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Love at First Watch: Amazing Lessons from "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" K-Drama

Rouselle Isla

Rouselle Isla

Last updated August 03, 2022

A new comfort K-drama has been consistently at the top of the Netflix charts. It has a lovable main character who’s a fish out of water. And she’s stealing our hearts with her innocence, cracking us up with her social awkwardness, and bringing us to tears with her triumphs and challenges. 

We’re talking about Netflix’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which is gearing up to be the next big hit from Korea after “Squid Game.” Extraordinary Attorney Woo (released in the Philippines on June 29, 2022) has been steadily climbing to the top of the Netflix charts in various countries. Sit back and enjoy that gimbap as we fill you in and share the best Extraordinary Attorney Woo lessons we’ve learned.

Who is Attorney Woo, and What Makes Her Extraordinary?

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is the story of the titular character Woo Young-Woo (played by Park Eun-Bin), the first-ever autistic attorney of the Republic of Korea, who also has a passionate love for gimbap and sperm whales.  

With her impressive high IQ, eidetic memory, and creative thought processes, Young-Woo lands a job as a trainee lawyer at Hanbada, one of the country’s biggest and most prestigious law firms. 

She joins the team of senior attorney Jung Myung-Seok (played by Kang Ki-Young), who quickly becomes her professional mentor. Young-Woo also works closely with her classmate from college, Choi Soo-Yeon (played by Ha Yoon-Kyung), and antagonistic Kwon Min-Woo (played by Joo Jong-Hyuk).  Lee Joon-Ho (played by Kang Tae-Oh) is also part of the team as a legal assistant and quickly develops a friendship with Young-Woo. 

In every episode, Attorney Woo handles a case that forces her to come out of her safety bubble, learn something new, and confront her biggest fears. All while trying her best to deal with family, friendship, and even boyfriend drama!

"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" official trailer from Netflix Philippines

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Lessons We’ve Learned from the Hit K-Drama So Far

Are you planning to watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo? Well, then, get ready to fall in love at first watch. Here are some Extraordinary Attorney Woo lessons we’ve learned about love, money, and life in general. Don’t worry; there won’t be any Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode spoilers here!    

🐋 A Good Education Opens Doors of Opportunities

Can you imagine how different Young-Woo’s life would be if she never went to school or completed a college education? She didn’t have a wealthy upbringing, but her dad gave her everything because he believed in her brilliance. And he knew that a good education is what would help her have a shot at a good life. 

🐋 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Even If It’s Terrifying

attorney woo
Park Eun Bin plays the titular character Attorney Woo Young-Woo

As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, Young-Woo doesn’t understand or recognize conventional social rules. She often appears awkward or clumsy at client meetings and court trials. Moreover, she has an obsessive interest in certain things and doesn’t like switching her routines. 

But being a lawyer requires her to connect and communicate with clients to get to the bottom of the story and help them win the case. It’s not something that she enjoys at all. But for her job and clients’ sake, she chooses to rise above her fear.

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🐋 You’ll Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends 

Aside from her many whale friends that live rent-free in her head, Attorney Woo also has great people in her life. They may be an unusual mix of lawyers, a legal assistant, a Japanese restaurant owner, and a childhood friend. But they’re ready to defend her from bullies or anyone who wants to take advantage of her. 

They don’t mind explaining a particular gesture or expression or listening to her rapidly talk about whales. These friends know how much she loves gimbap, and they guide her in both professional and personal life. Honestly, they’re the best kind of people!  

🐋 Everyone is Fighting Battles We Know Nothing About

The cases that Attorney Woo handles seem like open-and-shut cases. But once the Hanbada legal team starts probing, there’s usually more to the story than what you see on the surface. 

There are deeper problems and more significant struggles that they don’t like people to see or discover. Young or old, rich or poor, healthy or with disabilities―everyone is going through something. 

🐋 Not Everyone Will Be Happy with Your Success, and That’s Okay

Attorney Woo Poster
Attorney Woo (center) and her colleagues at Hanbada law firm

While most of your colleagues are busy congratulating and applauding you for a job well done, there may be one or two who think the accolade belongs to someone else. 

People will think you’re unfit for the job or declare you only got it because of connections. You may even be the object of office rumors and professional jealousy. 

And that’s okay. Remember that people who are not kind to you or always bring you down are also going through something in their lives. The best response? Be kind and keep being great.

🐋 Although Differently Abled, They Still Deserve the World 

The “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” K-drama gives us an inside look at the life of a young woman on the autism spectrum. In the show, we see how Young-Woo’s mind works, how she reacts to different situations, and how much she loves being a lawyer. 

We also see how prejudiced people are against people with autism or disabilities. The message of this show is clear: People with autism and other disabilities deserve to be treated with love and respect. And they have every right to be here, just like any of us. 

🐋 The Love of the Right People is More Than Enough

Attorney Woo grew up having only a few people in her life. But these people are also her constants. They may not have much money, but they helped each other through the storms and loved each other like family. 

In life, you’ll experience abundance and scarcity. People will come and go. But if you’re fortunate enough, people will come and stay. You don’t need a lot of material things and a thousand people in your life to feel loved. Because the love and loyalty of even just a few people will be more than enough. 

🐋 There’s Nothing a Parent Won’t Do to Protect Their Child 

Attorney woo and parents
This K-drama shows a lot of tender moments between Young-Woo (left) and her dad (right)

Woo Gwang-Ho, Attorney Woo’s father (played by Jeon Bae-Soo), is her biggest fan and supporter. He always worries about her and wants to keep her safe from the cruel world. However, he also knows that Young-Woo has a brilliant mind and that she’s ready to wear her big girl shoes. So Gwang-Ho lets her be a lawyer and hopes for the best. 

But if parents could have their way, they’d shield their children from the harsh truths of life for as long as possible. They’d hide them from criminals, liars, opportunists, bullies, gossips, heartbreakers, and other bad people. In short, they’ll do everything humanly possible to keep them safe and happy. 

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Final Thoughts 

It’s very easy to see the appeal of this newest K-drama. The Extraordinary Attorney Woo lessons and answers in every episode have all been eye-opening and heartwarming. Emotional shows like this remind us to let go of our prejudice and be kinder and more loving human beings.  

With just a few episodes remaining, we’re starting to feel the separation anxiety building for the Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-drama cast. If you’re already a big fan of this Korean TV show, watch out for the upcoming Extraordinary Attorney Woo webtoon series.[1]

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