How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank

Published: August 9, 2016 | Updated: July 2, 2020 | Posted by: Carlo Miguel Castañeda | Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can be subjective, depending on whether or not you mean emotional or physical health. For the most part, you may struggle with the health aspect since a healthy weight for someone varies. If you’re 5’8” and comparing yourself to someone who’s at 6’0, it’ll be very different.

A paper by Ed Deiner and Micaela Y. Chan for the University of Illinois stated that subjective well-being or considering factors beyond physical health can be considered leading a healthy lifestyle. The controversy of it lies in whether this manner of thinking has an effect on diseases that negatively affect one’s well-being, such as cancer or Alzheimer’s.

If you’re trying to be healthier, you think about what it’ll cost you. Customized diets designed to help you lose weight and gym memberships. This is how you can get started if you want a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.

The eating

Eating is both for comfort and socialization. Overeating is one major reason people gain weight, and Filipinos are prone to this during the holidays.  This leads to the not surprising spike of post-Christmas and New Year gym memberships.

People trying to lose weight will, at some point, try a diet system which can cost between Php 350 to Php 650 a day. That’s a total of Php 700 to Php 3,250 a week. Instead of shouldering the cost, you can start your diet by cutting smaller portions of food for yourself.

This stops you from overeating but still lets you eat almost anything that you like without shocking your body with a sudden change in diet.

You’ll save more and learn more by looking up quick and easy recipes for the diet system you plan on following. Planning your meals way in advance lets you get a more balanced mix of food throughout your week.

The activity

Going to a gym isn’t for everybody. Some may feel that it’s high-priced, and others might not feel comfortable enough working out around people who’re already fitter. Exercise is variable so you can get active and lose weight without shelling out anywhere between Php 250 to Php 1,400 every month.

There are a number of activities that don’t cost as much and are free. With the rise of smartphone games that double as fitness apps, you can get your cardio by running around to progress the story of Zombies, Run!, or relive the phenomenon with Pokemon Go.

As with most weight-loss exercises, there are also tutorials online that can help you get started on your journey.

Final thoughts

As with most things involving nutrition and physical health, it’s always ideal to seek professional advice. Remember that these people are trained to help you get the best results, and are worth the price you pay.
Simple exercises and planned meals for balanced nutrition are just a few ways you can live a healthy life without breaking the bank but don’t neglect your emotional health. Take a break, run away with friends or family for a quick vacation to recharge and de-stress.

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