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Moneymax Reviews: Comparing AUB’s Budget-Tier Credit Cards

Ricky Publico

Ricky Publico

Last updated June 23, 2021

Welcome back to another edition of Moneymax Reviews! This week, we’re doubling the savings and doubling the fun. Because for the first time ever, we’re pitting two credit cards against each other to see which one’s the best credit card in the Philippines, courtesy of this AUB credit card review.

In the white corner, we have the AUB Easy Mastercard and in the red corner, we have the AUB Classic Mastercard. Which of these affordable credit card options from Asia United Bank works best with your lifestyle? Let’s take an in-depth look at these competing AUB credit cards.

AUB Credit Card Review: Go Easy or Go Classic

Before we start with our AUB credit card review, let’s check out the key features of both cards. On paper, both credit cards have the same key features that you would mistake one for the other. Nevertheless, these features are quite enticing.

AUB Easy and Classic Mastercard Key Features

  • Annual fee: No annual fee for life!
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income requirement: PHP 21,000
  • Cash advance fee: None
  • Late payment fee:
    • Monthly option: PHP 750 or the unpaid minimum amount due, whichever is lower
    • Semi-monthly option: PHP 375 or the unpaid minimum amount due, whichever is lower
    • Weekly option: PHP 187.50 or the unpaid minimum amount due, whichever is lower
  • Overlimit fee: None
  • Foreign transaction fee: 1.5% service fee added to the sum of peso conversion and Mastercard fees
  • Card replacement fee: PHP 500

Better take note of these features before you apply for an AUB credit card.

What’s So Great About the AUB Easy Mastercard?

aub credit card review - aub easy mastercard

True to its name, the AUB Easy Mastercard makes owning a credit card a lot easier, especially for first-time cardholders. It’s definitely one of the most unique credit cards out there, thanks to the freedom it provides you when it comes to credit card payments.

With an AUB Easy Mastercard, you can choose how many times to pay every month. You can choose to pay once a month, twice a month, or weekly. This gives you enough leeway to budget your payments or slowly clear out your credit card balance without going over.

You can also choose exactly when to pay your credit card dues. Here are your choices:

  • For monthly payments, you can choose your due date from the 1st to the 30th day of the month.
  • For bi-monthly payments, you can choose from 15 payment due dates below.
    • 1st and 16th
    • 2nd & 17th
    • 3rd & 18th
    • 4th & 19th
    • 5th & 20th
    • 6th & 21st
    • 7th & 22nd
    • 8th & 23rd
    • 9th & 24th
    • 10th & 25th
    • 11th & 26th
    • 12th & 27th
    • 13th & 28th
    • 14th & 29th
    • 15th & 30th
  • For weekly payments, choose any day of the week as your due date.

And most importantly, you can choose the exact amount you want to pay. The following amount options will be your minimum amount due in your statement.

  • For monthly payments, you can choose any of the following amount as your minimum amount due:
    • PHP 750
    • PHP 800
    • PHP 1,000
    • PHP 1,500
    • PHP 2,000
    • PHP 2,500
    • PHP 3,000
  • For bi-monthly payments, you can choose any of the following amount as your minimum amount due:
    • PHP 500
    • PHP 1,000
    • PHP 1,500
  • For weekly payments, you can choose any of the following amount as your minimum amount due:
    • PHP 250
    • PHP 500
    • PHP 750

Want to give the AUB Easy Mastercard a try? Here’s a quick review of its features.

aub easy mastercard

Why Should I Consider an AUB Classic Mastercard?

aub credit card review - aub classic mastercard

Just like its counterpart, the AUB Classic Mastercard aims to make your credit card payments a lot more convenient. It has the same payment schedule options with the AUB Easy Mastercard. The catch is it has higher minimum amount due options.

  • For monthly payments, you can choose any of these as your minimum amount due:
    • PHP 4,000
    • PHP 5,000
    • PHP 6,000
    • PHP 7,000
    • PHP 8,000
    • PHP 9,000
  • For bi-monthly payments, you can choose any of these as your minimum amount due:
    • PHP 2,000
    • PHP 2,500
    • PHP 3,000
    • PHP 3,500
    • PHP 4,000
    • PHP 4,500
  • For weekly payments, you can choose any of these as your minimum amount due:
    • PHP 1,000
    • PHP 1,250
    • PHP 1,500
    • PHP 1,750
    • PHP 2,000
    • PHP 2,250

Aside from this, you can enroll supplementary cards with your AUB Classic Mastercard with no annual fees as well. That’s the extra benefit of choosing the more expensive AUB Mastercard.

Considering an AUB Classic Mastercard? Here’s a quick rundown of its features.

aub classic mastercard

What Perks Can I Enjoy with My AUB Mastercard?

Whatever you choose between the AUB Easy Mastercard and the AUB Classic Mastercard, you’ll get the same perks and benefits. And mind you, these benefits aren’t anything to scoff at.

AUB Credit Cards Have No Annual Fees for Life

For starters, there’s no need to worry about paying for annual fees because both cards don’t have any. That’s right, no annual fees for life! That’s already better than other credit cards who only offer no annual fees for the first year.

No Interest for New Purchases

And what’s more, AUB credit cards don’t charge interest on purchases made after the statement cutoff[1]. So if you paid your previous minimum amount due, your next purchase after that won’t have additional interest. Now that’s an incentive to pay your credit card bills on time.

Generous Rewards Program

aub credit card review perks

Frequent travelers will surely get a kick out of AUB’s rewards program[2]. Because you can easily earn one (1) non-expiring rewards point for every PHP 20 spend. Convert your points to Mabuhay Miles, GetGo rewards, AirAsia Big rewards, eGift and Panda Travel vouchers, and even cash rebates.

Accepted at Over 5,000 Payment Channels

Online shoppers will also enjoy using either cards in this AUB credit card review. Shop from international stores online by linking your AUB Easy or Classic Mastercard for top-up transactions on your Alipay or Paypal account. Over 5,000 payment channels nationwide accept AUB credit cards, so shopping locally is also a breeze.

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AUB Easy and Classic Mastercard Alternatives

While the AUB Easy and Classic Mastercard definitely look like viable options, let’s look at the alternatives out of fairness.

AUB Gold and Platinum Mastercard

If you want more premium perks out of your AUB credit card, then consider upgrading to the AUB Gold Mastercard or the AUB Platinum Mastercard. Aside from having no annual fees, it comes with extra perks like free airport lounge access and more. Just make sure you earn at least PHP 50,000 a month.

aub gold mastercard features
aub platinum mastercard features

Citi Simplicity+ Card

If you’re looking for other credit cards with easy requirements and no annual fees, check out the Citi Simplicity Card. Aside from the annual fee, this card won’t charge you late payment and overlimit fees. It’s definitely worth a look, especially for first-time cardholders.

Citi Simplicity features

Note: This product is sold by Union Bank of the Philippines, using certain trademarks temporarily under license from Citigroup Inc. and related group entities.

Metrobank M Free Mastercard

The Metrobank M Free Mastercard also has no annual fees, plus it has a lower monthly income requirement at PHP 15,000. It's ideal for first-time cardholders looking for a low-maintenance credit card for their online shopping sprees.

Metrobank M Free features

HSBC Red Mastercard

But if you don’t mind paying annual fees, then check out the HSBC Red Mastercard. For only PHP 2,500 per year, you get to earn 4x bonus points on online, shopping, dining, and overseas transactions and up to 6% rebate on fuel purchases.

HSBC red mastercard information

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, two of AUB’s budget-friendly cards. Did this AUB credit card review convince you to at least compare your options? Finding the right credit card really takes time and effort. Which credit card do you want to see next? Who knows, we might feature your favorite on the next Moneymax Reviews.

aub credit card review - credit card cta


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