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Gadgets are among the most sought-after and exciting holiday gifts. They make awesome Christmas gift ideas for techies, but what makes tech shopping so challenging is finding the perfect present for those who either seem to have everything or are hard to please.

If you want to give thoughtful gifts this Christmas for your gadget-obsessed loved ones, here are some suggestions to add to your holiday gift shopping list (or wishlist, if you’re a tech fan yourself).

Gift Ideas for Techies Under PHP 10,000

Promate 120 Powerstation

gift ideas for techies - promate 120 powerstation

  • Price: PHP 6,999 at Lazada[1]
  • Ideal for: tech lovers living near typhoon-prone areas

Power outages due to typhoons are the bane of every tech lover’s existence. Luckily, there’s a power bank big enough to power not just phones, but even laptops and other light appliances. For your loved ones who are always struck by natural disasters, the Promate 120 Powerstation is the perfect gift. Now they can stay safe while enjoying their gadgets and appliances.

Technoamp Laptop Power Bank

gift ideas for techies - technoamp powerbank

  • Price: PHP 7,500 at Lazada[2]
  • Ideal for: techies who always travel or work away from home

But what if your loved ones need a more portable solution to their power woes? Then be their Santa Claus this Christmas by gifting them this hefty 40,000mAh power bank from Technoamp. This bad boy can power four devices at once. It can charge your phone, laptop, wireless headphones, and other gadgets that need charging. This one should definitely top your list of gift ideas for techies.

Apple AirPods

gift ideas for techies - appple airpods

  • Price: PHP 9,490 at Apple PH[3]
  • Ideal for: tech lovers looking to upgrade from their wired headphones

Wires are so yesterday. In a fast-paced world where wireless technology is slowly gaining traction, some of your loved ones may be conflicted from upgrading to the new norm. It’s your task as the techie gift-giver to usher them to the new era. And you can’t go wrong with the first generation Apple AirPods, which has now scaled down its price in the Philippines.

But wouldn’t it be better to buy the latest AirPods, you ask? New isn’t always better. Aside from saving a lot of money, you’ll also get more value from the first generation AirPods. It delivers 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talk time. And if you need a quick charge, you can get 3 more hours of listening time or 2 hours hours of talk time with just a 15-minute charge.

The Apple AirPods instantly connect to Apple devices almost instantly. If your loved ones own Android devices, it will also connect as efficiently. Plus, you can personalize your AirPods gift by engraving the recipient’s names or initials in front of the charging case. Let your loved ones experience the best and most affordable wireless stereo experience out there.

Gift Ideas for Techies Under PHP 5,000

Luckies of London Smartphone Projector

gift ideas for techies - smartphone projector

  • Price: PHP 1,250 at Quirks PH[4]
  • Ideal for: tech lovers who are also movie buffs

Miss going to the theaters to enjoy a movie or two? This nifty smartphone projector from Luckies of London is the perfect gift for your movie buff friends and family. It magnifies a phone screen by eight times its size for the perfect mini cinema experience. It’s made out of sturdy cardboard and supports both iOS and Android devices. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Nillkin FlashPure Pro UV Sanitizing Box

gift ideas for techies - sanitazion box

  • Price: PHP 1,894 at Lazada[5]
  • Ideal for: tech lovers who are still COVID-conscious

If you’re still looking for great gift ideas for techies, nothing beats a gift that’s both thoughtful and useful. Take the Nillkin FlashPure Pro UV Sanitizing Box as a good example. Show them how you care by giving them a device that will help protect them from the virus. Aside from sanitation, this also serves as a wireless charger for devices that support it.

Nintendo Game & Watch – Super Mario Bros.

gift ideas for techies - nintendo game and watch

  • Price: PHP 4,995 at Game One[6]
  • Ideal for: gamers who grew up playing Super Mario

There’s no doubt about it: 2020 isn’t a great year. Nostalgia has never looked good than now, so it’s time to send your loved ones back to the good ol’ days. Gift them the Nintendo Game and Watch handheld console featuring the classic Super Mario Bros. game. They will definitely spend hours clearing all the levels as they take a nostalgia trip—back when a pandemic never existed.

Huawei Watch Fit

gift ideas for techies - huawei smartwatch

  • Price: PHP 4,999 at Lazada[7]
  • Ideal for: tech lovers who are also fitness buffs

Now that outdoor exercises are allowed in GCQ areas, your fitness-obssessed loved ones can once again go out and do exercises. Gift them a great fitness companion with the Huawei Watch Fit. It boasts a long battery life, a gorgeous-looking screen, and other fitness-related features that your tito and tita will surely appreciate. Plus, it’s not as expensive as other smartwatches.

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Gift Ideas for Techies Under PHP 1,000

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

gift ideas for techies - smart vacuum cleaner

  • Price: PHP 979 at Lazada[8]
  • Ideal for: lazy friends or roommates with messy apartments

How do you tell your friends or roommates that they need to tidy up their place without hurting their feelings? Gift them a cute smart vacuum cleaner from Lazada. And with an affordable price tag of PHP 979, your passive-aggressive but still thoughtful gift won’t leave a huge hole on your pocket. Plus, it’s cute as heck!

Skull & Co. AudioStick Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter

gift ideas for techies - bluetooth transmitter

  • Price: PHP 995 at Game One[9]
  • Ideal for: younger sibling who’s still enjoying the Nintendo Switch

What’s better than playing a handheld video game? Playing a video game with no wires to tangle you up. Gift your younger loved ones a taste of the wireless future with this Skull & Co. Audiostick. This allows them to use their wireless headphones while playing their Nintendo Switch consoles. You’ll improve their gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Steam Digital Gift Cards

gift ideas for techies - steam gift cards

  • Price: Starts at PHP 200 at Steam
  • Ideal for: loved ones who are fans of PC gaming

But if you want more gift ideas for techies that don’t involve actual items, you can always go digital. Steam gift cards are great gifts for your loved ones who are into PC gaming. No need to choose a game for them or buy from a store—just give them the freedom to choose the PC game they will surely enjoy. You’ll also save on gift wrapping, if you think about it.

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Final Thoughts

Still looking for gift ideas for techies in your life? Just make sure to buy genuine products at reasonable prices from legitimate stores, especially when you’re shopping online. After all, shopping for your techie loved ones is no joke. Every peso should count for the enjoyment of your family and friends. Happy shopping!

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