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Gone are the days when you needed to provide multiple IDs to complete government transactions. Enter the UMID Card, perhaps one of the greatest innovations that the government has ever implemented. It rolls all the details of your multiple government IDs―from SSS to PhilHealth―into one card, thus making it function like a master key.

With the practicality that it offers, the UMID card has been well-received in the country. A lot of Filipinos flock to SSS and GSIS branches to apply for one. And even if the application services have been paused for a long time due to quarantine restrictions, many are still looking forward to initiating their application.

Thankfully, the UMID application service resumed last September 27, 2021.[1] If you happen to be an SSS member who wants to apply for a UMID card, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to get an SSS ID.

What is UMID?

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UMID means Unified Multi-purpose Identification and is often called the UMID card. The Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) is a four-in-one identification card that Filipinos can use to transact with government agencies such as the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund.

The UMID is also accepted as a valid ID in most transactions, making it one of the most powerful IDs in the Philippines. But unlike getting a passport, a UMID card application is much simpler and easier even for fresh college graduates who are starting out in their first job.

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Who May Apply for a UMID Card?

Before you start your UMID application, find out if you’re actually eligible for it. You can only apply for the UMID if:

  • You’re an SSS member with at least one (1) posted contribution.
  • You’ve  lost your UMID card.
  • You need to update your card due to change of name and correction of personal details.

In case you’ve applied for an SS Number from December 10, 2020 onward, you have to take note of the following:

  • You don’t have have to fill out the UMID application form.[2]
  • You only have to schedule an appointment for biometric data capture through the My.SSS Appointment System. On your appointment day, you’ll be required to present the printed SS Number application and the transaction number slip.

NOTE: Should you prefer a manual application at the branch, remember that the Branch Number Coding System applies.[3]

What are the Requirements for a UMID Card?

One of the best things about the UMID card application is that the documents you need to submit aren’t complicated at all. You just have to provide the following UMID requirements:

  • Duly accomplished UMID application form
  • Copy of any of the following primary valid IDs:
    • Driver’s license
    • Passport
    • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Card
    • Seaman’s Book

Where Can I Apply for a UMID Card?

how to get an SSS ID - umid applications are once again accepted

You can file your UMID application through the following channels:

  • Online via your My.SSS account with an appointment date for biometric data capture at your preferred SSS branch
  • Offline via SSS branches

How to Get an SSS ID in the Philippines

Here are the steps that you need to take for your UMID card application during the pandemic.

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

You can schedule your appointment via online and offline channels. For those who prefer online scheduling, you can use My.SSS. If you want to do it offline, just head over to SSS branches with UMID Enrollment Facilities.

UMID Appointment Setting via My.SSS

how to get an SSS ID - online appointment via My.SSS
  1. Visit the official SSS official website.[4]
  2. On the right side of the page, click the Member tab.
  3. You’ll be directed to the log-in page. Input your User ID and password.
  4. Click the Member Info tab. Choose Appointment System from the drop down menu.
  5. For the Purpose section, select UMID Card Application.
  6. Pick your region, preferred SSS branch, and appointment date. Remember that the dates in red are unavailable, while the ones in green are still available.
  7. Input your desired time schedule and the counter number that will process your application.
  8. Once you’re done with the application, print or take a screenshot of the appointment details for reference.  

Application via Branch Walk-In

If you don’t have a My.SSS account and you want to schedule your UMID appointment, you can do so by visiting an SSS branch. However, remember that the SSS branch you’re going to visit must have UMID Enrollment Facilities.[5]

Moreover, you can’t just go to your chosen branch whenever you feel like it as SSS implements the Branch Number Coding system. The 10th digit of your SS or Employer (ER) ID number corresponds to a specific day you’re only allowed to transact at SSS branches. Here are the schedules based on the said 10th digit.

Your SS or Employer ID 10th DigitCorresponding Transaction Day
1 and 2Monday
3 and 4Tuesday
5 and 6Wednesday
7 and 8Thursday
9 and 0Friday

Note: In case the transaction day falls on a public holiday, you can visit the branch the next day.

Step 2: Go to the SSS Branch to Submit Your Requirements

On the date of your appointment, go to your chosen SSS branch and submit your documentary requirements. You may be asked to present the original copy of your primary ID, so make sure that you have it with you.

Step 3: Proceed to Biometrics Capture Booth

Once your requirements have been validated, proceed to the biometrics capture booth. At this point, your photo, digital signature, and fingerprints will be taken. Before leaving the booth, double-check the personal details so errors will be corrected accordingly.

Step 4: Wait for Your UMID Card Pick-Up Schedule 

The staff may inform you about the estimated pick-up schedule of your SSS ID.  Normally, the UMID card is ready for issuance within 30 days after your application.

However, the SSS reminds members that there may be some delays in the issuance of the cards despite the resumption of the application services. Nevertheless, the agency assures members that notifications will be immediately sent to their mobile number or email address once the cards are available for pick-up.

Once you’ve received your card, you can activate it right away at a self-service kiosk of your chosen SSS branch.

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UMID Card Application FAQs

Still got some questions? This section may provide answers to your UMID or SSS ID-related questions. 

1. How will I know the status of my application?

If you want to know the status of your SSS UMID application, you can do it via email or My.SSS.

Email the following details to

  • Your full name
  • Your SS Number
  • The details of your concern
  • Photo or scanned copy of the following:
    • Phil ID (national ID) or one primary ID
    • Two valid ID cards, both bearing signatures or with one bearing your picture
  • Photo or selfie of you holding the ID cards/documents that you’ve sent.

NOTE: The email attachment should not be greater than 30 MB.

how to get an SSS ID - application status verification

Alternatively, you can view the status of your UMID application through your online SSS account. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your My.SSS account.
  2. On the menu, hover your mouse over Member Info.
  3. Click on “UMID/SSS ID Details.”
  4. The system will show the information about your UMID application. Check its status under the Transaction Status column.

2. If I don’t have any primary documents, what should I submit?

In case you don’t have a primary ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, PRC ID, or seaman’s card, you can submit any two (2) of the following secondary documents. One of the said two documents must have your picture.

  • Postal ID
  • School or Company ID
  • TIN Card
  • Membership Card issued by private companies
  • OWWA Card
  • Senior Citizens Card
  • Voter’s Identification Card/Affidavit/Certificate of Registration
  • ATM Card with your name and certification from bank in case it doesn’t have your name
  • Fisherman’s Card issued by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)
  • GSIS Card/Member’s Record/Certificate of Membership
  • Health or Medical Card
  • Permanent Residency ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Marriage Contract
  • NBI Clearance
  • Pag-IBIG Member’s Data Form

For the complete list, check the UMID application form.[6] 

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3. How much is the UMID application fee?

If you’re getting your UMID card for the first time, you don’t have to pay for anything. But if you’re getting a replacement card, you’ll need to pay PHP 200 at the SSS branch on your respective appointment.

4. Does the UMID card have an expiration date?

No, your UMID card doesn’t have an expiry date. It’s valid for life. Nevertheless, be careful when it comes to keeping it. If you lose or break it, you’ll need to apply for a replacement card.

5. Someone offered to make my UMID. Is this legit?

Avoid these people at all costs! The SSS reminds the public to avoid fixers who offer to make a UMID card  in exchange for a transaction fee. Only the SSS is authorized to make UMID cards.

UMID cards made by these fixers are not legitimate and can’t be used to process official transactions. If you use this card, your benefit claim or loan application may be rejected. You may also face legal charges.

As such, the SSS encourages the public to report Facebook and Instagram pages who offer this service. You can reach out to the agency’s Special Investigation Department via the following contact details:

  • Telephone number: 8709-7198 locals 5313 to 5316
  • Email address:

6. I need to replace my card to update my data and fingerprint. What should I do?

Just visit the designated branch and submit the previously issued SSS or UMID card.

Important Tips Every UMID Applicant Should Remember

Whether you’re filling out your online application form or heading to the SSS branch, you need to keep the following things in mind:

1. Double-Check the Information You’ve Provided

Delays and problems may arise if you’ve provided the SSS with inaccurate data. Before you turn in your application form and the requirements, see to it that all the details are correct and consistent. And as previously mentioned, double-check the details shown to you at the biometrics capture booth.

2. Wear Appropriate Clothes

Treat your UMID appointment the way you treat your passport appointment. This means that you need to dress appropriately. Refrain from wearing a tank top or a sleeveless shirt as this is not allowed at the photo booth. Similarly, you’ll have to remove items and accessories that may interfere with your appearance in the photo. These include colored contact lenses, large earrings, and eyeglasses.

3. Observe Health and Safety Protocols at the Application Site

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The pandemic isn’t over yet. Bring your hand sanitizer and wear your face mask and face shield at all times. Don’t forget to bring your own pen. And always follow the health and safety protocols at the application site.

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Final Thoughts

Having a UMID card comes with a lot of benefits. For one, you don’t have to carry multiple government IDs in your wallet. You can also conveniently access your government benefits from different agencies just by using one card.

Now that you know how to get an SSS ID easily, it’s time to set your appointment. Fast-track the entire application process by submitting complete documents and double-checking all the details that you provide to avoid mistakes and confusion.

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