Self-Luxuriate for Less

Published: March 4, 2015 | Updated: February 7, 2020 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

Self-Luxuriate for Less
Long days at work, the stress of commuting, or having to deal with difficult people in your life can take its toll on you. At the end of those days – or weeks – you may find yourself wanting to just take a break.
Most people head off to a spa for the day just to luxuriate a little. But visits to a spa can be draining on the financial side. There are a few ways you can self-luxuriate for less, and here’s how:

Decide what you feel like doing to pamper yourself.

Ask yourself exactly how you want to treat yourself on the day.
Start by getting enough sleep. Most adults get by with six to eight hours of sleep to feel well rested.
While you’re deciding what you want to do, put your feet up. The first step to taking a breather is to put aside work and worries.

Go Offline

For the period when you plan to do this, stay offline. This means no Facebook, no Instagram, and no Twitter.
If you plan on doing this with friends, make a pact that whoever reaches for their phone first buys pizza.

First Things First

You can’t luxuriate if you’re all untidy, so the first step is for you to jump into a warm bath. Body scrubs tend to be a little up there when it comes to pricing so why not make your own?

All About the Pretty’s Julia Coney swears by an exfoliating scrub made of a cup each of raw oatmeal and brown sugar, mixed with one cup of olive oil. It’s a treatment that apparently needs to be done slowly and enjoyed to its fullest extent.

If you’ve got rough elbows and knees, take a slice of lemon and rub it gently on  those areas. This will help even out dark spots.

Pampering, with a twist

Whenever you visit a spa, you can get a mud mask, a manicure, and a pedicure all at the same time. Funny thing is you can never get a snack with the mud mask on your face.

You can get an edible mud mask recipe from Essentially Eclectic that has chocolate in it and is purported to taste like a choco-banana smoothie when consumed.

Manicures and pedicures are in short order. Instead of going straight to the application of your favorite polish, dip your hands and feet in bowls of warm water for about five minutes, then dry off. After you’ve done your nails, rub a little lotion mixed with your favorite essential oils.

Full Stop, Time Out

If you weren’t already chilled out before, you might be after all that. Feel free to lounge around in a bathrobe with a glass of chilled wine or juice to your preference. Light up a few candles – scented – of your choosing, and turn down the lights.

Now that you’ve wound down, plug in a movie or a TV series you’ve been waiting to do a marathon and zone out for the next few hours.

A break is something everybody needs, and it doesn’t always mean having to leave the confines of your home or spending an entire day at a spa. When you make a run at luxuriating, take it slow, and forget about your worries. You’ll eventually be more refreshed and ready when you have to face the upcoming working days.
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