Complete Your Summer Bucket List with These 7 Fun Activities

Princess Anaviso

Princess Anaviso

Last updated April 19, 2024

Sweltering heat aside, summer is the season for fun and frolic. While some understandably prefer to move less and confine themselves inside the comfort of their homes, others go out of their way to plan activities and make their summer productive and enjoyable.

If you vibe more with the latter crowd, check out the following activities to add to your summer bucket list.

7 Activities to Tick Off Your Summer Bucket List

Ready for summer? Here are seven summer activities you should add to your to-do list:

☀️ Upskill for Work or Personal Growth

summer bucket list - upskill

Planning to take it easy by going into full hibernation mode this summer? That’s completely valid. But if you’re itching to get things done, you can always find courses that will enrich you academically, professionally, and personally.

Remember that one webinar you bookmarked ages ago and swore to one day complete? Or the free YouTube course you saved once upon a time but can’t seem to get to? Now’s the perfect time to clear that growing backlog.

Acquire High-Value Skills 

You can’t ever run out of things to do in the summer holidays if you’re always looking for opportunities to learn. Invest in your personal growth by gaining a new high-value skill.[1] 

Start learning skills that are normally outside your wheelhouse, including web development, data science, graphic design, and other in-demand gigs.

Learn a New Language

Another great addition to your summer bucket list is to learn a new language. If you previously set your mind to learning Korean so you can watch K-dramas without subtitles, take this as your sign to get on with it. Download apps like Duolingo or find tutorials on YouTube. 

Take Driving Lessons

Are you tired of battling with fellow commuters just to access public transportation? Have you reached a point where you can no longer justify paying exorbitant ride-hailing fees? 

Use your free time this summer to finally start learning how to drive. If your budget can swing it, this can serve as your first step to getting a car of your own. You can either ask a relative or friend to teach you the basics, or, better yet, enroll at your nearest driving school to learn how to drive properly.

☀️ Pursue Passion Projects

summer bucket list - pursue passion projects

Looking for even more productive things to do this summer? It’s time to pursue that passion project you’ve been putting off for lack of time or money. 

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☀️ Remodel Your Home

summer bucket list - remodel home

There’s no better time to renovate your house than when the sun is shining brightly outside. We only get two seasons in the Philippines, rainy and dry—and unless you’d rather work while the heavens are unleashing storms upon you, you better get started with your home makeover project this summer. 

Aided by longer days, natural lighting, good ventilation, and overall pleasant weather, you can execute your home improvement plan in no time.

☀️ Explore Arts and Crafts Projects

If you’re looking for summer activities for families, you can’t go wrong with popular arts and crafts pastimes, including pottery, knitting, crocheting, and painting.


If you find pottery interesting and want to try it for yourself, sign up for a weekend of pottery classes for yourself and your family. Craft your own ceramic masterpiece or enjoy watching your companions have the time of their lives playing with clay. 

Pottery may be messy and a little bit chaotic when you’re just starting out, but what fun activity isn’t?[2]

Knitting and Crocheting

This list won’t be complete without two timeless family weekend activities enjoyed by both the young and old: knitting and crocheting. Test your finger dexterity by weaving coasters, scarves, hats, dresses, and even toys into life while sharing stories with your stitch crew. 


Inspired by the endless art reels you see everywhere on social media? Painting with whatever medium or format has never been this accessible, so if you want to try your hand at it, you can definitely do so. It’s fine if you don’t have an enviable and natural artistic talent—all you need is patience, and you can be on your way!

☀️ Attend Social Events and Gatherings

summer bucket list  attend social events and gatherings

You know what makes fun summer activities even more exciting? When you share them with others! Here are some social activities you can attend this summer:


Popular musical acts come to the Philippines year-round, but there’s no better time to enjoy them than during summer, when people are in dire need of distractions from the heat. If you’re a fan of a certain artist or band, show your support by attending their concerts and seeing them perform in the flesh. 

Don’t know where to start? Check out these upcoming concerts and fan meets in the Philippines in 2024.

Book Fairs

If you’re an insatiable bookhound seeking things to do in the summer with friends, raiding book fairs should be your number one priority. You have lots of opportunities this year to convene with like-minded hobbyists. 

There’s the Philippine Book Festival,[3] which will run from April 25 to 28; and the Manila International Book Fair, which will happen later in the year. Make sure to check out any (or all) of these book fairs—they’re a good place to spend your free time!

Musical and Theatrical Plays

If you want a bit of culture with your entertainment, add theater plays to your summer bucket list. Whether you prefer musicals or pure theatrical productions, use your free time to experience the magic of theater. Check out these upcoming musicals and theater plays in the Philippines.

☀️ Host Fun House Parties

summer bucket list - host fun house parties

If you’re not interested in enduring the summer heat by spending time outdoors, you can bring the fun to you by inviting people over and hosting summer activities at home. Here are some suggestions:

Movie Marathon

Out of all your summer bucket list ideas, this is likely the most doable as it requires the least demanding setup. Curate a collection of good movies from different international or local movie sites, prepare simple snacks to share with friends, and while the hours away with your favorite flicks.

Tabletop Games and Card Games

If you want more thrilling and competitive indoor summer activities, game nights are a fun option. Choose your poison: hold a video game tournament, host a board game night with a mix of classic and modern tabletop games, or prepare a Dungeons & Dragons campaign where you can whisk your players away to the fantasy world you created. 

☀️ Travel to Popular Destinations

summer bucket list - travel to popular destinations

Who are we kidding— summer isn’t summer without travel. But not just any travel—check out fun summer vacation activities to try on your next trip:

Beaches with Water Activities

Is the idea of walking by the beach too basic for you? Would you prefer to drench yourself in water while frolicking under the sun? Make sure to seek out fun water activities the next time you go to the beach! 

Visit popular destinations like Boracay, Palawan, Siargao, and La Union—and instead of just chilling on the sand, try popular water activities like surfing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and jet skiing, among others. 

Nature Parks with Hiking Trails

A nature hike may not be the first thing you think of when coming up with activities to do in the summer, but as long as you stay hydrated, protect your skin with sunblock, and wear proper attire, going on a nature hike in popular destinations like Mount Pulag and Masungi Georeserve may be the best thing you’ll ever do during your summer break. Bring your friends along, too!

Places with Cooler Weather

With temperatures hitting record highs this year in Metro Manila, it’s enticing to retreat to cooler destinations like Baguio, Tagaytay, and Batanes. 

Go a step further by planning a long weekend getaway to a foreign city with a kinder climate. Cut yourself some slack and splurge a little this summer.

Final Thoughts

Did any of these fun activities make it to your summer bucket list? Whether you choose to spend the summer up to your eyeballs in activities or take an “easy does it” approach, make sure not to miss your chance to have a well-deserved break, whatever that means for you. 

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