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Parents always put their children’s education first. This is why a lot of them are almost endlessly researching for the best schools that will suit their kids’ interests and goals.

After all, elite and reputable institutions offer not only quality education but also networks and similar privileges that will surely help their students a lot once they leave for the real world.

Sending your child to the most expensive school in the Philippines for high-quality education can take out a lot of your family financially. One good piece of advice is to start preparing for your child’s tuition while they’re young—and it could be now!

Most Expensive Schools in the Philippines

If you’re planning to have your child study at a well-respected institution, here’s a rundown of schools with the highest tuition fee in the Philippines, from high school to college.

Note: The fees stated below are just ballpark figures and are supposed to give you an idea of how much you should prepare for your child’s education. The prices may change depending on the degree and miscellaneous fees. Also, a lot of schools might have revised their schedules of fees because of their adoption of online set-ups and study-from-home schemes due to the ongoing pandemic.

8 Most Expensive High Schools

1. International School Manila

Tuition: USD 14,460 plus PHP 464,000 – USD 16,160 plus PHP 519,000 per year

Photo from International School Manila Facebook page

When it comes to prestigious high school education, no one can doubt the stature of International School Manila (ISM). After all, this 100-year-old non-profit school has produced some notable alumni over the years (including the Megastar Sharon Cuneta!).

ISM is easily one of the most expensive schools in the Philippines and for good reasons.

Being the oldest international school in Manila has given it access to different educational breakthroughs early on. In fact, it is the first school in Asia that offered the IB Diploma Programme.

ISM’s regular high school courses are diverse and easily match the different interests of students. For one, its design and technology department has courses like robotics and food technology. If your child is interested in fine arts and performing arts, the school offers courses such as concert band, show choir, symphonic band, and jazz band, among others.

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2. The British School Manila

Tuition: GBP 5,625 plus PHP 539,010 – GBP 6,750 plus PHP 622,710 per year

Photo from The British School Manila Facebook page

Established in 1976, The British School Manila prides itself on being the oldest and only non-profit international school in Manila that offers British education. Its teaching staff members were all UK and Commonwealth-trained.

Other than being a member of the Council of International Schools, the school is also affiliated with the International Baccalaureate, which means that your child can choose to complete an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. What’s stellar about the school’s IBDP is that it has a 100% passing rate. A lot of its students have gone to top universities in the US, the UK, and Canada.

Also, The British School Manila is located in BGC, which means students have access to the district’s family-friendly establishments. To help students maximize BGC’s conveniences and support their sense of independence, the school gives them a special exit and walking pass.

3. Brent International School Manila

Tuition: USD 8,784 plus PHP 403,512 – USD 9,120 plus PHP 418,900 per year

Nestled within the suburban area of Biñan City, Brent International School Manila is an educational institution with an Episcopal philosophy. The sprawling campus provides an environment conducive to learning since it’s surrounded by lush greenery and blue skies (You’ll actually see it when you’re driving on SLEX).

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Other than its Western education format, Brent School also offers the International Diploma Programme. For the past three years, its students have been accepted by different prestigious universities abroad, including Keio University, Kyoto University, Nanyang Technological University, University of Melbourne, University College London, Duke University, California State University, and Columbia University, among others.

4. Chinese International School Manila

Tuition: PHP 430,000 – PHP 511,000 per year

Established in 2007, Chinese International School Manila (CISM) is one of the prestigious international schools in Taguig. Other than being recognized locally by DepEd, CISM is also a member of the Council of International Schools.

Mandarin is being taught from preschool to high school in CISM. But foreign students who plan to continue their education at a Philippine university will also receive Filipino language classes.

Like Southville, CISM also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This makes a good option for students planning to study in an elite university abroad someday.

5. Reedley International School

Tuition: PHP 291,360 – PHP 392,640 per year

Close to the affluent communities of Valle Verde and Arcovia, Reedley International School is another exclusive educational institution that you may consider if you want your kid to experience the best of three worlds. Its curriculum uses the best approaches of three countries: Singapore, the US, and the Philippines.

The school’s Mathematics and Science courses follow the Singaporean curriculum while its English Language Arts course adopts Ohio and Common Core Standards. Its Social Studies course also follows the US’s Aero Common Core Plus Standards. Finally, Reedley International School follows DepEd’s K to 12 Program, meaning your child will get four years of Junior High School and two years of Senior High School education.

Reedley is one of the international schools in the Philippines with a structured and high-tech distance learning program.[1] It uses Google Suite for education and offers its own mobile app for enrollment, student attendance, and more.

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6. Southville International Schools and Colleges 

Tuition: PHP 170,908 – PHP 200,000 per year

Being an international school, Southville’s High School Division follows the National Curriculum of the United Kingdom for the following courses: Mathematics, Applied Science, and Social Living. It also follows the Common Core State Standards of the United States for English. On top of that, Southville’s high school curriculum is strongly research-based, a quality that the school believes will develop student’s love for learning.

Southville also offers a specialized high school program called the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or IBDP. It’s similar to the US’s Advanced Placement Program, except that its availability is limited. In the Philippines, Southville is just one of the 20 schools offering this program. This is a great choice for your child, especially if you want them to study at a top university abroad.

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7. De La Salle University Senior High School

Tuition: PHP 169,275 per year

If you want your child to get a taste of university life, De La Salle University (DLSU) Senior High School makes a good choice. As it’s directly supervised by DLSU Manila, your kid will surely get a high school experience within a university setting. This means that they’ll have access to the university’s laboratories and resources, and the precious opportunity to be taught by reputable college professors.

Aside from offering all the strands of the Academic Track, DLSUy Senior High School also has Sports Track and Arts and Design Track.

8. De La Salle Santiago Zobel

Tuition: PHP 145,293 – PHP 158,638 per year

Established in 1978, De La Salle Santiago Zobel is one of the most prestigious schools in Southern Manila. This Alabang-based institution offers junior and high school courses. It’s one of the best choices to consider if your kid is an incoming senior high student, as the school offers all the strands of the Academic Track: Accountancy, Business and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

11 Most Expensive Universities and Colleges

1. Centre for International Education British School

Tuition: PHP 400,000 – PHP 500,000 per year

The Centre for International Education (CIE), termed the “School for Leaders,” is accredited by Cambridge Assessment under the University of Cambridge. It offers degrees in Business, Information Technologies, and Tourism.

Students also have the option to complete their junior year of college at Northwood University, USA, providing them with both a US and PH certified degree. CIE British School also offers basic education[2] with programs in Primary School and High School. With what this school offers, it’s no doubt that they have one of the most expensive tuition in the Philippines.

2. Southville and Foreign Universities 

Tuition: PHP 390,000 – PHP 450,000

Not to be confused with Southville International Schools and Colleges,[2] Southville and Foreign Universities (SISFU) is one of the most expensive schools in the Philippines. It’s affiliated with several British and Australian universities to provide degrees in Business Administration, Culinary Arts, and Hospitality Management. Internships, which are mostly paid, can be done abroad in countries, such as the US, the UK, Switzerland, and the Middle East.

3. Enderun Colleges

Tuition: PHP 360,000 – PHP 400,000 per year

The BGC-based non-sectarian college specializes in Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management with specialization in Hotel Administration or Culinary Arts. Enderun Colleges also offer degrees[3] in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability. An 18-unit course costs PHP 180,000 for local residents and PHP 200,000 for international students.

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4. De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (CSB)

Instagram photo by @mylasg

Tuition: PHP 225,000 – PHP 300,000 per year

Originally founded as a night school in the 1980s, the former College of Career Development got its name in 1988 and is used as a “learner-centered instruction” facility. CSB houses Design and Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Information Technologies, and Multidisciplinary Studies programs.

Programs cost PHP 75,000 to PHP 110,000 per term for three terms a year.

5. De La Salle University (DLSU)

Tuition: PHP 205,000 – PHP 225,000 per year

Founded in 1911, DLSU has been identified by CHED as a “center of excellence” in six of its programs among other accolades. To date, it offers degrees in Education, Engineering, Business, Communication, Technologies and Economics, to name a few. Average tuition for freshmen for the first trimester[4] will cost around PHP 60,000 to PHP 70,000, making it one of the most expensive universities in the Philippines. DLSU follows a trimester academic structure, which means parents will have to pay for three terms in a year.

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6. University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P)

Instagram photo by @uapslg

Tuition: PHP 190,000 – PHP 200,000 per year

Originally established as the Center for Research and Communication, the University of Asia and the Pacific was originally a think-tank that offered graduate courses in economics. It also conducted social and economic research.

Today, UA&P offers degrees such as Applied Mathematics, Human Capital Development, and Industrial Economics. Parents may have to pay between PHP 80,000 to PHP 100,000 per semester at a full 23-unit course load—and that’s just for tuition alone.

7. Ateneo de Manila University

Instagram photo by @isamusni

Tuition: PHP 180,000 – PHP 200,000 per year

Established in 1859 by the Society of Jesus, Ateneo de Manila University is the third-oldest school in the Philippines. It’s one of the oldest private research institutes in the country and offers degrees in multiple fields of study, such as Arts and Humanities, Management and Entrepreneurship, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.[5] ADMU is also one of the top-ranked universities in the Philippines.

The average tuition per semester is PHP 92,064. On top of that, you’ll need to cover other fees that may cost up PHP 17,000.

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8. iAcademy

Tuition: PHP 165,000 – PHP 225,000 per year

Founded in 2001, iAcademy offers degrees that specialize in business and technology. Programs here range from Software Engineering to Game Development as well as Multimedia Arts and Design. It is also one of the few schools in the country that offer BS Animation. Students who wish to enroll in four-year programs will be spending up to PHP 60,000 per term for three terms a year.

9. San Beda University

Tuition: PHP 150,000 – PHP 160,000 per year

Founded in 1901 by Benedictine monks, San Beda University was primarily an all-boys school in Manila. It eventually expanded to a full college with branches in Alabang and Rizal. In February 2018, CHED granted San Beda university status[6].

San Beda offers bachelor’s degrees in the fields of Accountancy, Business, Marketing, Computer Science, and Economics. They also have their own School of Law and Graduate Schools for Business Administration and Liturgy.

10. Mapúa University

Photo from Mapúa University Facebook page

Tuition: PHP 130,000 – PHP 195,000 per year

Ask every aspiring engineer about their dream school, and they’re likely to say that Mapua is one of their considerations. The university is the first school in Southeast Asia to receive accreditation from the esteemed Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. It has the most number of accredited engineering and computing programs in just a single campus in the Philippines! But other than engineering programs, Mapua also offers degrees in Advertising Design, Broadcast Media, Psychology, Digital Film, and Multimedia Arts.

Mapúa University is also known for pioneering the quarter system or Quarterm. This means that your child will need to complete four terms every year until graduation. And each term may cost PHP 34,000 to PHP 40,000.

11. Assumption College

Tuition: PHP 120,000 – PHP 180,000 per year

Assumption College, or fondly called AC, has a long and rich history just like the other schools built by religious congregations. Despite its many incarnations since 1892, the school remained all-girls and all-women in nature. It has produced notable alumnae, including former President Cory Aquino, Cory Vidanes (ABS-CBN’s Chief Operating Officer), and Senator Grace Poe, among others.

Under its Marie Eugenie School for Innovative Learning, Assumption College offers bachelor degrees, such as Education, Early Childhood Education, Communication, Psychology, Performing Arts, and Interior Design. On the other hand, its Milleret School of Business and Management for Women offers degrees in Business Administration, Accountancy, and Entrepreneurship.

Final Thoughts

You can avoid bankrolling your child’s education by saving or investing in education plans. If your child is academically gifted and you find it hard to save up for the most expensive school, there are scholarship programs available in the Philippines.

The best education you can provide for your child is undoubtedly pricey, but ensuring their professional future is your priority. Take note of the above-mentioned schools with the highest tuition fee in the Philippines for a more secure future for you and your family.

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