Travel Hacks 101 for the Holiday Season

Published: November 18, 2016 | Updated: November 7, 2019 | Posted by: Kristel Silang | Lifestyle, Personal Finance

Travel Hacks 101 for the Holiday Season
One of the holiday seasons when most Filipinos travel is during Christmas. This is the time when most of our families get together for trips aside from the usual feasts.
Ticket prices and accommodations can go high during this time because it is peak season, so how does one get savings for trips like this? Here are some tips on how you can do that:

Ticket and Accommodation Purchase

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Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  Most people fly out during Fridays – Sundays, so flying out during the middle of the week can help you reduce ticket prices. Here are some examples if you book your flight going to Hong Kong on December 13 (Tuesday) versus December 16 (Friday) in economy class.
Air Asia

  • December 12 – Php2,850
  • December 16 – Php3,340
  • Difference – Php490

Cebu Pacific

  • December 12 – Php3,499
  • December 16 – Php4,299
  • Difference –  Php800

Make sure to clear your history, cookies, and cache before searching flights. Some airline websites raise the prices of the flights when they detect that you have been searching for various flights prior to landing at their website.
Opt for a city getaway. If you are just looking for a getaway with your family and friends over the weekend, then a smart move would be to going to city destinations locally or abroad since most people are moving away from the city during the holiday season and hotels will be looking for ways to fill their rooms.

Luggage Storage

Weigh your check-in baggage before check-in. This is a basic step that you can do to avoid the hassle of having overweight luggage at the airport. You can buy a luggage scale from Php299 to Php369 which will not be only for a one-time use but for multiple trips you’ll have in the future. You wouldn’t want to pay Php200 for every excess 1 kg of your prepaid luggage.
If presents are taking up extra space in your luggage, roll your clothes, don’t fold them. Stacking 15 clothes will definitely take up more luggage space than rolling them in your luggage. However, this will take up more time to do so schedule a time slot to doing this before your trip.  
Store your power cords in a small pouch. Don’t get your chargers and earphones tangled in your bag by putting them in small containers such as a sunglass case or a small pouch. You can also include other items such as power banks in it so all your electronics are compiled in one place.
Wear your heaviest shoes and coat or jacket on the plane. This can help reduce the weight of your check-in luggage. You can also use your jacket or coat as a pillow while in the flight.
Invest in a dry bag. Some groups go to beaches during the holidays since there are less people than summer. A dry bag can be a big help for securing your gadgets while you are swimming or taking boat rides. Dry bags are more popular to use at the beach but you can also use this in case it will be rainy during your trip.


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Get your boarding passes online.  Manually checking in approximately takes 10 – 30 minutes than when you web check in and get in the boarding area which will usually take 5-10 minutes.
Take a plug adaptor. Basic as it may sound, some destinations have a different socket type. It would be best if you bring a universal adaptor so you can be sure to use all your gadgets.
Use Google Maps offline. You can do that now by typing “OK Maps” and the visible area will save for future access.
Boost your immune system. You wouldn’t want to get sick when you go on a holiday vacation with the family.
Keep pen and paper with you. There will be documents such as immigration documents and other forms that will need your signature that you should be ready for. There will also be instances when you need to write something down, so better be prepared than scrambling for pen and paper while you’re on the go.
Use a camera or a mobile phone to take pics of anything important you need to remember. This can be your hotel details, hire car, or meeting locations. This way, it will be easier to remember and to retrieve when you are on the road.

 Final Thoughts

There are many ways to save time, money, and lugagge space during your holiday trips. This will make the trip worthwhile apart from being with people that you value the most.ce during your holiday trips. This will make the trip worthwhile apart from being with people that you value the most.