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Using a smartphone to transfer money is now faster and more convenient thanks to mobile wallets and banking apps. However, most of these apps don’t allow senders to transfer money to accounts maintained in another application or financial institution. Enter InstaPay Philippines, an electronic fund transfer (EFT) service by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP.

Launched in 2018, InstaPay allows users to transfer money to another bank or non-bank institution that carries the facility. Keep on reading to know more about InstaPay Philippines and how you can use it to send money.

What is InstaPay?

instapay philippines - what is instapay

InstaPay is an EFT service that allows clients to transfer money instantly between accounts of participating BSP-supervised banks and non-bank e-money issuers in the Philippines. It is governed by the Philippine Payment Management Inc. under the supervision of BSP.

You can use InstaPay if you have an e-money account (with or without ATM or debit card) with one of the service’s participating institutions. Individuals, businesses, and government agencies can send and/or receive fund transfers with this facility.

InstaPay aims to bring a safe and reliable retail payment system in the country, especially for real-time, low-value fund transfer transactions.

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Benefits of Using InstaPay Philippines

Here are some of the advantages of using this EFT service:

  • Receive and send money from another bank
  • Transfer funds electronically
  • Money is transferred real time
  • Minimal transaction charges
  • Available 24/7 and all year round

InstaPay Participating Banks and Non-Bank E-Money Issuers

Below is a list of participating InstaPay banks and financial institutions:

InstaPay Sender and Receiver

  • AUB
  • Bank of Commerce
  • BDO
  • BPI
  • BPI Direct BanKO
  • China Bank Savings
  • Chinabank
  • DCPay
  • East West Banking Corporation
  • Equicom Savings Bank
  • GrabPay
  • G-Xchange Inc. (GCash)
  • Landbank
  • Maybank
  • Metrobank
  • PayMaya
  • PBCom
  • Philippine Savings Bank
  • PNB
  • RCBC
  • Robinsons Bank Corporation
  • Security Bank
  • Sterling Bank of Asia
  • UCPB
  • UnionBank

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Receiver Only

  • Bangko Mabuhay
  • Development Bank of the Philippines
  • ISLA Bank
  • OmniPay
  • Partner Rural Bank (Cotabato)
  • Philippine Veterans Bank
  • Quezon Capital Rural Bank
  • Wealth Development Bank

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How Do I Use InstaPay?

instapay philippines - how to use instapay

Using InstaPay is pretty straightforward and can be done safely and conveniently wherever you go.

Sending Money via InstaPay

  1. To transfer money via InstaPay Philippines, you need to access your bank or e-money company’s app or official website and log-in to your account.
  2. Choose send money to another institution using InstaPay and provide the required details.
  3. Make sure that you know the bank or non-bank issuer where the receiving account is enrolled. You should also know the receiver’s account information and the amount to be transferred.
  4. You will receive a notification once your transaction is successful.

Receiving Money via InstaPay

You don’t have to do anything to receive money via InstaPay Philippines. Just wait to be notified by the sender and verify that the amount has been credited to your account. Simply log in to your bank or non-bank’s app or facility to check that the money has been transferred.

What is the transfer limit?

You can transfer funds up to PHP 50,000 per transaction as many times as you would like every day. However, some banks and other non-bank e-money issuers may have a minimum daily limit for sending via InstaPay Philippines. Check with your bank or non-bank e-money institution for more details.

Are there fees for using InstaPay?

The receiver will not be charged with any fees. However, InstaPay fees may apply to the sender. Here are the InstaPay transfer charges for some of the top banks in the country:

InstitutionInstaPay Transfer Fee
RCBCAs low as PHP 15
UnionBankAs low as PHP 10
MetrobankPHP 50
Security BankPHP 50

However, note that several banks in the country waived their InstaPay fees due to the ongoing pandemic[1]. Some waived their corresponding InstaPay charges until the end of January, while others waived it until the end of March 2021.

List of InstaPay participating banks and financial institutions with waived fees until March 31, 2021:

  • Asia United Bank
  • Binangonan Rural Bank
  • Chinabank
  • Equicom Savings Bank
  • Landbank of the Philippines
  • Metrobank
  • Philippine National Bank
  • Robinsons Bank
  • Security Bank
  • Sterling Bank of Asia
  • UnionBank of the Philippines

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) has waived their InstaPay fees until January 31, 2021.

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InstaPay Philippines FAQs

instapay philippines - frequently asked questions

Is transferring money via InstaPay real time?

Yes, it is! The receiver will instantly receive the transferred funds after a successful transaction.

Can I transfer money to an overseas bank account using InstaPay?

Unfortunately, you cannot use InstaPay Philippines to transfer money to an international bank or a bank created overseas. InstaPay is designed to be used only for PHP fund transfers between accounts maintained in the country with participating institutions.

Can I transfer money to a non-participating financial institution?

You cannot. As mentioned, InstaPay was specifically designed to operate between banks and non-bank e-money issuers affiliated with the service.

I got a transaction error while using InstaPay. What should I do?

If you encounter any errors when sending money using the facility, you should immediately report the problem to your respective institution. Receivers who also encounter an issue with receiving funds via InstaPay Philippines should contact their respective institution and request for the fund to be returned to the sender.

Final Thoughts

InstaPay Philippines offers a fast and reliable way to transfer funds to your loved ones, especially during the quarantine. Some banks and non-bank e-money issuers have also waived their transfer charges, making this facility a lot more convenient.

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