Yes, You Can Have a Wedding with Php 100,000

Published: June 1, 2016 | Updated: October 13, 2020 | Posted by: Carlo Miguel Castañeda | Lifestyle

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Most women dream of a wedding worth remembering, both by them and their guests. These days, weddings come in all shapes and sizes. From the most grandiose to the simplest, a wedding really is about two people who love each other very much finally getting together.

Making a wedding happen when you’re on a tight budget is doable, but you need be determined to make it happen.. That’s what Betsy and her husband Warren said when they sat down to tell the story of what it was like throwing a wedding at Php 100,000

Why that amount?

“We wanted to be realistic.” Betsy said, “It wasn’t a matter of having a grand celebration of our love – that was grand enough as it is.”

She relates that when she and Warren sat down to plan their wedding, it was more about them getting married than it was planning something over the top and unnecessarily expensive. From their point of view, less was actually more.

“It didn’t have to be a huge church wedding,” Warren said. “It didn’t even have to be a huge church – what mattered was that I was getting hitched to the love of my life. Our parents had offered to help, but we asked that any money they’d want to give us be put towards helping us get a home of our own instead.”

They pegged their budget at Php 100,000 – minus the cost of the rings, which were family heirlooms – and worked on getting the ceremony and the reception planned.

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Location is everything

“We ruled the biggest churches out of the question, of course. There was also the fact that most churches charge more on weekends than they do on weekdays.”

They decided on a weekday wedding, and not wanting to stray too far from the city, they decided on the ceremonies happening at St. Pancratius chapel in Paco Park, Manila. The small, air-conditioned chapel would fit up to 150 people, which was more than the couple’s guest list.

“All told, it cost us about Php 20,000 – and it was a beautiful place all on its own.” Betsy relates, “We’d looked at a few venues, but apart from budget, the venue you choose to get married at also has to have the right ambience.”

There was also the matter of where the reception would be held, and the hotel where they’d prepare. The couple decided to keep everything in Manila – around Intramuros, specifically. They booked a pair of rooms at the Bayleaf Intramuros Hotel, which cost Php 6,316 total, thanks to Agoda. The reception was held at Casa Manila Patio, which cost Php 15,000.

The other details

“We weren’t in any rush when it came to planning the wedding, but we really wanted to have everything good and ready so that our guests’ calendars would already have the date saved and everything.”

Warren relates that the food was a maelstrom of tasting and narrowing down what they could and couldn’t have, and taking into consideration that some members on both sides of the family had food allergies.

“We decided on a package from Quido’s Catering that cost us about Php 48,000,” he says, “The food was amazing.”
They state that finding a combined wedding/photographer package was a little harder, but their best friends said that they’d cover that cost for them instead.

“I remember being a little overwhelmed when they told us that at the cake tasting, and then we fell into the discussion of what the entourage would wear.” Betsy said. “Now I wasn’t particularly attached to keeping a dress I’d only wear once – but I did want Warren to have a suit he could wear for formal occasions.”

“But I didn’t want to wear the suit I wore to my wedding at random occasions,” Warren interjected. “In the end, we decided to rent our wedding attire, and pair it with awesome sneakers, because we wanted to be comfortable.”

The color theme was blue – a favorite of the couple – neckties for the men, and for the ladies, cocktail dresses in that shade would do. Betsy went to RoyAnne Camillia Couture for her dress, and Warren to Gardini Fashion Center for his ensemble. The gown’s rental cost Php 4,000, and the ensemble (coat, longsleeves, pants) cost Php 3,700.
Betsy’s sister offered to do the makeup for everybody.

Last Touches

“We’re both geeks, so the souvenirs and invitations were fairly easy for us to do ourselves.” Warren relates. Warren and Betsy designed the invites themselves using pixel art they found on pinterest as inspiration. Having the invites printed out cost them about 750 total. Their souvenirs were papercraft pieces designed by Betsy to fold out into 20-sided dice, which cost Php 1,400.

“I have a bit of a pollen allergy, so instead of having our entourage carry bouquets of flowers, we gathered our friends and made papercraft pixel art flowers instead. It was the cutest thing.”

Final Thoughts

Betsy and Warren both state that they could’ve gone a little over and it wouldn’t have been a problem, but they wanted to stay within the Php 100,000 budget as much as they could. They also said that having friends and family there to help them through made all the difference.

When asked what they’d say to anyone else planning a wedding on a smaller budget, they had this to say: “Be brutal when it comes to how small or large your wedding is going to be, and remember that it’s all about making the best possible choices as a unit.”

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