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Ready to Binge? 12 Pinoy Movie Sites Where You Can Watch Local Films

Jay Pagkatotohan

Jay Pagkatotohan

Last updated August 25, 2022

Being constantly connected to the internet, Filipinos have become big consumers of global content. You’ve definitely watched lots and lots of Western movies and K-dramas. But from time to time, you long for something that hits close to home—you know, the type of material that seems to tell the story of your life or of someone you know.

At the end of your foreign content binges, a Pinoy movie feels like a warm cup of cocoa or a cozy blanket. Thankfully, streaming a homegrown title is easy with various Pinoy movie sites.

So, gather your folks and grab some popcorn because you’re going to have a movie marathon. But first, read through this handy guide.

Pinoy Movie Sites Where You Can Stream Filipino Films

Where to watch Filipino movies? You’ve got many options! This means that you can conveniently choose a platform that suits both your taste and budget. Here are the top Pinoy movie sites worth checking out:


Pinoy movie sites - Netflix


  • Mobile: ₱149 per month
  • Basic: ₱369 per month
  • Standard: ₱459 per month
  • Premium: ₱549 per month

As one of the biggest streaming services in the world, you can’t go wrong with Netflix. Their local library boasts a variety of Pinoy movies online, from popular rom-coms to critically-acclaimed films. Recently, Netflix started hosting local TV titles as well, most prominently the ever-famous "Ang Probinsyano" series.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Netflix

  • "Saving Sally" – This 2016 film starring Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos tells the story of a comic book artist’s quest to save the love of his life from all her troubles. It features a combination of gorgeous animation and stellar acting from the two starring leads. It’s a fun and thoughtful movie that everyone in the family can enjoy.
  • "Kita Kita" – Looking to cry your eyes out? The love story of a blind tourist guide and her neighbor in Japan will surely warm your heart. Starring Alessandra de Rossi and comedian Empoy Marquez, the film packs an emotional story backdropped by gorgeous sceneries of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • "BuyBust" – If you’re looking for heart-stopping action, then this movie will be right up your alley. Starring Anne Curtis and mixed martial artist Brandon Vera, it tells the action-packed story of a failed buy-bust operation and one woman’s quest to survive.
  • "Four Sisters and a Wedding" – Bakit parang kasalanan ko?” You’ve seen the GIF, so it’s only fair to check out where it came from. It’s a comedy film with a lot of heart and laugh-out-loud moments. If you’re looking for a family-centric film to watch with your folks, then this instant classic is a solid pick.
  • The Hows of Us” – If you’re a Kathniel fan who already saw this movie, you can relive all the feels that you felt when you watched it for the very first time. The Hows of Us tells the story of a young couple in a long-term relationship. Bernardo and Padilla’s characters once lived together in a happy home. But their different priorities are bound to set them apart. A lot of their conversations will make you realize that sometimes, life gets too real.

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Apple TV+

Pinoy movie sites - Apple TV+


  • Monthly: ₱249; free for 3 months if you buy a new Apple device
  • Buy: ₱399 to ₱549 per movie
  • Rent: ₱149 to ₱169 per movie

Think Apple is just about groundbreaking laptop computers and smartphones? The tech giant has already entered the streaming market with Apple TV+.

What makes it a force to reckon with in the streaming industry is that it packs high-end features at an affordable price. Shows are shown in 4K resolution, and the platform itself also boasts HDR-graded imagery.

While one may think that Apple TV+’s catalog is full of Western content, it actually has a slew of Pinoy movies. Surprisingly, some of them are classics!

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Apple TV+

  • "Feng Shui" – “May inuwi si nanay, si nanay, sa bahay…” Who would ever forget this ominous chant? Considered a contemporary classic horror film, Feng Shui has scared a generation and definitely kept everyone from looking into baguas. We won’t spoil you, but after watching this film, you’ll never look at Chinese zodiac signs the same way again.
  • "On The Job" – Neo-noir action thrillers are rare in Philippine cinema. And if you’re looking for one that also features subtle social commentaries, then Erik Matti’s On The Job is for you. Basically, this is a story of hitmen and law enforcers caught in a vicious power struggle and complicated web of lies and corruption.
  • "Sana Maulit Muli" – Before KathNiel, LizQuen, and AlDub, there was AgaLea (Aga Muhlach and Lea Salonga). And their award-winning masterpiece will make you view long-distance relationships in a different light. "Sana Maulit Muli" also touches on cultural differences and how they shape romantic relationships. Yes, it’s that realistic, which makes it a bittersweet watch. 
  • "Jowable" – Looking for a movie that will make you laugh and at the same time make you wonder why you’re still single (Just kidding!)? Then, Jowable is a must-watch! Starring Kim Molina, this movie features the adventure of a woman yearning for an intimate and meaningful relationship. We know you can relate!

WeTV iflix

Pinoy movie sites - WeTV iflix

Price: Free/VIP subscription (₱99 per month)

WeTV iflix may be known for its K-dramas and C-dramas. But it’s actually one of the free Pinoy movie sites where you can stream local film titles. But if you want an immersive and ad-free experience, you can go for WeTV VIP. The premium subscription doesn’t cost a lot, so you may want to give this one a try.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on WeTV iflix

  • "Block Z" – Because zombie movies never go out of style. Starring a bunch of today’s young actors led by Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, this film tells the story of a group of students fighting a horde of zombies. If you don’t mind the scares, then this movie should be a perfect pick for the next date night.
  • "Miracle in Cell No.7" – We know that the original material made you cry. But you may want to get your tissues ready again because the Filipino adaptation featuring Aga Muhlach and Xia Vigor is equally poignant and tear-jerking. The film is about a mentally challenged father named Lito, played by Muhlach, who was wrongfully accused of killing the daughter of a high-profile politician. Yesha, Lito’s daughter, was smuggled into the titular Cell No. 7 where she reunited with her father.


Pinoy movie sites - iWantTFC

Price: ₱119 per month

ABS-CBN may have left the airwaves,[1] but its spirit lives on in its streaming platform, iWantTFC (a merger of iWant and TFC, both ABS-CBN platforms). It features an extensive catalog of ABS-CBN shows and Star Cinema films that you once enjoyed.

iWantTFC has a free tier with access to its library, but the titles under the free tier are nothing to scoff at. If you’re a loyal Kapamilya, then you won’t need other Pinoy movie sites.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on iWantTFC

  • "Mano Po" – Relive the first installment of the popular movie franchise about a powerful Filipino-Chinese dynasty. Watch the acting prowess of Maricel Soriano, Kris Aquino, Richard Gomez, Ara Mina, and Eddie Garcia and experience Pinoy drama like never before.
  • "Corazon, Ang Unang Aswang" – Ever wondered who the first aswang was? Let this movie give you a hypothetical answer. Starring Erich Gonzales in a daring role as the titular Corazon, this film aims to bring the scares to your living room.
  • "My Ex and Whys" – Back to the kilig flicks with this gem from the power couple Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. This film tries to answer the question: Is it okay to start things over with your ex? And it did answer the question by providing us an emotional story of exes courtesy of LizQuen.
  • "Seven Sundays" – WeTV iflix also has its share of feels. This movie features a powerhouse consisting of Dingdong Dantes, Aga Muhlach, Enrique Gil, Cristine Reyes, and Ronaldo Valdez. If you’re missing your family, stream this movie the next time you get the chance.

Cignal Play

Pinoy movie sites - Cignal Play


  • Cignal Play Basic: Free
  • Cignal Play Premium: ₱75 per month

Cignal is more than just the leading local cable provider in the Philippines. They also launched their own streaming platform for their subscribers. With Cignal Play, you can now stream all live channels from your desktop or phone, plus more exclusive titles from their library.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Cignal Play

  • "Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-Fi" – Imagine not being able to enjoy the fruits of modern technology. That’s the driving force behind this wonderfully written film. Starring Sue Ramirez, this movie carefully illustrates how the internet has changed the way we communicate and view love.
  • "Born Beautiful" – The sequel to the popular 2016 film "Die Beautiful," this film starring Martin del Rosario continues the exploration of gender norms and sexuality in a funny and thoughtful way. If you’re in the mood for a comedy with a lot of heart, then add this film to your queue.
  • "Maledicto" – Want to know what "The Exorcist" will look like in a Philippine setting? Then check out this horror film starring Tom Rodriguez and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. It may not be as scary as the 1973 classic, but it will surely get the job done.
  • "Ang Kwento ni Mabuti" – Superstar Nora Aunor still has some acting prowess left on her gas tank and you can experience it in one of her recent films. In this drama, Nora Aunor plays the titular Mabuti, a local healer who was at the right place at the wrong time. If your folks are die-hard Noranians, stream this movie immediately.

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Pinoy movie sites - YouTube

Price: Free

Where to watch Filipino movies for free? Believe it or not, you can catch full versions of popular Pinoy movies online via YouTube. Studios sometimes release their movies for a limited time so that anyone can watch what they missed in movie theaters. So before you pay a streaming service for a specific title, better check out YouTube first. As of writing, the following films are still available on YouTube.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on YouTube

  • "Heneral Luna" – The historical film that made a lot of buzz back in 2015 is now available on YouTube. It tells the story of General Antonio Luna and his struggle for independence from the impending American colonization. Learn more about our country’s past in a more entertaining format for the whole family.
  • "Smaller and Smaller Circles" – Another awards darling that’s as thrilling as its premise. This 2017 film stars Nonie Buencamino and Sid Lucero as two Jesuit priests investigating a series of murders in 1997. As they inch closer to the truth, they unravel more than what they bargained for. Check it out while it’s still free.[2]
  • "I’m Drunk, I Love You"– The movie is also known as the film that united a lot of hopeless romantics back in 2017. Starring Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino, re-experience drunken nights and unrequited love from the comfort of your home.
  • “Sunday Beauty Queen” – If you want to take a peek at the life of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), this documentary film will give you just that. Released in 2016, "Sunday Beauty Queen" follows a group of OFWs in Hong Kong as they prepare to join an annual beauty pageant.

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Pinoy movie sites - Vivamax


  • Seven days: ₱49
  • One month: ₱149 and ₱499 (depending on the number of accounts and devices)
  • Three months: ₱399/₱1,350/₱1,650 (depending on the number of accounts and devices)
  • Six months: ₱749/₱2,490/₱3,290/₱3,990 (depending on the number of accounts and devices)
  • One year: ₱1,390/₱4,790/₱5,990/₱7,490 (depending on the number of accounts and devices)

Viva is not just a film production company. It also has interests in music, talent management, publishing, and even food! (Trivia: Viva has food subsidiaries, such as Paper Moon and Pepi Cubano). More than this, Viva knows how to keep up with the times as it recently just forayed into the streaming industry with Vivamax.

Vivamax boasts a large catalog of top Filipino blockbuster movies and hit television series. It also features original works and concerts. And because Vivamax knows that Filipinos have a soft spot for Korean content, you’ll also find K-Dramas and K-Movies here. Mind you, this Pinoy movie site has a selection of Korean movies that has been showcased at Cannes!

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Vivamax

  • "One More Chance" – Perhaps, One More Chance is one of those movies that introduced a generation to “hugots.” This 2007 romantic film tells the story of Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo) whose relationship falls apart due to their differences. It also has a sequel, aptly called A Second Chance.
  • "A Very Special Love" – One of the highest-grossing films in the Philippines, this film tells the story of publishing executive Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) and his editorial assistant Laida (Sarah Geronimo). Their story explores themes such as falling in love with the idea of a person and then somehow redeeming yourself from it. Sarah and John Lloyd’s chemistry is off-the-charts, and the film itself has a string of memorable lines, like “Sir, gaano ka-close?” and “Just lock the door…Lock the door when you leave.”
  • "Ulan" – This movie, which stars Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino, fantastically melds surrealism with romance. But what makes its storytelling truly special is the way Filipino folklore is used to further the film’s themes, namely love, pain, and longing.

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Pinoy movie sites - Upstream

Price: Depending on the movie

A relatively new player in the local streaming scene, Upstream is the brainchild of producer Dondon Monteverde and director Erik Matti. This Tagalog movie site is unique in terms of content consumption, as each title has a price tag. This means that you’ll have to pay every time you watch a movie or a TV show.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Upstream

  • “Shake, Rattle, and Roll" – Loyal to Regal films? Rejoice, because Upstream has a collection of Shake, Rattle, and Roll movies, from part 10 to part 14. Relive the MMFF feels in the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to watch with the lights on!
  • "Cleaners" – Missing high school? Cleaners will be the time machine that will take you back to 2007! This coming-of-age story is about a group of cleaners in a Catholic high school who face societal pressures and stumble upon discoveries that will change the way they view the world. What makes this movie unique is its art direction. The frames are rendered in black and white photocopied paper, and some parts are colored with highlighters.

Amazon Prime Video

pinoy movie sites - amazon prime video

Price: ₱149 per month (until December 2023)

The Boys, The Good Doctor, and Reacher are among the series that make Amazon Prime Video popular. But the said platform also doubles as one of the Pinoy movie sites where you can stream Filipino films. If you have an Amazon account, you can easily access Prime Video.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

  • "She’s Dating the Gangster" – Directed by the rom-com legend Cathy Garcia-Molina, this movie unabashedly explores unorthodox young love. Athena, played by Kathryn Bernardo, enters into a fake relationship pact with Kenji, played by Daniel Padilla. The story revolves around this agreement that has a lasting effect on both characters.  
  • "Love You to the Stars and Back" – Director Antonette Jadaone weaves an emotional and romantic film featuring Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia. Baretto’s character goes on a road trip to find aliens. But along the way, she encounters Garcia’s charming character. The two teach each other a meaningful lesson on love and life.
  • "Big Night" – Featuring Christian Bables, Big Night is a story of a gay hairdresser who finds out that his name is included in his barangay’s drug watchlist. The momentum of the story is set when Bables’ character attempts to remove his name from the list. This film is unique in the way that it tackles a serious social issue with comedy. This is also a star-studded material, showcasing the chops of Eugene Domingo, John Arcilla, Gina Pareño, Gina Alajar, Janice de Belen, Ricky Davao, and Soliman Cruz.  


pinoy movie sites - tubi

Price: Free

Tubi makes a good alternative to mainstream Pinoy movie sites. The best thing about Tubi? It’s free! The platform makes that possible by allowing ads. If you have a thing for independently produced films, you’ll find them here.  

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Tubi

  • "Neomanila" – If slick neo-noir thrillers tickle your fancy, Neomanila is definitely a must-watch. Starring Eula Valdez, this movie is about a hitwoman, played by Valdez, who trains a young orphan to become an assassin. Stakes are high since the story is set against the grim backdrop that is the war on drugs in Manila.  
  • "Bliss" – Jerrold Tarog’s psychological thriller will show you the flexible acting chops of Iza Calzado, Ian Veneracion, and TJ Trinidad, among others. The story revolves around Jane, Calzado’s character, who is a famous movie actress suffering from the results of an accident. With a devious twist, the whole film will make you question your insanity and sense of reality.
  • "Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon" – Do you believe in life after love? That’s what Cher has been asking for ages. But you may get hints of the answer in this poignant story about love and life. Five years after their split, ex-lovers who are now friends are trying to search for romance but only find pain. To get the whole picture, you may want to watch its prequel, “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa.”


pinoy movie sites - filmdoo

Price: Depends on the movie

FilmDoo is more than just a streaming platform. It cultivates a community by bringing together film lovers and giving them a voice. Here, you can provide reviews or post comments on movies that you’ve just watched. You can also follow other people and see the films they liked, reviewed, and would want to see.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on FilmDoo

  • "Manila by Night" – Ishmael Bernal may be known for Himala, but his Manila by Night should not be slept on. Released in the ‘80s, this film explores the other face of Manila, which is deemed scarred, grimy, and ugly. Several social issues are tackled, such as drug addiction, unemployment, prostitution, and lack of dignified housing.
  • "Babae at Baril" – Gawad Urian winner Babae at Baril highlights the plights that every woman is forced to brave, namely violence and sexual harassment. The main character, played by Janine Gutierrez, serendipitously stumbles upon a gun, which gives her an opportunity to go against the status quo.
  • "Apocalypse Child" – This movie explores the life of the main character, played by Sid Lucero, who believes that he is the son of the legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola. The premise is intriguing, but what will captivate you is how the character confronts the myths surrounding his life.


pinoy movie sites - kanopy

Price: Free

Looking for free Pinoy movie sites with curated films? Then, include Kanopy on your list. This streaming platform has a unique way of giving people access to its catalog. As long as your university or locality’s public library partners with Kanopy, you can watch high-quality movies. All you need to log in is your library membership. If you’re studying at UST, give this site a spin. The said university actually lists Kanopy as one of its electronic resources.[3]

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Kanopy

  • "Respeto" – Music and poetry come together in this picture starring Abra (yes, the rapper) and character actor Dido de la Paz. Abra’s character, an aspiring rapper from the slums, forges an unlikely friendship with de la Paz’s character who happens to be a poet. From there, an interesting story is told.
  • “Ma, Rosa” – Ever seen that post-payday meme showing Jaclyn Jose tearfully eating squid balls? That’s taken from this Brillante Mendoza picture. In this film, Ma ‘Rosa, played by Jose, and her husband Nestor, played by Julio Diaz, are arrested for selling drugs. The police officers then ask them for a bribe for their release. Chaos, stress, and anxiety ensue as the couple’s kids are left to their own devices, trying to find a way to free their parents. Don’t forget that Jose won the Best Actress award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. 

Final Thoughts

While foreign content serves as your window to other cultures, isn’t it nice to take a breather from it all for a while and consume something familiar? As they say, love local. A lot of Filipino films tell meaningful stories that keep you grounded. They also show you facets of life in a country you never knew existed.

If you’re up for some homegrown pictures, take note of the Pinoy movie sites above. Get your tablet and snuggle up with your blanket. Or better yet, call your family and bond over stories that you can relate to.

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Jay is a marketing communications professional who specializes in short-form and long-form content. He has written ads for TV, radio, print, and digital. He has also produced corporate blogs, magazine features, white papers, product listings, reviews, and press releases for clients here and abroad. When he’s not writing, Jay plays the piano or takes pictures for his visual diary. Follow Jay on LinkedIn.