Top 10 Quick and Easy Workouts for Busy Professionals



Last updated November 25, 2021

The government has reported that obesity is becoming more prevalent in the Philippines. A study conducted by the Philippine Association for the Study of Overweight and Obesity Inc. (PASOO) showed that 3 out of 10 Filipinos 20 years and above are obese.

Obesity is a factor in the development of other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes which are top leading causes of death in the Philippines. Aside from starting on a proper diet, now is a good time as any to battle obesity through physical activity. The busy lifestyle of Filipinos can be a hindrance to getting the much needed exercise but here, we look at workouts that can be easily done during a busy work day.

Workouts You Can Do in the Office

You have to make do with whatever you have, wherever you are, just to get that much needed exercise. Try these at the office today!

1. Walk Up Stairs

If your office is just four to five floors up, why not use the stairs instead of the elevator? Skip the elevator next time you go down for your break and take the stairs going up. You can huff and puff for the first times you do it but you’ll get used to it in a few days!

2. Work Standing Up

Many of us spend almost the whole day just sitting in front of our computers at work and this contributes to our expanding waistlines. Take your laptop and prop it up on top of a tall table and try working while standing up for 30 minutes. Some say working while standing up helps them be more productive so that’s an added benefit!

3. Use Water or Soda Bottles as Weights

While it can be hard to bring dumbbells to the office that you can use for a few exercises, a filled 2 liter soda bottle can be just as effective! There are several dumbbell exercises that you can do with the 2 liter soda bottle including an overhead press so try keep that soda bottle from your next office party. Just make sure to keep the caps pressed tightly as you don’t want to make a mess.

4. Desk Pushup

Office carpets can be dirty so use your desk to prop you up when you do push ups. Just place your hands on your desk and do the classic push up moves.

5. Desk Pushdowns

You can do push ups on your desk or you can do push downs on your desk. While you’re seated and facing your desk, just put your palms down on your desk and push down as hard as you can and stop when you’re tired.

Quick Exercises You Can Do At Home

Not everyone has the time to hit the gym to exercise. Here are five you can do without any equipment right at the comfort of your home.

6. Planks

When you sit down in front of the TV tonight after getting home from work, try watching it while doing a plank for one-minute at a time. Planks strengthen your core which helps you do more strenuous exercises.

7. Burpees

Burpees can give you a total body workout without the need for any equipment. You don’t even need shoes! Get on the floor in a raised push up position then hop your knees up to your chest position without lifting your hands from the floor and then stand up and jump while raising your hands. Reverse the steps when you land until you get back to the raised push up position.

8. Jumping Jacks

Remember when you did jumping jacks as a kid? Well try them again and get a good cardio exercise right that you can do for as short as just five minutes!

9. Step Exercises

Step exercises are another great cardio exercise that you can do at home. No need for fancy equipment, it’s just you moving your body and fighting flab!

10. Push Ups

Push ups are the staple of every workout. Push ups help build your chest muscles and triceps and you can modify this workout to make it harder or easier. You can place your feet on a couch when you do a push up and you might find that it’s easier to do!

Getting at least some exercise is better than getting no exercise at all! These exercises are easy to do and save you time and money since you don’t have to pay for gym membership or buy fitness equipment. 

Staying fit and healthy also saves you money on unexpected medical expenses—and even health insurance premiums.  Start with these simple exercises and win the battle against obesity!

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