SSS Calamity Loan for 2023: Requirements and Everything Else to Know

Jay Pagkatotohan

Jay Pagkatotohan

Last updated August 04, 2023

The Philippines is a hotbed of natural disasters. The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) notes that an average of 20 tropical cyclones enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) every year, with about eight or nine crossing the country.[1] On top of that, massive earthquakes can ravage landscapes and claim lives without notice.

These natural catastrophes take a toll not just on your physical and emotional health but also on your financial well-being. You need reliable help when rebuilding your life. Thankfully, you can always avail of the calamity loan offered by the Social Security System (SSS).

Learn more about the SSS calamity loan for 2023 below.

What is the SSS Calamity Loan?

The SSS Calamity Loan Assistance Program (CLAP) is a lending program offered to SSS members living in calamity-stricken areas. It's one of the two programs under the SSS’s Calamity Assistance Program (CAP), with the Three-Month Advance Pension being the other one.

You can avail of the SSS calamity loan this 2023 in the aftermath of natural disasters, such as typhoons and earthquakes, as long as the town or city you’re living in is declared by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) as calamity-stricken.

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How Much is the SSS Calamity Loan Amount?

The amount is equivalent to one monthly salary credit (MSC), which is computed based on the average of the last 12 MSCs (rounded up to the nearest thousand) or the amount applied for, whichever is lower.

You can pay back the amount for up to two years in 24 equal monthly installments. Amortization starts in the second month following the date of the loan approval.

How Much are the SSS Calamity Loan Interest Rates and Related Fees?  

The loan comes with the following fees:

  • Interest: 10% per annum until fully paid
  • Pro-rated interest: The period covers the date of loan granting up to the end of the month prior to the first amortization month. This will be deducted in advance from your loan proceeds.
  • Penalty: 1% per month. Any delay in payment for the month will be charged a full month's penalty.
  • Service fee: 1% 

Who Can Avail of the SSS Calamity Loan?

sss calamity loan 2023 - who can avail of sss calamity loan

You must meet the following SSS calamity loan qualifications:

  • Be registered on the My.SSS portal
  • Be a resident of a declared calamity area
  • Have at least 36 monthly contributions, six of which should be posted within the last 12 months before the month of the calamity loan application
    • Self-employed, voluntary, and land-based Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) must have six posted monthly contributions under the current coverage/membership type before the month of calamity loan application
  • Have not availed of final benefits, such as retirement or permanent total disability benefits
  • Have no outstanding balance in the SSS Loan Restructuring Program (LRP) or CLAP

Note: For employed applicants, ask your employer to certify your online CLAP application via the My.SSS facility.


What are SSS Calamity Loan Requirements for 2023?

Collate and present the following:

📃 SSS Calamity Loan Requirements for Application Filed by the Member

  • One copy of the SSS calamity loan assistance application form[2]
  • Original copy of barangay certification
  • Original copy of valid ID

📃 SSS Calamity Loan Requirements for Application Filed by the Authorized Representative (for OFW or Seafarer Members)

  • One copy of the SSS calamity loan assistance application form
  • Original copy of authorization letter
  • Original copy of barangay certificate
  • Printed scanned copies of valid ID/documents of the OFW or seafarer member
  • Original copy of valid ID or document of the authorized representative

How to Apply for the SSS Calamity Loan for 2023

sss calamity loan 2023 - how to apply for sss calamity loan

You can apply for the SSS calamity loan for 2023 in two ways: online and offline. Here are the steps for each mode of application.

👉 Online SSS Calamity Loan Application: Submission via the My.SSS Portal

How to apply for the SSS calamity loan online? If you already have a My.SSS account, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the SSS Members page.[3]
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. On your dashboard, click E-Services.
  4. A pop-up reminder will appear. Tick the box then click the Proceed button.
  5. You’ll be then directed to the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module page. This is where you’ll enroll your bank account that will receive the calamity loan proceeds. Make sure that your bank is PESONet-accredited.
  6. Under the Enrollment tab, supply your bank account details and attach supporting documents, such as proof of account, ID, and selfie/photo.
  7. Once you’ve registered your bank account, it will appear under the Disbursement Account tab. Approval of the bank account takes one to two weeks. Once your account is marked green, it’s already active.
  8. Once your bank account is active, you can apply for the SSS calamity loan for 2023. Start by clicking E-Services.
  9. Click Loans. After that, click Apply for Calamity Loan.
  10.   Select your address then provide the required information. Tick the box, then click the Proceed button.
  11.   On the next page, you’ll see the outline of your application. Click Submit. Wait for the notification regarding your loan application in your My.SSS inbox.

sss calamity loan 2023 - My.SSS portal

If you haven’t enrolled in the My.SSS portal yet, follow the steps below to create an account:

  1. Go to the SSS Online Members Page.
  2. Click the Register button. A pop-up reminder will appear. Tick the box then click the Proceed button.
  3. Supply your basic information. Click the Submit button.
  4. Check your email for your activation link and user ID.
  5. Click the activation link. This will direct you to a page where you can create your password.

👉 Offline SSS Calamity Loan Application: Submission at the SSS Office

Want to file your application the traditional way? All you have to do is visit any SSS Branch Office and submit the requirements above. If you’re filing an application on behalf of the SSS member, make sure you have an authorization letter.

How Can I Receive the Proceeds of My SSS Calamity Loan?

There are three available channels. Choose the most convenient one for you: 

  • Active UMID-ATM – If you have an activated UMID-ATM, the loan proceeds shall be automatically credited to it.
  • PESONET-accredited banks – The money will be deposited into the bank account you enrolled in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module on My.SSS.
  • UnionBank Quick cards – You can avail of this card at select SSS Branches with a UnionBank of the Philippines (UPB) kiosk.

How Can I Repay My SSS Calamity Loan for 2023?

If you’re an employed member, you’ll pay your SSS calamity loan through salary deduction. But if you’re a self-employed or voluntary member, you can pay at any SSS Branch Office with a tellering facility, SSS-accredited bank, or SSS-authorized payment center.

When it comes to repayments, remember the following:

  • Wondering, "Can I get another calamity loan from SSS with an existing calamity loan?" No. You must complete the payment of your calamity loan before you can avail of another calamity loan in the future.
  • Overpayment on a previous loan will be subject to the SSS’s validation. If the payment is deemed valid, it will be applied to the active loan. If there’s no active loan, it will be refunded to you upon request.
  • Cumulative unpaid obligation equivalent to more than six months will result in loan default. A defaulted account will be charged 10% interest per annum on the outstanding principal balance. An additional 1% penalty per month on unpaid principal and interest will be charged until fully paid.

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FAQs on SSS Calamity Loan 2023 

If you want to learn more about the calamity loan from the SSS, here are a few items to take note of:

1. Is the SSS calamity loan for 2023 available now?

sss calamity loan 2023 - is sss calamity loan for 2022 available now

Yes. Currently, there is one available to the affected public—the calamity loan for the SSS members in Albay affected by the Mayon Volcano's unrest. You can avail of this particular loan until the SSS calamity loan deadline on September 21, 2023.

Wondering if the SSS calamity loan is now available to those affected by Typhoon Egay? As of writing, no announcements have been made yet. However, the NDRRMC recently declared over a hundred areas in Luzon to be under a state of calamity due to the typhoon,[4] so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

2. What is the difference between the SSS salary loan vs calamity loan?

The difference between the salary loan vs calamity loan lies in their purpose. A calamity loan is for people affected by disasters. As such, members not living in calamity-stricken areas won’t qualify for the program.

A salary loan, on the other hand, is a cash loan granted to any SSS member who has to meet short-term credit needs. This means you can use it even if there’s no disaster. 

The amount of a one-month salary loan is the same as the amount of the calamity loan. It’s equivalent to the average of the last 12 MSCs (rounded up to the nearest thousand) or the amount applied for, whichever is lower.

You can also avail of a two-month salary loan, which is equivalent to twice the average of your last 12 MSCs posted, rounded to the next higher MSC, or the amount applied for, whichever is lower.

Just like the calamity loan, the SSS salary loan has an interest rate of 10% per annum until fully paid. The amortization period is 24 months.

3. What is the SSS calamity loan processing time?  

Usually, it takes three to five days for the SSS to process a calamity loan application. Keep your lines open for prompt updates.

4. Will the SSS calamity loan be deducted from my existing salary loan?

Yes. Any outstanding balance in your records will be deducted from your new loan's proceeds.

5. What is the Three-Month Advance Pension?   

The Three-Month Advance Pension is another type of calamity assistance program under SSS’ CAP. It’s intended for Social Security (SS) and Employees’ Compensation (EC) pensioners living in the affected areas. The proceeds are based on the monthly pension.

As with the calamity loan, the Three-Month Advance Pension program is also currently offered to members affected by the Mayon Volcano's unrest.

6. How to apply for the Three-Month Advance Pension?

To avail of the assistance, the pensioner should submit a completely filled-out application form (Application for Assistance Due to Calamity Due to Calamity/Disaster) to any SSS branch office.

Make sure this form is certified by the Barangay Chairman. Otherwise, you must submit a certification from the DSWD or NDRRMC proving you’re affected by the calamity. You can claim the check containing the proceeds from the SSS branch where you filed your application.

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Final Thoughts

Getting back on track after a calamity is challenging. You need to take care of yourself and your family physically, emotionally, and financially. Thankfully, you can rely on an SSS calamity loan this 2023.

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