Certificate of Employment (COE)

If you are self-employed, prepare the following:

  • Latest Audited Financial Statement (AFS)
  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)

If you are a foreigner residing in the Philippines, add the following documents:

  • Proof of Income or Employment
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
  • Immigration’s Certificate of Residence (ICR) or VISA

If you have an existing credit card with other banks for at least nine months, you should also get the latest billing statement.

3. Pick the Right Credit Card for You

Now comes the fun part of the Metrobank credit card application process! If you have already made your mind, just skip to the next step. If you want to find the right credit card, here are some credit cards to choose from.

Metrobank Femme Signature Visa

Metrobank Femme Signature Visa

📌 Features and Benefits:

  • Earn 1 reward point for every PHP 20 spend
  • 3x bonus points on hotels, salons, spas, and hospitals
  • Free travel insurance up to PHP 5 million

💸 Fees and Charges:

  • Minimum monthly income requirement: PHP 58,333
  • Annual fee: PHP 5,000

Metrobank M Free Mastercard

metrobank m free mastercard credit card

📌 Features and Benefits:

  • No annual fees forever!
  • 0% interest installment plans
  • Contactless-enabled credit card

💸 Fees and Charges:

  • Minimum monthly income requirement: PHP 15,000
  • Annual fee: Free for life

Metrobank Titanium Mastercard

metrobank titanium mastercard

📌 Features and Benefits:

  • Earn 1 reward point for every PHP 20 spend
  • 2x rewards points on dining, department store, and online purchases
  • 0% interest installment plans up to 24 months

💸 Fees and Charges:

  • Minimum monthly income requirement: PHP 29,167
  • Annual fee: PHP 2,500

Metrobank Toyota Mastercard

metrobank toyota mastercard

📌 Features and Benefits:

  • 2x rewards points for every PHP 20 spend at any Toyota dealer
  • 10% discount on genuine accessories, parts, and labor at all Toyota dealers
  • 3% rebate on fuel at participating Petron stations

💸 Fees and Charges:

  • Minimum monthly income requirement: PHP 15,000
  • Annual fee: PHP 2,500

Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa

metrobank travel platinum visa

📌 Features and Benefits:

  • Earn 1 reward point for every PHP 17 travel and overseas spend
  • Free travel insurance up to PHP 5 million
  • Exclusive access to 950 airport lounges worldwide

💸 Fees and Charges:

  • Minimum monthly income requirement: PHP 58,333
  • Annual fee: PHP 5,000

Metrobank World Mastercard

metrobank world mastercard

📌 Features and Benefits:

  • 2x points for international purchases
  • 3x points when you shop at Rustan’s Department Store
  • Exclusive deals at over 1,000 airports and 500 airport lounges

💸 Fees and Charges:

  • Minimum monthly income requirement: PHP 333,333
  • Annual fee: PHP 6,000

Other Metrobank credit cards on the official website[1] that you can also check out include:

Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa

metrobank rewards plus visa

Metrobank Platinum Mastercard

Metrobank Platinum Mastercard

Metrobank Dollar Credit Card

metrobank dollar credit card

4. Proceed to the Metrobank Credit Card Online Application

metrobank credit card online application

Now that you have a credit card in mind, it's time to apply for it. Just head down to the Metrobank application portal[2] and start the process.

  1. From the application portal, just tick the corresponding box if you have an existing Metrobank credit card or none.
  2. On the next screen, select the credit card you want to apply for and provide your personal information. Once you're done, tick the terms and conditions box then click Next.
  3. You will then be presented with your Online Reference Number (ORN). Click Copy and paste it to your notes because you'll use this later to keep track of your Metrobank credit card application.
  4. Provide your home address and other personal details on the Metrobank credit card application form then click Next.
  5. Enter your financial information on the next screen then click Next.
  6. On the next screen, tick the corresponding box if you are a Metrobank depositor or not.
  7. If you have other credit cards, enter your details below. If you don't have one, leave the entire form blank.
  8. Enter the name you want to be printed on your credit card. Next, indicate where you want your credit card and credit card statements delivered. Once you're done, click Next.
  9. Upload digital copies of your documents. Once the website finished loading, you're done!

How to Check Your Metrobank Credit Card Application Status Online

Once your application is received, Metrobank will evaluate and process your application within two to three weeks. To follow up on your application status, message Mia of Metrobank on Facebook Messenger. From there, follow the on-screen instructions and don't forget to provide your ORN.

You can also check on your application status the old-fashioned way by calling their hotline at 88-700-700 or 1-800-1-888-5775. You can also message them at customerservice@metrobankcard.com if you have other concerns.

Final Thoughts

Did you find the Metrobank credit card application easy? It's always helpful to have an all-online application process. So once you've found the right Metrobank credit card for you, don't hesitate to start your credit card journey today. And always remember: Swipe responsibly!


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