Picture1We have our different reasons for getting a planner like jotting down notes, organizing your calendar, journaling etc.  Some of you might be seeking a sense of accomplishment from getting a limited edition planner from a well-known brand.  For some people who are determined to improve their financial situation this year, here are some 2018 planners that can help you achieve that goal.

Belle de Jour Power Planner[1]

Planner Price: Php 598.00-Php 720.00
One of the most well-known planner brands is the Belle de Jour Power Planner. It was established by Darlene Ty when she was in search of a perfect job and a perfect planner. Since then, it has become a lifestyle brand for go-getter women that chase after their goals and dreams.
They promote reaching your financial goals through including financial goals through their various section dividers and introduction pages of the 2018 Belle de Jour Planner. It would be a great reinforcement for people who are reaching a higher savings goal this 2018.
It also includes discount vouchers from partner establishments that you can use to get big discounts. Some events of Belle de Jour are free for planner owners so you can also learn for free from experts.

Young Adult Planner

ya planner
Planner Price: Php 350.00
#Adulting has become a big pop culture movement of actual adults trying to accomplish tasks that come with age such as paying bills and taking care of one’s health. The Young Adult planner aims to help their users to do this with their no-nonsense planner.
The Young Adult Planner has a spreadsheet for your #IponGoals for the whole year and has monthly budget trackers so you will not get off-track with your annual savings target. You will have to write specific financial goals and set a deadline which makes the goals in your head actionable.

This is a great fit for someone who wants to track their finances but is not that comfortable in using budgeting apps to track their expenses.
You can buy this planner here[2].

Design Your Life Planner

Planner Price: Php 620.00
Design Your Life planners gives a pun that suits it by helping its users design the life their want using a planner with a great layout. There are 3 variants you can choose from that will fit your design aesthetic.
While the Design Your Life has always been highlighted through its great design, another great feature it has is its Moolah Tracker where you can jot down your cash flow and see how much you are actually keeping from your income.
You can then review your cash flow on a monthly basis and at the end of the year in one place. This way, you will see how much you saved for the year and if you need to adjust any spending habits for the upcoming year.
You can buy this planner here[3].

Papemelroti Pocket Planners

Planner Price: Php 20.00
Papemelroti is a well-known specialty for their recycled paper products which people can give as gifts or use in their personal projects. They have been in business since 1967 and since then, they have been delighting Filipinos with their affordable and well-crafted products.
One of their most useful products is their affordable planner. It features inspirational quotes or artworks by Robert Alejandro on its cover and has a monthly spread where you can jot down short notes per day.
You can buy this planner here[4].

National Bookstore Best Buy Plannernbs

Planner Price: Php 209.00
National Book Store has been established since the 1930s and since then, has expanded their product lines from low-cost to high-end brands for a wide range of school, office, and home use.
One of their most-popular brands is their homegrown Best Buy line for school and office supplies at an affordable price without compromising quality.
If you’re looking for a planner that’s affordable and functional, you can get the Best Buy Planner. It dons a lot of cover styles that fits business meetings. It also provides one page per day for weekdays and one page for Saturday and Sunday so there is plenty of space to jot down reminders.
You can buy this planner here[5].

Abby Lawson Budget Planner

Planner Price: FREE (binder and printing costs not included)
Abby Lawson is a blogger from the United States that writes about productivity, organization and making one’s home better. Since 2013, she has published a free downloadable budget planner that her blog readers can use to organize their finances.


The downloadable planner[6] includes these sheets:

  • Goal Setting Sheet
  • Tracking Recurring Expenses
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Monthly Check-In

The pages do not indicate dates and you will need to print 12 sets for the whole year.

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of planners that you can choose from to help you manage your finances this coming 2018. The key is finding which fits your personality and budget to make managing your money fun and exciting.
(Note: Copyright of all planner images used belong to their respective distributing companies.)

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