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Top 10 Resorts Near Metro Manila to Splash the Heat Away

Jay Pagkatotohan

Jay Pagkatotohan

Last updated March 30, 2023

The summer heat is upon everyone again. What better way to beat it than basking in some cool waters or feeling the sea breeze while sipping on fresh buko juice under a palm tree. 

One may think that the best beaches and resorts require booking flights or going on overnight road trips. But that shouldn’t be the case, especially if you know where to look. 

Summer destinations abound in provinces right outside the metro. You don’t even have to plan long leaves since you can visit them over the weekend. 

Ready to plan your summer outing? Here are some of the best resorts near Metro Manila. 

10 Best Resorts Near Metro Manila 

From quiet beaches to posh villas, here are some of the most exciting resorts near Metro Manila that are worth checking out: 

🏖️ Crystal Beach Resort 

resorts near Metro Manila - Crystal Beach

Photo: Agoda

  • Location: Barangay La Paz, San Narciso Town, San Narciso, Zambales 
  • Rate per night: 
    • Camping (own tent): Starts at ₱799 per guest
    • Beach Cabin: Starts at ₱4,350 for two guests
    • Room: Starts at ₱4,450 for two guests
  • Accepted payment methods: Cash and credit card (via Agoda)
  • Contact details:
    • Mobile: 0915 008 7625 / 0939 271 4279
    • Email: crystalbeachresort@gmail.com 

San Narciso, Zambales has a wealth of beautiful beaches, but Crystal Beach Resort[1] is easily a standout. The place is very idyllic with its towering trees that provide some cool shade. The long and expansive beach provides you with uninterrupted views of the sky and the sea, offering a perfect venue for sunset watching. 

Despite its rustic charm, you’re assured of modern creature comforts, such as cozy beds and air-conditioning. But if you want to get closer to nature, the resort has camping grounds where you can set up your tent. 

Crystal Beach Resort is one of the best beach resorts near Metro Manila for those who want to learn some water action. It offers surfing lessons, letting you take advantage of the sea’s powerful waves. 

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🏖️ Sundowners 

resorts near Metro Manila - Sundowners

Photo: Sundown Zambales (Facebook)

  • Location: Barangay Danacbunga, Botolan, Zambales
  • Rate per night: 
    • Villa: Starts at ₱10,950 during low season or ₱12,950 during peak season for 10 guests 
    • Pool Villa: Starts at ₱15,950 during low season or ₱18,950 during peak season for 10 guests 
    • Plunge Pool Villa: Starts at ₱17,950 during low season or ₱20,950 during peak season for 11 guests 
  • Accepted payment methods: Full payment through BPI and Metrobank; additional payments in cash upon check-in. Credit cards through PayPal are also accepted. 
  • Contact details: 0917 133 3007 / 0968 723 0003

Sundowners[2] is taken straight out of a travel magazine. It’s lavish, cool, and understated all at once. Located in Botolan, Zambales, this beach resort offers villas that can accommodate large groups. So, if you’re organizing reunions, send-offs, or a simple summer get-together, you know where to go. 

Its villas, which feature ethereal and Scandinavian aesthetics, deserve a spot or two on your Instagram feed. They also have relaxing beach views and give guests access to the common pools and the beach. 

You can bring your own food and drinks since the resort doesn’t have corkage fees. Nevertheless, you can always go to Sundowners Beach Club, the resort’s bar and restaurant that offers local and foreign dishes. 

🏖️ The Cabin Resorts  

resorts near Metro Manila - The Cabin Resorts

  • Location: San Miguel, Bulacan 
  • Rate per night: Starts at ₱7,500 for two guests 
  • Contact details: 
    • Mobile: 0967 583 2604 / 0975 065 8877 / 0909 513 1640
    • Email: thecabinresorts@gmail.com 

The Cabin Resorts[3] is one of the unique resorts near Manila. Located in San Miguel, Bulacan, this destination seems to bring Europe to the Philippines with its cabin-inspired villas. 

What makes The Cabin Resorts different from other resorts is that it’s located on a secluded farm. This charming resort offers a lot of activities, such as biking, boating, kayaking, and ATV rides. End the day on a sweet note by watching the sunset while taking a dip in the pool. 

The Cabin Resorts also has a restobar that dishes out all-day Filipino breakfast and popular foreign fares. 

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🏖️ Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel

resorts near Metro Manila - Cristina Villas

  • Location: Taktak Road, Antipolo, Rizal 
  • Rate per night: Starts at ₱2,800 for two to three guests  
  • Accepted payment methods: Cash and credit card 
  • Contact details
    • Telephone: 8697-4522 / 8697-5188 / 8990-3457
    • Mobile: 0917 321 6589 / 0919 005 2430 / 0920 977 2164
    • Email: cristinavillas@fbmgroup.co 

Located at the cool peaks of Antipolo City, Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel[4] offers a peaceful haven to those who want to escape Manila’s heat. This Mediterranean-inspired resort features a collection of cozy rooms, meeting halls, and team-building facilities, making it a flexible holiday destination. 

Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel is one of the most affordable resorts near Metro Manila. For an overnight stay for two, you’ll need to shell out only around ₱2,800. 

With kid-friendly features, such as a water park and a playground, Cristina Villas is also one of the best resorts near Metro Manila for family outings. 

🏖️ Thunderbird Rizal 

resorts near Metro Manila - Thunderbird Rizal

  • Location: Eastridge Avenue, Binangonan, Rizal 
  • Rate per night: Starts at ₱9,000 for two guests  
  • Accepted payment methods: Credit card
  • Contact details
    • Telephone: 8651-6888 
    • Email: rizalreservations@thunderbird-asia.com 

Located in Binangonan, Rizal, Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos Rizal[5] is one of the most popular luxury resorts near Metro Manila. It offers guests a quiet retreat since it sits next to Sierra Madre and is surrounded by views of the Laguna de Bay and the Manila skyline. 

Take a dip in Thunderbird Rizal’s giant pool. If you want to go on a food-venture, head to Olives Restaurant or Cabana Bar. In need of a great massage? Zaphira Spa will be waiting for you. 

For sporty holidaymakers, Thunderbird Rizal has open-air paintball grounds, a golf course, and an archery range.

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🏖️ Riverfront Garden Resort 

resorts near Metro Manila - Riverfront Garden Resort

  • Location: Pinagsanhan B, Maragondon, Cavite
  • Rate per night
    • Glamping: Starts at ₱2,000 for two guests
    • Room: Starts at ₱4,000 for two guests 
  • Accepted payment methods: Cash, bank payment, and GCash 
  • Contact details: 
    • Mobile: 0926 556 0429 / 0968 352 0669
    • Email: info@riverfrontgardenresort.com 

What started out as a private farm went on to become a sanctuary that offers a retreat to those who want to take life at a much slower pace. Located in Maragondon, Cavite, Riverfront Garden Resort[6] is one of the most relaxing resorts near Metro Manila. 

The resort is nestled within tall trees and thick foliage. While you’re taking a dip in the pool, you can marvel at the serene view of the Maragondon River. The accommodations are rustic and homey at best since the accommodations are made of wood. 

Riverfront Garden Resort offers French cabin-inspired rooms, with the Deluxe variant overlooking the river. If you’re quite adventurous, you can go for a glamping accommodation. 

🏖️ 88 Hotspring Resort 

resorts near Metro Manila - 88 Hotspring

  • Location: #9061 Manila South Road, Calamba, Laguna
  • Rate per night: Starts at ₱3,500 on weekdays and ₱4,600 on weekends for two to three guests  
  • Accepted payment methods: Credit card
  • Contact details
    • Telephone: (049) 536 1388 
    • Mobile: 0917 839 8508 / 0917 775 8282 / 0917 874 7888
    • Email: info@88hotspring.com  

This list of resorts near Metro Manila won’t be complete without options from Calamba, the Spring Resort Capital of the Philippines. One standout in this city is 88 Hotspring Resort,[7] a seven-hectare estate owned by a Korean national. 

The grounds of 88 Hotspring Resort may feel like a golf course for its expanse. Sitting next to the resort is the Makiling National Park that provides a relaxing backdrop for vacationers. But perhaps the biggest draw of this resort is the hot spring water. 

With a price range of ₱3,500 to ₱4,600 for an overnight stay, 88 Hotspring Resort is easily one of the most affordable resorts near Metro Manila.  

🏖️ Casa Tropica 

resorts near Metro Manila - Casa Tropica

  • Location: Daang Kayganda Street, Nayong Maharlika Village, Barangay Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
  • Rate per night: Starts at ₱20,000 for up to eight guests  
  • Contact details: 0925 798 3002 / 0917 538 9849

If you’re looking for private resorts near Metro Manila for family vacations, Casa Tropica[8] should be one of your candidates. It features beautiful and well-appointed villas that are perfect not only for outings but also for remote work. 

Each villa comes with its own swimming pool filled with natural hot spring water from Mount Makiling. Casa Tropica assures guests that it doesn’t use chlorine.

Casa Tropica offers free activities, such as billiards, karaoke, table tennis, mahjong, and HD movies, among others. And since you’re staying in your own villa, you won’t have to share amenities with other guests, thus ensuring privacy and exclusivity. 

🏖️ Virgin Beach Resort 

resorts near Metro Manila - Virgin Beach Resort

  • Location: Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
  • Rate per night: Starts at ₱8,225 on weekdays and ₱10,825 on weekends for two to three guests  
  • Accepted payment methods: Cash, credit card, and bank deposit via UnionBank 
    Contact details:
    • Mobile: 0917 792 0712 / 0998 563 8810
    • Email: virginbeachresortreservations@gmail.com 

Laiya, Batangas is the place to go if you’re scouting for the best beach resorts near Metro Manila. Virgin Beach Resort[9] is among the best places to stay on this side of the province. 

As its name suggests, the resort is unspoilt and not yet ravaged by mass tourism. It lies adjacent to Sigayan Bay, which is part of the Verde Passage, a location recognized for its rich marine biodiversity. 

Virgin Beach Resort is an exclusive property that boasts white sand, lush surroundings, and clear waters. Take pure comfort in one of its lavish casitas or cabanas. Enjoy some fine grub at The Pavilion, which cooks a selection of local and international cuisine. 

🏖️ Acuaverde Beach Resort 

resorts near Metro Manila - Acuaverde Beach Resort

  • Location: Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
  • Rate per night: Starts at ₱7,900 for two guests  
  • Accepted payment methods: Credit card (via Agoda) 
  • Contact details:
    • Mobile: 0928 854 3805 / 0969 617 5021 / 0998 843 1347
    • Email: reservations@acuaverderesort.com.ph 

Acuaverde Beach Resort[10] is another popular resort in Laiya, Batangas. This tropical hideaway occupies one of Laiya’s widest coastlines, providing you and your group with lots of spots to explore or lounge in. 

Acuaverde Beach Resort has 31 rooms whose design evokes tropical vibes. Nevertheless, all of their creature comforts are nothing short of modern. These include air-conditioning, LCD cable TV, Wi-Fi, and hot and cold shower. 

The resort offers various activities. You can simply take in the beauty of the place by hanging out at the beachfront. Treat your body to a well-deserved massage at Simona Spa. Feeling adventurous? Try some water sports!

Acuaverde Beach Resort is one of the best beach resorts near Metro Manila for pet lovers. It even has a pet zone, packages, and menus, specially created for fur babies. 

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Before You Hit The Road: Take Note of Travel Restrictions

Currently, the provinces where the above-mentioned resorts are located are under Alert Level 1. 

Under this COVID-19 alert level, intrazonal and interzonal travel is allowed without regard to age and comorbidities. Businesses are also allowed to operate fully. This means that you can visit the resorts listed here without worrying about certain restrictions. 

Moreover, the Department of Tourism (DOT) announced that wearing face masks and showing proof of full COVID-19 vaccination are no longer required. Alongside that, it lifted the requirement for tourism establishments to set up plastic barriers in designated areas. DOT also ordered the removal of signs, visual cues, and installations on mandatory health protocols.

Final Thoughts 

Who says that you need to book flights to enjoy beautiful beaches or escape from the city’s hustle and bustle? With many resorts near Metro Manila, a relaxing vacation can be just a drive away. You won’t need to worry about filing for leave since all you need is just one weekend. Moreover, you have a wide range of options, from luxurious beach hideaways to quaint retreats.

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