SWIFT Code and Bank Code Lists for Overseas Money Transfers

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated June 15, 2023

When making international money transfers, you're usually required to enter the bank SWIFT code (or bank code for PayPal transactions). Just what are these codes and what are they used for? How can you find them?

Fortunately, these unfamiliar codes are actually simple to decode. This guide provides everything you need to know from SWIFT code meaning to the different SWIFT codes and bank codes in the Philippines.

SWIFT Codes (BIC) in the Philippines

What is SWIFT Code?

The SWIFT code is an international code used for identifying business parties—usually banks—and routing financial transactions worldwide. This ensures that funds are transferred quickly and securely to the right bank.

This code is also known as BIC (Business Identifier Code), BIC code, SWIFT-BIC, or SWIFT ID. It consists of eight to 11 characters with the following format:

  • Four-character bank code
  • Two-character country code
  • Two-character location code
  • Optional three-character branch identifier

For example, BPI SWIFT code: BOPIPHMM

  • BOPI = Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • PH = Philippines country code
  • MM = Metro Manila

SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a network based in La Hulpe, Belgium that manages SWIFT codes.


When Do You Use a SWIFT Code?

The BIC tells banks and remittance companies where to send the money. This is why you need this code each time you transfer funds internationally.

If you're sending cash abroad, you need to get the recipient's bank SWIFT code before you can make a money transfer.

On the other hand, if you're receiving money from abroad, you need to provide your bank's BIC code in the Philippines to the sender.

How to Find the SWIFT Code of a Bank in the Philippines

It's important to use the correct BIC because money transfers can't be transmitted with the wrong code.

Visit the SWIFT website and use the free BIC Search service[1] to find the right SWIFT code for a particular bank.

bpi bank swift code in the philippines

🔎 Online BIC Search Steps:

  1. Enter the bank's or institution's name in the second field. If you need the BPI SWIFT code, for example, key in "Bank of the Philippine Islands." For the GCash SWIFT code, enter "Globe Telecom."
  2. Optional: Enter the bank's branch in the Citi field.
  3. Choose Philippines from the Country drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the code that appears in the Challenge field.
  5. Click the Search button.
  6. Find the SWIFT code under the BIC column in the search results table.

Alternatively, you may call your bank's customer service hotline or visit its branch to ask for its SWIFT ID.

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🔎 List of SWIFT Codes of Banks in the Philippines 2023

To save you time and effort, here's a full list of SWIFT codes of major banks in the Philippines, updated as of 2023:

Bank SWIFT Code
Asia United Bank Corporation (AUB) AUBKPHMM
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ANZBPHMX
Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc. (BDO), Makati branch BNORPHMM
BDO Quezon City branch RETHPHM1
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Manila Branch BKKBPHMM
Bank of America, N.A. Manila BOFAPH2X
Bank of China, Manila Branch BKCHPHMM
Bank of Commerce PABIPHMM
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Makati branch BOPIPHMM
BNP Paribas, Manila Offshore Branch BNPAPHMM
Cathay United Bank Co., LTD. Manila Branch UWCBPHMM
China Banking Corporation (China Bank) CHBKPHMM
China Bank Savings, Inc. CHSVPHM1
CIMB Bank Philippines, Inc. CIPHPHMM
CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corp. CTCBPHMM
Deutsche Bank AG DEUTPHMM
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) DBPHPHMM
Equicom Savings Bank, Inc. EQSNPHM1
First Commercial Bank, Ltd., Manila Branch FCBKPHMM
Globe Telecom, Inc. (GCash) GLTEPHMT
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd - Philippine Branch (HSBC Philippines) HSBCPHMM
HSBC Savings Bank (Philippines) Inc. HBPHPHMM
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd., Manila Branch HNBKPHMM
Industrial Bank of Korea, Manila Branch IBKOPHMM
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Manila Branch CHASPHMM
Land Bank of the Philippines TLBPPHMM
Maybank Philippines, Inc. MBBEPHMM
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Manila Branch ICBCPHMM
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank) MBTCPHMM
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Manila Branch MHCBPHMM
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Manila Branch (formerly Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) BOTKPHMM
Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM) CPHIPHMM
Philippine Business Bank PPBUPHMM
Philippine National Bank (PNB) PNBMPHMM
Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) PHSBPHMM
Philippine Veterans Bank PHVBPHMM
Philtrust Bank (Philippine Trust Company) PHTBPHMM
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) RCBCPHMM
Robinsons Bank Corporation ROBPPHMQ
Security Bank Corporation SETCPHMM
Shinhan Bank Manila Branch SHBKPHMM
Standard Chartered Bank – Makati Branch SCBLPHMM
Standard Chartered Bank – Manila Branch SCBLPHMMEQI
Sterling Bank of Asia Inc. STLAPH22
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Manila Branch SMBCPHMM
Tonik Digital Bank, Inc. TODGPHM2
Taiwan Cooperative Bank Manila Offshore Banking Branch TACBPHMM
Union Bank of the Philippines UBPHPHMM
UnionDigital Bank Inc. (Pasig City branch) UNODPHM2
United Overseas Bank Limited – Manila Branch UOVBPHMM
Yuanta Savings Bank (formerly Tong Yang Savings Bank) TYBKPHMM

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Bank Codes (BRSTN) in the Philippines

What is a Bank Code?

A bank code, also called the Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number (BRSTN), is a nine-digit code assigned to a bank used for identifying its name, city, and country in financial transactions. This code is the standard bank identifier for sending and receiving money in the Philippines.

To get your bank code or BRSTN code, you may contact your bank's head office (or parent bank if it's a subsidiary).

When Do You Use a Bank Code?

The most familiar use of bank codes is withdrawing funds from a user's PayPal account to their local bank account.

You probably first encountered the bank code when you added a bank account to your PayPal account for transferring funds.

🔎 How to Find the Bank Code of BPI, GCash, UnionBank, and Other Banks in the Philippines

bank swift code in the philippines - How to Find the Bank Code

You can access PayPal's list of bank codes in the Philippines when you sign in to your account.

Here's what you must do after logging in:

  1. Click the Wallet link on the top menu.
  2. Under Bank accounts, click on Link a bank account.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Click on the List of bank codes link next to the Bank Code field.

However, it's quite hard to quickly find the BRSTN on PayPal's list. If you need to quickly get the bank code of BPI, for example, here's a more organized list that arranges banks alphabetically. Below, bank codes for the country's top banks are listed separately for your easy reference.

🔎 List of Bank Codes in the Philippines

Bank Bank Code
Asia United Bank Corporation (AUB) 011020011
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited 010700015
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited 010670019
Bank of America, N.A. 010120019
Bank of China 011140014
Bank of Commerce 010440016
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 010040018
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Limited 010460012
China Banking Corporation (China Bank) 010100013
China Bank Savings, Inc. 011129996
CIMB Bank 018010011
CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corp. 010690015
Deutsche Bank AG 010650013
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) 010590018
Equicom Savings Bank, Inc. 010960017
Globe Xchange, Inc. (GCash) 018040010
First Consolidated Bank 020780012
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd - Philippine Branch (HSBC Philippines) 010060014
Industrial Bank of Korea 011310019
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. 010720011
KEB Hana Bank 010710018
Land Bank of the Philippines 010350025
Maybank Philippines, Inc. 010220016
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. 010560019
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank) 010269996
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. 010640010
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Manila Branch (formerly Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) 010460012
Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM) 010110016
Philippine National Bank (PNB) 010080010
Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) 010470992
Philippine Veterans Bank 010330016
Philippine Trust Company 010090039
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) 010280014
Robinsons Bank Corporation 011070016
Security Bank Corporation 010140015
Shinhan Bank 011300016
Standard Chartered Bank 010050011
Sterling Bank of Asia Inc. 011190019
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 011280013
Tonik Digital Bank 011570011
Union Bank of the Philippines 010419995
United Overseas Bank Philippines 010270341
Yuanta Savings Bank (formerly Tong Yang Savings Bank) 011130011

Can't find your bank on the list? It could mean that PayPal doesn't authorize withdrawals to your bank. Consider using another bank account or opening a new one.

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Final Thoughts

If you still can't find your SWIFT code or bank code (or you're having trouble completing your transaction using the code), call your bank immediately to verify the code and ask for assistance.

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Source: [1] Free BIC Search on swift.com

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