Police Clearance Online Application Guide for Filipinos

Published: September 20, 2019 | Updated: April 16, 2020 | Posted by: Venus Zoleta | Government Services

Police Clearance Online Application Guide for Filipinos | Moneymax

Need a police clearance for local employment? The Philippine National Police (PNP) has recently implemented a new and faster way for Filipinos to secure this document, which is through an online application.

Keep reading to know how you can get a police clearance in the Philippines without any hassle.

What is Police Clearance?

The National Police Clearance is a document proving that the holder has no criminal or derogatory record based on the PNP database.

The validity of police clearance is six months. Each clearance bears a unique QR code that ensures its authenticity.

The police clearance is usually one of the pre-employment requirements that job candidates must submit to their employer. It’s also accepted as a valid ID in some transactions, such as NBI clearance and credit card applications.

However, the police clearance is not honored as a valid ID for COMELEC voter’s registration and DFA passport application/renewal.

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Police Clearance Requirements

The PNP requires two valid IDs for police clearance online application.

Valid IDs should meet the following criteria:

  • Not expired
  • Original (not photocopied)
  • Has the applicant’s complete name, clear photo, and signature

Any two of the following IDs can be present when you apply for a police clearance:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • IBP ID
  • OFW ID
  • Passport
  • PhilHealth ID
  • PNP ID
  • Postal ID
  • PRC ID
  • School ID with registration form
  • Senior citizen ID
  • TIN ID
  • Voter’s ID

If you have only one valid ID, the PNP will accept it as long as you can present a certified true copy of your birth certificate (with original official receipt). Check this guide to birth certificate application through PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) online services.

National Police Clearance Online Application

Police Clearance Online Application Guide for Filipinos - National Police Clearance System

The PNP has a new system for processing police clearance in the Philippines. Launched in August 2018, the National Police Clearance System (NPCS) is an online service that enables Filipinos nationwide to get a police clearance in less than 10 minutes. Personal appearance at a police station is still required, though, for capturing the applicant’s biometrics.

Before this online system is implemented, a walk-in police clearance application would usually take 30 minutes to an hour.

The new web-based system makes the process of verifying an applicant’s criminal records and biometric data a lot faster, as the NPCS is connected to the PNP database.

So if you need to apply for a police clearance, use the online application system to take advantage of its convenience and efficiency. Here are the steps to get a police clearance online.

1. Register for an Online Account

Police Clearance Online Application Guide for Filipinos - National Police Clearance System

Visit the NCPS website at pnpclearance.ph.

For first-time applicants, click the Register button. Read the Terms and Conditions and check all the boxes to agree to them. Click the Next button to continue. When you reach the last page, click the I Agree button.

Provide the required information on the New Applicant Registration box. Make sure to provide an active email address. Then check the Terms and Conditions box and click the Register button.

You’ll receive a confirmation message from the NPCS through email. Check your inbox or spam folder for a message with a link for verifying your online NPCS account. Click on the verification link. This action will take you to the log-in page of the NPCS website.

2. Set an Online Appointment

Sign in to your online account by entering your registered email address and password. Click the Sign In button to continue.

Before setting an appointment for your police clearance application, you must edit your profile first. Click the Edit Profile button and fill out the online form with the necessary details. When you’re done, click the Save Profile button.

To set an appointment, click the Clearance Application button and select the nearest police station where you’ll get a police clearance. The list of available schedules will appear. Choose your preferred date and time (AM or PM). Then click Next.

Click the Land Bank of the Philippines button and then Save Appointment.

The payment details will be displayed. Take note of the reference number issued by the system. You’ll use the number for the police clearance fee payment.

3. Pay For the Police Clearance Fee

Click the Pay to LANDBANK button, which will take you to the LBP ePayment Portal. You’ll then pay online through this portal using your account with LANDBANK, GCash, or BancNet.

How much is the police clearance fee? Police clearance is PHP 150 plus PHP 10 transaction fee (for a total of PHP 160).

Enter your LANDBANK/GCash/BancNet account number and PIN. Afterward, your transaction details and payment summary will be shown.

4. Go to Your Selected Police Station

Police Clearance Online Application Guide for Filipinos - National Police Clearance System

Photo from Tubao Police Station Facebook page

On your scheduled appointment, bring two valid IDs, your reference number, and official receipt of your police clearance payment and present them to the police station.

You’ll then undergo biometrics capture. Have your photo, fingerprints, and digital signature taken.

Your application will go through a verification process, in which the police officer will check your biometrics and criminal records on the PNP database. This process won’t take long.

Wait for your name to be called for the release of your police clearance.

However, if your application got a hit, you’ll have to undergo another verification process. Once it’s settled, you can already claim your police clearance.

Final Thoughts

Police clearance applications nowadays are a lot more efficient than before. Transactions are smoother and faster because of the new online application system for PNP clearance.

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