How to Use GCash: A Handy Guide for New GCash App Users This 2022



Last updated May 25, 2022

If it's something fast, easy, and convenient, then it's a yes for us. Which is why we’re always on the lookout for mobile apps to manage our digital transactions. Luckily, we can turn our smartphones into a virtual wallet that does almost everything we need―transfer funds, pay bills, save money, and even buy cellphone load! All these are made possible by the GCash app. 

A mobile payment innovation in the Philippines, GCash has helped revolutionize the way we do our financial transactions. With just a few taps on our smartphone, we can quickly send and receive money, pay bills, and do a lot of other transactions anytime, anywhere. Currently, all GCash services are free except for cash out, withdrawals, bills payments, and card applications. 

For non-tech savvy beginners, learning how to use the GCash app can seem challenging and even frustrating. But let this comprehensive guide help you get familiarized with the GCash app so you can start enjoying its features.

What is GCash?

GCash is a leading mobile wallet in the Philippines that you can download and install on your smartphone so you can perform digital transactions, like fund transfers, bills payments, shopping, investing, and more. As of 2019, there are 20 million GCash users[1] and more than 70,000 online partners and 130,000 partner merchants in the Philippines.[2]

Download the GCash App

Before anything else, don't forget to download the GCash App. GCash is available for both Android and iOS devices. You may download the app via the links below:

GCash on Google Play
GCash on App Store

How to Create a GCash Account

Before you can start using GCash, you need to create an account and register. Registration is quick and easy through the GCash app. You can also register by dialing *143 and following the instructions. 

Creating an Account and Registering via the GCash App

Follow these steps to create and register a GCash account via the official GCash app. 

  1. Download the GCash mobile app.[3]
  2. Launch the GCash app, enter your mobile number, then tap “Next.”
  3. You'll receive a six-digit authentication code on the mobile number you provided during sign-up. Input the code then tap “Submit Code.” Click on “Resend Now” if you didn’t receive any code.
  4. Provide your information on the next pages such as name, date of birth, address, and email address. Review the information you’ve provided. If everything’s correct, tap “Submit”.
  5. On the same page, enter the referral code, if applicable. The referral code will allow you and your referred friend to receive ₱50 upon successful registration. 
  6. Next, create a four-digit mobile PIN (MPIN). Make sure to create a unique MPIN as you’ll use this in all your GCash transactions.
  7. Read the Terms and Conditions and tap “Submit”.
  8. Tap “Proceed to Login” to start using and exploring your new GCash account.

Creating a GCash Account and Registering via *143

  1. Dial *143# on your mobile phone.
  2. Find “GCash”, click reply, then key in 9 for GCash.
  3. Click reply again and then key in #1 to register. 
  4. Enter your four-digit GCash PIN, name, birth year, and address.
  5. Wait for a message on your phone that confirms your registration.

How to Verify GCash

gcash app - gcash verification

Account verification, also known as Know Your Customer (KYC), is required by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to validate the identity of customers for money services like GCash. You need to undergo the GCash verification process to unlock all its useful features and services.

Steps to GCash Account Verification

  1. Login to your GCash account on your app.
  2. Tap the menu bar on the upper left corner and tap “Verify Now.”
  3. Choose “Get Fully Verified” and tap “Next.”
  4. Choose a valid ID, tap “Next,” and take a picture of the ID.
  5. Tap “Next” and take a selfie. Make sure you’re in a well-lit room.
  6. Fill in the required information and make sure everything's accurate.
  7. Tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions and tap “Confirm.”
  8. Wait for 30 minutes for GCash to review your application. You may need to fulfill additional requirements to complete the process.

GCash Features You Can Unlock with A Verified Account

If your GCash account is fully verified, you can send, request, and invest money, and enjoy many other special features of GCash.  

What You Can DoBasicFully Verified
Pay bills✔️✔️
Buy load✔️✔️

Pay QR

Offline cash in✔️✔️
AMEX Virtual Pay✔️✔️
Send money✔️
Cash out✔️
Request money✔️
GCash Mastercard✔️
Card transactions✔️
Invest money✔️
International remittance✔️
Online cash in✔️


A marketplace for investment opportunities, GInvest[4] is a feature that you can find within the GCash app. It lets you discover your investment appetite and offers different investment products that suit your financial personality. To start investing in GInvest, you only need ₱50. 


The GSave[5] feature is a savings arm jointly established by GCash and CIMB Bank. It's a virtual bank account that requires no initial deposit. With GSave, you can instantly move your money from your GCash account to your savings account without worrying about the lock-in period and maintaining balance. 


The GForest feature is a GCash initiative to give every user a chance to help save the forests in the Philippines. Through GForest[6], you can collect green energy and use it to adopt a tree, switch to sustainable activities, and reduce carbon footprint. 


This GCash feature allows users to borrow up to ₱25,000. You can use GLoan[7] to pay for purchases and bills or also convert it to cash through the GCash Send Money option. 


This feature consolidates select merchants on one page so you don't need to switch from one app to another. You can eat, play, shop, and more by clicking on the merchants featured on the GLife page. 

How to Put Money in GCash

Now it’s time to learn how to put money in your GCash wallet. Using the app is the most convenient way to get load. You can either transfer money from your bank account through the app or over-the-counter transactions with partner outlets. You can also load up your GCash wallet via remittances.

gcash app - cash in wallet

Before you can transfer money from your bank account to your GCash wallet, you need to link your bank account to GCash. Here’s how you do it.

Before you can transfer money from your bank account to your GCash wallet, you need to link your bank account to GCash. Here’s how you do it.

  1. On the home page, tap Profile on the bottom right corner. 
  2. From there, tap “My Linked Accounts” and you’ll see the options that you can link to your GCash: 
  • GCash Mastercard
  • American Express Virtual Pay
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • GCredit
  • BPI
  • UnionBank
  • GlobeOne
  1. Tap the option you want. Either you’ll input the card details or log in to your online bank account to authorize and complete the linking process.
  2. Once you submit your details, you’ll be redirected to your bank’s verification page. Your bank will also send you a one-time password (OTP) code via SMS. Input the OTP to proceed.
  3. Once verified, you’ll receive a text saying that your bank is now linked to GCash.

How to Cash In via Partner Banks

You can also connect your banking apps to GCash for easier cash-ins. GCash is compatible with most banking apps, but they only offer zero transaction fees to BPI and UnionBank apps. Other banks who partner with Instapay charge ₱10 to ₱25 per transaction. Cashing in via PayPal is free of charge.

  1. To link your BPI or UnionBank banking app, tap Profile and then “My Linked Accounts”.
  2. Tap your preferred bank and follow the next instructions.
  3. Once you’ve linked your banking app, you can now head to the dashboard and tap “Cash In”.
  4. Tap your bank under the My Linked Accounts tab and enter the desired amount. Tap “Next” and "Confirm".
  5. Your bank will send you an OTP via SMS. Input the code and tap “Submit.”
  6. Wait for the confirmation text before checking your new GCash balance.

How to Cash In via Remittance

You can also claim your remittance and have it sent straight to your GCash wallet. GCash has partnered with global remittance partners like MoneyGram and Western Union.

  1. Tap “Cash In” on the GCash app dashboard and tap the “Global Partners and Remittance” tab.
  2. Choose your preferred remittance partner. For MoneyGram and Western Union, you'll need the claim remittance reference number.
  3. Enter the expected amount and the reference number. Moneygram requires an 8-digit number while Western Union requires 10 digits.
  4. Tap “Next” and wait for the confirmation text before checking your new GCash balance.

How to Cash In via PayPal

You can also connect your PayPal account to your GCash. This is especially useful for freelancers who want to spend their PayPal balance and expats looking to convert their money to Philippine Peso easily.

  1. To link GCash to PayPal, tap the menu bar and tap “My Linked Accounts.”
  2. Tap PayPal and enter your account’s email address.
  3. You’ll then be directed to the PayPal login page. Enter your email and password, tick the two boxes, and tap “Authorize.”
  4. Once you’ve linked your GCash to PayPal, you can now head to the dashboard and tap “Cash In”.
  5. Tap “PayPal” under “My Linked Accounts”.
  6. Enter the desired amount, tap “Next,” and tap “Confirm.”
  7. Once confirmed, expect your money within 24 hours. Wait for the confirmation text before checking your new GCash balance.

How to Cash In via 7-Eleven and Other Authorized Outlets

To load your GCash through 7-Eleven, just visit any branch near you. Go to the CliQQ kiosk and select GCash under e-money. Get the barcode then pay at the cashier.

To know where you can cash in your GCash, check the app for authorized GCash partner branches. More than 10,000 GCash outlets nationwide accept cash-in transactions, including remittance centers, pawnshops, malls, and bills payment centers. Here are some of the most accessible GCash cash-in outlets in the Philippines:

  • Globe Stores
  • Bayad Center
  • Expresspay
  • SM Business Center
  • Robinsons Center
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • 7-Eleven CLiQQ kiosks
  • Puregold
  • RD Pawnshop
  • Tambunting Pawnshop
  • Villarica Pawnshop
  • Palawan Pawnshop
  • eTap machines
  • Touchpay machines
  • Pay&Go machines
  • Southstar Drug
  • Watsons
  • LBC Express
  • Puremart
  • Shell Select
  • Ministop
  • Family Mart
  • AlfaMart

Here's a complete list of GCash over-the-counter cash-in partners.[8]

How to Get a GCash Mastercard

gcash app  - how to get gcash card

The GCash Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid card linked to the GCash wallet. It can be used to shop at stores that accept Mastercard payment. You can also use this card to withdraw money from your GCash wallet.

GCash Mastercard Application via the GCash App

You can apply for a GCash Mastercard straight from the GCash app. Here's how.

  1. From the GCash dashboard, tap “View all GCash Services”.
  2. Under the “Fund Management” tab, tap “Cash Out.”
  3. Tap “Deliver” then fill out the GCash Mastercard order form.
  4. Fill in the required details, tick the box, then submit the form.
  5. Head back to the dashboard and tap “Pay Bills”.
  6. Tap “Payment Solutions” and tap “GCash Mastercard”.
  7. Enter your GCash mobile number and your ₱150 payment before tapping “Next.”
  8. Your GCash Mastercard will be delivered to you within 10 days.

Application via Outlets

You can also buy a GCash Mastercard from the following partner branches. All you need is a valid ID and the ₱150 payment.

  • 7-Eleven
  • Ministop
  • Lawson
  • All Day Supermarket/Convenience Store
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How to Put Money in GCash Mastercard

Link your GCash Mastercard to your GCash wallet to conveniently put money in and to be able to use it to pay for your in-store and online purchases. Your GCash Mastercard is the physical card of your GCash wallet.

To link your GCash Mastercard to your GCash, follow these steps:

  1. On your GCash app, go to My Linked Accounts and tap GCash Mastercard. 
  2. Next, tap Add a Card. 
  3. Enter your GCash Mastercard’s last four digits and the 12-digit Virtual Account Number. You can find the Virtual Account Number at the back of the card. 
  4. Then enter your nominated 6-digit PIN. Key it in again to confirm. 
  5. Tap Next and you’ll see a prompt that you’ve successfully linked your account to your GCash Mastercard. Make sure to cash in and have sufficient funds in your GCash to pay for your purchases with your GCash Mastercard. 

How to Withdraw Money

Just like a regular bank account, you can also withdraw funds from your GCash. You can choose to transfer funds from GCash to your bank account or you can withdraw your money from ATMs nationwide using the GCash Mastercard.

Cash Out via GCash Mastercard

To cash out using your GCash card, just head to the nearest ATM and use it like a regular ATM card. Use your GCash MPIN as the ATM pin. Note that GCash will charge you ₱20 per withdrawal, while withdrawing your money abroad will cost ₱50.

Cash Out via GCash App

  1. From the GCash dashboard, tap “Bank Transfer”.
  2. Tap the bank you’d like to cash out from. Convenience fees are waived for partner banks while a maximum of ₱25 will be charged when withdrawing from other banks.
  3. Enter the amount and fill out the corresponding banking details before tapping “Send Money”.
  4. Review your fund transfer details and tap “Confirm”.
  5. Wait for the confirmation text before checking your bank account’s balance.

Cash-Out via GCash Outlet

  1. From the GCash dashboard, tap “View all GCash Services”.
  2. Under the “Fund Management” tab, tap “Cash Out”.
  3. Under the “Over the Counter” tab, choose your preferred cash out partner.
  4. Follow the instructions for each cash out outlet.

Usually, the process involves filling out a GCash form and presenting a valid ID. After the staff has processed your transaction, you’ll receive a text message asking to confirm your cash-out request. Reply with your MPIN.

The staff will then give you the cash-out amount, an acknowledgment receipt for the transaction, and an official receipt for the service fee. In addition to the cash-out amount, a service fee of ₱20 per ₱1,000 withdrawn will be deducted from your GCash wallet.

How to Send Money to GCash

gcash app - gcash send money

GCash made it easier to transfer money from anywhere in the Philippines. The process involves no paperwork and no lines, and it doesn’t come with a service fee. Here are the steps on how to send money or transfer money from GCash to GCash.

  1. From the GCash dashboard, tap “Send Money.”
  2. There are four ways to send money via GCash. For now, tap “Express Send.”
  3. Enter the recipient’s GCash mobile number. If you have the person’s number saved in your phone, simply choose it from your contact list.
  4. Enter the amount to send. You can type a message for the recipient if you want.
  5. Wait for the text confirmation of your transaction.

If you want to send a message to your recipient, tap the “Send with a Clip” feature. You can send greeting templates or you can attach an audio or video file from your phone. 

With the "Send via QR" option, just upload the photo of the recipient's GCash QR code. The GCash number will automatically populate the recipient field. This is quicker, and you don't have to copy and paste mobile numbers. too.

How to Pay Bills Through GCash

gcash app - how to pay bills gcash

With the GCash app, you can pay your credit card balances, utilities, and other bills in a snap. Freelancers can easily pay Pag-IBIG and SSS contributions and taxes using GCash.

A bill payment made via GCash is posted within two to three banking days. SSS contributions and loan payments with a Payment Reference Number (PRN) are posted in real-time. The GCash Pay Bills service, however, doesn’t accept payments for overdue bills. Here's how to pay via GCash:

  1. From the GCash dashboard, tap “Pay Bills”.
  2. Choose the biller category of your bill payment.
  3. Choose the biller and fill out the amount to pay and the account details.
  4. Review your bills payment details before tapping “Confirm”.
  5. Wait for the text confirmation of your transaction.

How to Use GCash QR for Shopping

gcash app - gcash qr scan to pay

Did you know that you can also pay for your purchases using your phone? You can use the GCash QR service at partner stores like the SM Store, Ayala Malls, Robinsons Malls, Jollibee, Ministop, and more.

How to Shop via GCash QR

  1. From the GCash dashboard, tap “Pay QR”.
  2. Tap “Scan QR Code” or “Generate R/Barcode”.
  3. For Scan QR Code: Point your smartphone at the merchant’s QR code to start scanning.
  4. For Generate Code: Show to the cashier the QR/barcode on your screen.
  5. Enter the amount to pay and confirm your payment.
  6. Wait for the text confirmation of your transaction.

How to Buy Load via GCash

  1. From the GCash dashboard, tap “Buy Load”.
  2. Enter the phone number to load and tap “Next”.
  3. Choose the amount of load you want and tap “Next”. You can also swipe right to check out other promos for specific network providers.
  4. Review your order and tap “Pay”.
  5. Wait for the text confirmation of your transaction.

GCash Fees to Take Note of

Make sure to review the fees before completing a transaction with GCash. Majority of GCash transactions are free of charge, but there are several ones that incur minimal fees.

Bills Payment

Most GCash billers don’t charge a service fee. Below is a list of major billers and their corresponding GCash fees. You can also find the full list of GCash billers online.[9]

  • BIR – no additional fee
  • Cablelink – no additional fee
  • Cignal – no additional fee
  • Credit cards – no additional fee for all registered billers
  • Manila Water – no additional fee
  • Maynilad – no additional fee
  • Meralco – no additional fee
  • Meralco Kuryente Load – ₱8 to ₱60 additional fee, depending on load
  • Pag-IBIG – ₱5
  • PLDT DSL –₱7 additional fee
  • PLDT Landline – ₱7 additional fee
  • Sky Broadband – no additional fee
  • SkyCable – no additional fee
  • SSS – no additional fee

Cash-in via Online Banking

Cashing in is free of charge for the following channels:

  • BPI
  • PayPal
  • Unionbank

The following GCash partner banks that use InstaPay will charge you the following per bank transfer transaction.

  • AUB - ₱10
  • BDO - ₱25
  • BPI - ₱25 via InstaPay and free via BPI’s load e-wallet service
  • EastWest Bank- ₱25
  • Landbank - ₱25
  • Maybank - ₱25
  • Metrobank - ₱25
  • PBCOM - ₱20
  • PNB - ₱15
  • PSBank - ₱15
  • RCBC - ₱15
  • UCPB - ₱25

Over-the-Counter Cash-in

Cashing in is free in all over-the-counter outlets until you reach a monthly threshold of ₱8,000. When you reach this limit, GCash will apply a service fee of 2% each time you cash-in. The service will be automatically deducted from the amount you cashed-in.

However, take note that this GCash fee only applies in the following cash-in outlets:

GCash app - Over the Counter fees
GCash app - Over the Counter fees
Images c/o

Cash-in via Remittance

Receiving remittances on the GCash app is absolutely free. However, when sending money via GCash, a service fee of up to 2% of the total amount may be charged.

For example, if you are to send ₱5,000, the fee you would have to pay is ₱100. (₱5,000 x 0.02 = ₱100)

How to Convert Load to GCash 

You probably use your chat apps to call and send messages to your contacts, leaving your prepaid load untouched. You’re probably wondering, “Can I convert my load to GCash?” since it’s just there close to expiring. 

From the GCash app, you can’t convert your Smart or Globe load to GCash funds. This feature has not been available on GCash for quite some time now. Still, if you really want your regular load to be converted to GCash credits, there are some workarounds you can try.   

Convert Prepaid Load to GCash via Share-a-Load 

You can do this by selling your prepaid load for GCash, preferably to someone who already has a GCash account. But why would they want to buy prepaid load from you if they can already buy prepaid load straight from the GCash app? 

Well, they would if you sell your prepaid load at a much lower or discounted price. They can just send their payment to you via GCash. 

To Share-A-Load, just key in the load amount and then send it to 2 + the 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient. For example, if you’re going to send ₱250 load, type 250 and then send it to 29161234567.

Convert Smart Load to GCash via PasaLoad 

If you have unused Smart prepaid load, you can also sell it for GCash credits. You can PasaLoad up to ₱200 with a ₱1 deduction every PasaLoad and then ask your payment to be sent to your GCash. 

Just text PASALOAD (space) Smart Prepaid Number of Recipient (space) Amount and then send it to 808. (Ex. PASALOAD 09181234567 100, send to 808)

How to Earn Money in GCash by Playing Games This 2022

Wondering how to earn money in GCash just by playing games? If you’re proud of your gaming skills, you can join tournaments on GCash via Goama Games, best other players, and bring home the cash prize. 

Some of the current featured tournaments on Goama Games include: 

  • Jumpy Jack - pay ₱5 to play and get a chance to win a total prize of ₱1,300
  • Astro Run - pay ₱10 to play and get a chance to win a total prize of ₱4,000
  • Kaithon Rush - pay ₱10 to play and get a chance to win a total prize of ₱4,000
  • Amigos - pay ₱15 to play and get a chance to win a total prize of ₱7,000
gcash app - goama games

There are many game categories to choose from, such as Action, Adventure, Arcade, Puzzles, Sports, and Strategy. So whether you’re a casual player or a career player hoping to earn money from GCash games, you can find something that will keep you entertained and motivated to win. 

GCash App FAQs

1. How do you use the GCash app to generate a prepaid beep QR ticket?

Even without the physical beepTM card, you can generate a single-use QR ticket from your GCash app. Present it at any BGC Bus or Tas Trans, San Agustin Transport Services, and Precious Grace Transport Services bus with routes covering Makati, Taguig, and Las Pinas, as well as other nearby provinces like Laguna, Cavite, and Bulacan. 

  1. Launch your GCash app and tap GLife. 
  2. Choose beepTM and your preferred bus line and route, including your starting and destination terminals. 
  3. Next, tap 'Buy Ticket' and complete your GCash payment. 
  4. To check your QR ticket, simply tap on Ticket History and then just scan it at the bus or at the bus terminal. 

2. How do I convert my Globe Points to GCash?

Exchange your Globe Reward Points to GCash e-money by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Globe One app.
  2. Click “Redeem Rewards”.
  3. Choose “Others” from the upper hand corner of the screen.
  4. Select any of the following
  • 10 GCash coins for 10 points
  • ₱20 GCash Buy Load Voucher for 20 points
  1. You’ll receive your GCash reward within three days upon redemption.

Note: You can redeem this promo several times in a day as long as you have sufficient Globe Rewards Points.

3. How to load Cignal using GCash?

Can I load my Cignal account using GCash? Yes, you can! To do this, you have to purchase Cignal E-Pins on the GCash app. These E-Pins are used to top up Cignal accounts. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Buy Load’ on your GCash app.
  2. Input the mobile number that will receive the PIN. Tap ‘Next’.
  3. Click the ‘PayTV’ tab and select a Cignal TV prepaid package. Tap ‘Next.’
  4. Confirm the information. Click ‘Pay’ to finish the transaction.
  5. You will receive an SMS with the purchased PIN.
  6. Copy the PIN and proceed to load via SMS or via the Cignal Web Loading Tool.

Take note of the following when loading your Cignal TV account via GCash:

  • Cignal E-Pins may be purchased and sent to any one.
  • You can only use Cignal E-Pins in Cignal accounts.
  • Purchased Cignal E-Pins are considered sold and cannot be refunded.
  • For special packs like Pay-Per-View, the keywords to be used will be broadcast per event.

4. How much is the delivery fee for GCash Mastercard? 

Aside from ₱150 for the card cost, you also need to pay the  ₱65 delivery fee GCash Mastercard applications made online. 

5. What are the fees of my GLoan application?

GLoan charges a one-time processing fee of 3% of the total loanable amount. You may also be charged ₱100 for every delayed payment and 0.15% of the loan balance daily on top of your amount due. 

6. What are the fees involved with GCash Mastercard ATM Transactions?

GCash charges ₱3 for balance inquiries made via local ATMs and ₱50 for every inquiry via international ATMs. 

7. What are GCash transaction limits?

Transaction limits are imposed on your GCash account depending on your level of verification. There are four GCash verification levels which are Basic, Fully Verified, GCash Plus, and Platinum. 

For example, a fully verified account will have a daily transaction limit of ₱100,000 for sending and spending money from their GCash Wallets. Every user needs to understand how GCash transaction limits[10] work to manage their accounts properly. 

8. What happens if my account reaches its transaction limit?

You may no longer send or receive money or make any transactions through GCash until your limits are reset the next month. 

9. I received a GCash phishing email/text. What should I do?

If you got a suspicious-looking email or text message asking you to update or verify your GCash account, do not click the link provided. It's likely a GCash phishing scam that will lead you to a fake GCash page and enable unauthorized access to your GCash account. Report the phishing site and send the links through the GCash Help Center (

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Final Thoughts

We hope this guide on how to use the GCash app helped you set one up and start doing online transactions. It's very easy and convenient, and you can actually save a lot of time and money using it.

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