Breathtaking and Budget-Friendly Destination: Tibiao, Antique

Published: November 17, 2016 | Updated: July 16, 2020 | Posted by: Luis Tan | Lifestyle

Breathtaking and Budget-Friendly Destination: Tibiao, Antique
If you want a sweet escape from all the stress of the busy streets of the metro, it’s always a good idea to take a deep unwinding moment with nature. After all, we all need to relax every now and then to keep our mind and body healthy and be productive at work.

There are a lot of travel destinations but it’s important to choose the best destination that fits your taste and can bring value for your money. You don’t always need to spend that much just to experience awesome things.  
Have you heard about the hidden beauty of Tibiao, Antique? With only 1 travel destination, you can enjoy different awesome adventures!

Here are some of the adventures you may try!

Kawa Hot Bath

Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the Kawa Hot Bath. Contrary to the traditional bathtub, Kawa Hot bath uses a large wok used for cooking muscovado (a type of sugar). It is filled with water poured with aromatic herbs then blazed by firewood!

Bugtong Bato Waterfalls
Bugtong Bato Waterfalls
Bugtong Bato Waterfalls is a seven-tiered waterfalls located at Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao. Once you reached the Brgy. Tuno, you have to trek for about 1.5km which would take for about 40 minutes. Presently, only 3 falls are accessible since there is no trek yet for the other 4 falls. You may enjoy swimming in the lagoon and experience waterfall massage from the waterfall’s current.

White Water River Kayaking
White Water River Kayaking
For those who enjoy the extremes, you can go challenge yourself and go Kayaking. The Tibiao river is considered as one of the best Kayaking destination in the country used for Kayaking cups.

Sunset Viewing at the Tiguis Beach
Sunset Viewing at the Tiguis Beach
Tiguis beach faces the Cuyo east pass which is part of the South China Sea. The beach is famous for its white cliff of its shore as well as the canopy of trees. The beach is perfect for sunset viewing.

Here are your expenses:

  1. Manila to Caticlan: P2,700 to P3,000 (but you can book your flight earlier to save)
  2. Ceres Bus from Caticlan to Tibiao: P100
  3. Habal habal to Baranggay Importante: P100
  4. Kayak’s Inn cottage: P500
  5. Guide to Bugtong Bato Falls: P100
  6. Kawa Hot Bath: P200
  7. Meal: P80 to P100

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