5 Pinoy Movie Sites to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Entertained

Published: November 13, 2020 | Updated: November 16, 2020 | Posted by: Ricky Publico | Lifestyle

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Christmas in the Philippines won’t be the same without a trip to the cinema. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most Filipinos won’t have the luxury of enjoying the annual family film viewing. But while movie theaters are still closed, it doesn’t mean the fun stops this year. There’s always another way and in this case, you can still have a movie night via various Pinoy movie sites.

That’s right, you don’t have to leave home to enjoy a movie or two with your loved ones. From the latest Pinoy blockbuster to classic Pinoy films, you can always find the titles you’re looking for, assuming you know where to look. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Where to Watch Filipino Movies Online


pinoy movie sites - netflix

As one of the biggest streaming services in the world, you can’t go wrong with Netflix. Their local library boasts a variety of Filipino movies, from popular rom-coms to critically-acclaimed films. Recently, Netflix started hosting local TV titles as well, most prominently the ever-famous Ang Probinsyano series. Netflix plans start at PHP 149 for mobile devices and top at PHP 549 for all exclusive features.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Netflix

  • Saving Sally – This 2016 film starring Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos tells the story of a comic book artist’s quest to save the love of his life from all her troubles. It features a combination of gorgeous animation and stellar acting from the two starring leads. It’s a fun and thoughtful movie that everyone in the family can enjoy.
  • Kita Kita – Looking to cry your eyes out? The love story of a blind tourist guide and her neighbor in Japan will surely warm your heart. Starring Alessandra de Rossi and comedian Empoy Marquez, the film packs an emotional story backdropped by gorgeous sceneries of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • BuyBust – If you’re looking for heart-stopping action, then this movie will be right up your alley. Starring Anne Curtis and mixed martial artist Brandon Vera, it tells the action-packed story of a failed buy bust operation and one woman’s quest to survive.
  • Four Sisters and a Wedding – Bakit parang kasalanan ko?” You’ve seen the GIF, so it’s only fair to check out where it came from. It’s a comedy film with a lot of heart and lots of laugh-out-loud moments. If you’re looking for a family-centric film to watch with your folks, then this instant classic is a solid pick.

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pinoy movie sites - iflix

If Hollywood content isn’t your thing and you instead prefer Asian content, then iFlix will itch that scratch for you. Out of all the Pinoy movie sites on this list, iFlix has the most affordable plan. They even have a free tier with a limited access to a few good Filipino movie selections. They also have a slew of K-drama movies and series that will surely keep you occupied for days.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on iFlix

  • Block Z – Because zombie movies never go out of style. Starring a bunch of today’s young actors led by Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, this film tells the story of a group of students fighting a hoard of zombies. If you don’t mind the scares, then this movie should be a perfect pick for the next date night.
  • Petrang Kabayo – Remember when comedian Vice Ganda wasn’t the star we know today? Revisit the movie that made Vice a household name in this modern take on a classic character. This film will provide everyone a dose of the giggles in no time.
  • Seven Sundays – iFlix also has their share of feels. This movie features a powerhouse consisting of Dingdong Dantes, Aga Muhlach, Enrique Gil, Cristine Reyes, and Ronaldo Valdez. If you’re looking for a good cry while missing your family during the pandemic, stream this movie the next time you get the chance.
  • My Ex and Whys – Back to the kilig flicks with this gem from by the power couple Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. This film tries to answer the question: Is it okay to start things over with your ex? And it did answer the question by providing us an emotional story of exes courtesy of LizQuen.

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pinoy movie sites - iwantv

ABSCBN may have left the airwaves, but their spirit lives on in their streaming platform, iWant. It features an extensive catalogue of ABSCBN shows and Star Cinema films that you once enjoyed. Like iFlix, iWant has a free tier with limited access to their library, but the titles under the free tier are nothing to scoff at. If you’re a Kapamilya, then you won’t need other Pinoy movie sites.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on iWant

  • Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? – A movie spawned by a popular book, it stars Kim Chui and Xian Lim at the height of their loveteam’s popularity. It’s a fun rom-com that everyone who has been in love could probably relate to. Hopefully, you’ll find answers as to why your crush doesn’t like you back.
  • Mano Po – Relive the first installment of the popular movie franchise about a powerful Filipino-Chinese dynasty. Watch the acting prowess of Maricel Soriano, Kris Aquino, Richard Gomez, Ara Mina, and Eddie Garcia and experience Pinoy drama like never before.
  • Tatak ng Tundo Or if you’re looking for more nostalgia, how about a classic action flick from the King of Philippine Movies himself, Fernando Poe Jr.? Relive the classic fights, conflicts, and clichés that inspired the Pinoy action films we have today.
  • Corazon, Ang Unang Aswang – Ever wondered who the first aswang was? Let this movie give you a hypothetical answer. Starring Erich Gonzales in a daring role as the titular Corazon, this film aims to bring the scares to your living room.

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Cignal Play

pinoy movie sites - cignal play

Cignal is more than just the leading local cable provider in the Philippines. They also launched their own streaming platform for their subscribers. With Cignal Play, you can now stream all live channels from your desktop or phone, plus more exclusive titles from their library. Cignal Play is free but you can sign up for their Premium tier for only PHP 75.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on Cignal Play

  • Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-Fi – Imagine not being able to enjoy the fruits of modern technology. That’s the driving force behind this wonderfully written film. Starring Sue Ramirez, this movie carefully illustrates how the internet has changed the way we communicate and view love.
  • Born Beautiful The sequel to the popular 2016 film Die Beautiful, this film starring Martin del Rosario continues the exploration of gender norms and sexuality in a funny and thoughtful way. If you’re in the mood for a comedy with a lot of heart, then add this film to your queue.
  • Maledicto Want to know what The Exorcist will look like in a Philippine setting? Then check out this horror film starring Tom Rodriguez and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. It may not be as scary as the 1973 classic, but it will surely get the job done.
  • Ang Kwento ni Mabuti – “Superstar” Nora Aunor still has some acting prowess left on her gas tank and you can experience it in one of her recent films. In this drama, Nora Aunor plays the titular Mabuti, a local healer who was at the right place at the wrong time. If your folks are die-hard Noranians, stream this movie immediately.


Believe it or not, you can catch full versions of popular Pinoy movies on YouTube. Studios sometimes release their movies for a limited time so that anyone can watch what they missed on movie theaters. So before you pay a streaming service for a specific title, better check out YouTube first. As of writing, the following films are still available on YouTube.

Moneymax Recommends: Pinoy Movies to Watch on YouTube

  • Heneral Luna – The historical film that made a lot of buzz back in 2015 is now available on YouTube. It tells the story of General Antonio Luna and his struggle for independence from the impending American colonization. Learn more about our country’s past in a more entertaining format for the whole family.
  • Smaller and Smaller Circles – Another awards darling that’s as thrilling as its premise. This 2017 film stars Nonie Buencamino and Sid Lucero as two Jesuit priests investigating a series of murders in 1997. As they inch closer to the truth, they unravel more than what they bargained for. Check it out while it’s still free[2].
  • I’m Drunk, I Love You  The movie is also known as the film that united a lot of hopeless romantics back in 2017. Starring Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino, re-experience drunken nights and unrequited love from the comfort of your home.
  • CinemaOne Originals – Remember the CinemaOne film festivals you’ve been meaning to attend but can’t find the time to do so? Now you can catch some of their best titles on YouTube for free[3]. Some titles include Mariposa sa Hawla ng GabiSenior YearSix Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay, among many others.

Final Thoughts

Movie night at home may not match the movie theatre experience, but it’s a great alternative for your families to enjoy their favorite Filipino movies. As long as you know your Pinoy movie sites, you’ll definitely find the perfect movie and you might even avoid spending money. Now start browsing movies for your next movie date.

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