8 Mobile Wallets for a More Convenient Online Transaction

Ricky Publico

Ricky Publico

Last updated August 14, 2020

Remember when your wallet was the most important item in your arsenal of everyday items? It’s the portable pocket where you place money, notes, and even pictures of your loved ones. But since the invention of the digital wallet, you probably stopped caring about what your physical wallet looks like.

Because of the global pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home, owning a mobile wallet has become the norm. Going cashless online is now the logical way of doing things, so it’s best if you check out your options. Here are some of the country’s prominent online wallets and their key features.

Why Do You Need a Mobile Wallet?

“Will I still need a digital wallet after the pandemic?” you might ask. Pandemic or not, we were all heading to a cashless future anyway. If anything, the pandemic just helped speed up the process. If you need a refresher, here are the benefits of using the online payment apps for your transactions.

  • It’s pretty convenient. That in itself is the main reason why you need one. Imagine not having to carry cash in order to buy goods, pay bills, or send money to your loved ones. Since everything’s online, it only makes sense for your mode of payment to be online, too.
  • It encourages contactless payment. In a time when you’re supposed to keep a distance from others, owning a digital wallet has never been this timely. Now you don’t have to touch other people’s hands or cash to complete transactions. Just tap away and you’re good to go.
  • It helps you keep track of your budget. Now you don’t have to count your cash just to check how much you have left. Since your wallet is digital, all it takes is a few taps to determine whether you can afford that shiny new gadget or not.
  • It allows you to access exclusive promos. Most mobile wallets offer exclusive deals and discounts to their users. So don’t ignore those notifications urging you to upgrade to their digital wallet option. You might end up saving on your online purchases.

Mobile Wallets to Check Out in the Philippines


mobile wallet - gcash

Ideal for: people looking for an all-in-one wallet

If you’re opening a mobile wallet for the first time, GCash is a good place to start. Currently, it is the most versatile online wallet app out there. From paying bills to investing money, you can do most of your online transactions in just one app. And just to be clear, you don’t need a Globe number to open an account. Registration is open to all networks.

Download the GCash App

Want to try out GCash? Go ahead! It may be the right online payment app for you. GCash is available for both Android and iOS devices. You may download the app via the links below:

GCash on Google Play

GCash on App Store

GCash Key Features

  • Express Send - send and receive money instantly
  • GSave - open a savings account right from your phone
  • GCredit - qualify for a credit line of up to PHP 30,000
  • GCash Invest - start an investment for as low as PHP 50
  • Pay bills from a wide range of billers nationwide

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mobile wallet - paymaya

Ideal for: people who loves cash rebates

PayMaya is an equally capable digital wallet app that rivals GCash in terms of features and popularity. Successfully opening an account gives you access to a virtual card that can be powered by either Visa or Mastercard. This makes online shopping a lot more convenient. Plus, you get to receive cash rebates and rewards[1] when you use PayMaya on a regular basis.

PayMaya Key Features

  • Secure virtual card - powered by Visa or Mastercard for online purchases
  • Receive cash rebates and rewards from your online transactions
  • Buy additional PayMaya physical cards for in-store purchases
  • Pay bills and buy prepaid load with fixed cashback rates
  • Real-time in-app transaction statements

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mobile wallet - coins.ph

Ideal for: people looking to dabble with bitcoin

Interested in dealing with bitcoin? Get a head start by downloading the Coins.ph app. It is the only mobile wallet in the Philippines that is powered by blockchain technology. Aside from that, Coins.ph can do basic online transactions you would expect a mobile wallet can. You can also reload your Beep card and EasyTrip account in just a few clicks.

Coins.ph Key Features

  • Buy bitcoin and other digital currencies
  • Reload your Beep card and EasyTrip account
  • Buy game credits and get exclusive discounts and deals
  • Receive cash rebates by paying bills and buying prepaid load
  • Withdraw from Security Bank ATMs nationwide - no card required

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mobile wallet - grabpay

Ideal for: people who use Grab services a lot

If you enjoy using Grab services on a regular basis, then you should upgrade to their GrabPay payment option. Aside from booking Grab rides and other Grab services easily, your Grab digital wallet can also be used to pay for online and in-store purchases, monthly bills, and prepaid load, among others. Enjoy frequent Grab rewards and promos as well.

GrabPay Key Features

  • Book Grab rides, GrabFood, and other Grab services seamlessly
  • Pay for online purchases and in-store purchases
  • Pay bills from a wide range of billers nationwide
  • Enjoy exclusive deals and discounts from Grab

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mobile wallet - moneygment

Ideal for: people who are regularly transacting with government agencies

Looking for a new way to pay government dues or receive money from abroad? Check out the Moneygment app. Aside from the usual digital wallet functions, Moneygment offers an alternative way to pay taxes, loan payments, government contributions, and others. It also has a friendly UI so even the less tech-savvy people can start managing their finances better.

Moneygment Key Features

  • Easily pay for tax filings and government contributions
  • Send and receive money from loved ones abroad
  • Pay bills from a wide range of billers nationwide
  • User-friendly UI to make it accessible to everyone

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7-Eleven CLIQQ Rewards

mobile wallet - 7 eleven cliqq rewards

Ideal for: people who constantly shop at 7-Eleven

Is shopping at the nearest 7-Eleven store part of your daily routine? Then you should have the 7-Eleven CLIQQ Rewards app installed in your phone already. Earn points for every purchase by presenting your QR code and score discounts, free meals, and other freebies. Plus, the satisfaction of having the cashier scan your QR code is something everyone should feel.

7-Eleven CLIQQ Rewards Key Features

  • Earn rewards points for any purchase at 7-Eleven stores
  • Pay bills, government fees, and other types of payments
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts and promos from 7-Eleven
  • Convert your points to free meals and other items

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mobile wallet - paypal

Ideal for: people mostly dealing with overseas transactions

There’s a reason why PayPal has always been a freelancing essential. For one, it is not just a recognized mobile payment app in the Philippines but also globally, making it easier to receive payments from clients abroad. You can also use it to send and receive money to your loved ones abroad. More importantly, it makes paying for international purchases and subscriptions more convenient.

PayPal Key Features

  • Send and receive money from anywhere in the world
  • Link your local credit or debit card for overseas purchases
  • Request money and get paid easily with PayPal.me links

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Lazada Wallet

mobile wallet - lazada wallet

Ideal for: people who constantly shop at Lazada

Even Lazada online shoppers can now have their own e-Wallet. Say goodbye to finding some spare change when your delivery arrives. Just order, pay using your Lazada Wallet[2], and receive your package with the least amount of contact possible. Plus, activating your Lazada Wallet gives you access to Lazada Loans so you can shop now and pay later.

Lazada Wallet Features

  • Make order payments from Lazada a lot more convenient
  • Shop more, pay later with Lazada Loans
  • Pay bills from a wide range of billers nationwide
  • Enjoy exclusive deals and discounts from Lazada

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Final Thoughts

Going cashless is more than just a trend: it’s a preview of what the future will be. Give it a few more years and eventually, more digital wallets will emerge. Better get used to the new normal by choosing the best e-Wallet that suits your needs.

mobile wallet - personal loan cta


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