To an Improved Version of You: 9 Tips to Stay Healthy This 2023

Jay Pagkatotohan

Jay Pagkatotohan

Last updated January 12, 2023

You’ve probably promised yourself that this year will be different—that you’ll let go of your bad habits and work on your physical and mental health. That’s good. After all, these changes, both big and small, can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

The problem is, you don’t know where to begin. Or you might’ve gotten derailed for some reason. Get back on track with these nine handy wellness tips to stay healthy this 2023.

Tips to Stay Healthy

Remember: in case you feel stuck, don’t feel guilty or hopeless. If you lose your streak, you can always resume your game and patiently work your way through your goals.

✔️ Let’s Get Physical!

Much has been said about the benefits of exercising. Still, for a lot of people, squeezing a gym session into their jam-packed schedule is a challenge.

At least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week is ideal. That’s around 21 minutes per day. But if you can’t dedicate that much time to exercise each day, break it up into five- or 10-minute quick workouts spread throughout the day.

Dedicate that time to stretching, brisk walking, or jogging. Once you’re comfortable with your pace, increase the intensity and the duration of your workout.

✔️ Cut Down on Sugar, Salt, and Fat

tips to stay healthy - cut down on sugar, salt, fatSome of the best tips to stay healthy involve food. If you want to improve your diet, start by cutting down on sugar, sodium, and fat.

Excessive sugar consumption not only causes weight gain but also endangers your dental health (tooth decay, anyone?). Lots of sodium may put you at risk of high blood pressure. In turn, this may increase your odds of having a heart disease or stroke. Meanwhile, saturated fats can cause cholesterol build-ups in your arteries.

For a healthier diet, increase your fiber intake by eating more vegetables and fruits. Choose good carbohydrates, which are mostly found in whole grains. Source your healthy fats from nuts, fish, and plant oils.[1]

✔️ Less Alcohol and No Smoking, Please

Do you relieve your stress with social drinking? Excessive alcohol consumption comes with serious downsides, including liver cirrhosis, certain cancers, heart diseases, and even injuries due to drunk driving. Steer clear of these dangers by drinking less beer or wine.

While you’re at it, quit smoking.[2] This particular vice not only causes lung diseases but also strokes and heart diseases. Furthermore, secondhand smoke is dangerous to people around you.

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✔️ Get More Rest. You Deserve It!

Lack of sleep is the norm among hustle-driven people, gamers, and serial binge-watchers. You might be able to accomplish a lot of tasks or watch five episodes in one night, but you’re also sacrificing your health in the process. Sleep deprivation is often associated with various diseases and conditions, such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and memory loss.

One of the best tips to stay healthy is to give your body the rest it deserves. Adults need between seven and eight hours of sleep per night. Once you’re in bed, don’t touch your smartphone or tablet. Blue light, or the light coming from your devices, interferes with your body as it prepares for sleep.[3]

✔️ Find a Hobbytips to stay healthy - find a hobby

Finding something to keep yourself busy is also one of the best tips to be healthy. A hobby primarily improves your mental wellness since it makes you happy and optimistic. It can also improve your problem-solving abilities and strengthen your connection with other people, especially if your hobby is social in nature.

If you’re stuck in a rut at work, try going back to your old hobby. Don’t have any leisurely pursuits? Try picking up an instrument, studying basic carpentry, and collecting stamps or what have you. Your options are virtually endless.

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✔️ Stay In Touch With Your Friends (Or Make New Ones!)

Friendship isn’t just a social contract. It also keeps you healthy. Foremost, it makes you happy and lowers your stress. Good friends also help you know your worth and increase your self-confidence. During tough times, they can help you tame your anxieties and other negative emotions. Moreover, they remind you to avoid unhealthy habits.

If you haven't seen your pals for a while now, why not organize a brunch? You may also reconnect with your old friends or meet new ones at work.

✔️ Practice Self-Compassion

Off the bat, self-compassion may not sound like one of the ways to have a healthy lifestyle. But when you’re kind to yourself, you listen to your body’s needs and make the necessary adjustments for it to feel better. Self-compassion also helps you navigate your mental and emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Thankfully, self-kindness is a learnable skill. The first thing you need to do is to treat yourself the way you treat your beloved family and friends. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes; remind yourself that you’re only human. If you’re feeling hurt, whether physically or emotionally, respond to yourself with care and concern.

✔️ Visit Your Doctor Regularly

tips to stay healthy - visit a doctor regularly

Regular visits to the clinic can help you spot health problems and address them before they get worse. Furthermore, a doctor can teach you more ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you have a company health card, you may be entitled to free doctor consultations. Take advantage of that.

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✔️ Use Your Credit Card to Enjoy Health and Wellness Perks

Using your credit card isn’t your usual tip to be healthy. But it can unlock a lot of promos, perks, and privileges to benefit your well-being. Here are some of them:

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Final Thoughts

A lifestyle change is probably what you need, especially if you’re sickly, stuck in a rut, or struggling with bad habits. For a good starting point, check out the tips to stay healthy mentioned above.

The journey isn’t going to be easy, since it requires you to make conscious choices every day. Don’t rush things because you’re just going to frustrate yourself. Instead, set realistic goals and take one step at a time.

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