AUB Easy Mastercard

AUB Easy Mastercard

Minimum Annual Income


(P21,000 Monthly)

Interest Rate


Annual Fee


Product Summary

AUB Easy Mastercard

AUB Easy Mastercard

Owning a credit card can be easy with an AUB Easy Mastercard. Never worry about fees while enjoying dining, shopping, and travel privileges. Plus, you can extend these perks with your loved ones with an AUB supplementary credit card.

  • No annual fees forever
  • No interest on new purchases
  • Choose when to pay your credit card bill
  • Choose how much to pay with a fixed payment amount
  • Get this card for: shopping and dining with loved ones
Existing Credit CardRequired
Landline numberRequired
Age21 to 65 years old
Minimum Annual IncomeP252,000
Regular Employee
Annual Fee Free
Annual Fee WaiverYes
Monthly Effective Interest Rate2%

Is this the right product for you?

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Why Choose AUB Easy Mastercard?

The AUB Easy Mastercard makes credit card payments easier for you by letting you customize it to your needs. Interested? Find out more in this short review.

Customize your payment frequency and minimum amount due

No need to adjust your finances to your credit card due date and minimum amount due with the AUB Easy Mastercard. Instead, you can adjust your payment schedule and amount due to fit your schedule and budget. Pick from weekly, biweekly, and monthly payment frequency. From there, you can choose from the following amount due options:

Twice a Month₱2,000₱2,500₱3,000₱3,500₱4,000₱4,500

Not only can you adjust your payment frequency and minimum amount due but you can also choose your preferred payment schedule from the options below:

  • Weekly - any day of the week
  • Twice a month
    • First payment - From the 1st to the 15th
    • Second payment - 15 days after the first payment
  • Monthly - 1st to the 30th

Enjoy zero annual fees

If you’re already enjoying the freedom of choosing your payment schedule and the minimum amount due, then you’ll definitely appreciate another benefit with the AUB Easy Mastercard waived annual fees!

Enroll as many supplementary cardholders as you want

AUB knows that supplementary cardholders are important to you, that’s why they’re extending the no annual fees feature of the AUB Easy Mastercard to your loved ones. There’s also no limit to how many you can enroll since you can include as many as you want.

Is AUB Easy Mastercard the Right Card for You?

If you want a credit card that makes payments easier with its waived annual fees and varied options for the payment schedule, choose the AUB Easy Mastercard. Want something else? Try these suggestions:

  • RCBC Bankard Flex Visa. This credit card also provides flexibility when it comes to reward points. Choose from two preferred categories where you can get 2x points: clothing, transportation, dining, and travel.
  • Metrobank M Free Mastercard. Annual fees are also waived for this credit card. You can also set a credit limit for your supplementary cardholders to manage both of your spendings.


There are many benefits to owning an AUB Easy credit card. Apart from the waived annual fees, you also have the option to choose when to pay your credit card bills. The AUB Easy Mastercard is a cheap credit card ideal for first-time credit cardholders.

Earning rewards points is easy with an AUB Easy Mastercard. Just use your card as often as you can (for online shopping, bills, and more) and earn 1 rewards point for every ₱50 you spend.

Rewards points earned in an AUB Easy Mastercard does not expire. Coolio!

AUB will send an SMS update to inform you of your application’s status. You can also check it on AUB’s website or call the AUB customer service hotline at AUB 8-(282) 8888 or 1-800-10-282-8888 (domestic toll free number.)

The processing time for an AUB Easy credit card application may take 11 to 14 banking days from the day you submit all the required documents.


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