Save as Much as P30,000 with These 8 Travel Hacks

Published: April 20, 2018 | Updated: October 14, 2020 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

Travel Hacks to Save Money |
Are you planning to travel with family and friends? Grab the opportunity. It wouldn’t take a lot of your income to travel in a local or international destination nowadays. There are many places you can visit for cheap–all you have to do is research and prepare an itinerary.

Make the most out of your summer. Travel to your dream destination and save as much as PHP 30,000 with the following tips!

Know how you’ll pay for things

Are you bringing cash? Make sure to set a budget for it. Or maybe you’re planning to use your credit card? Know the establishments that accept credit card payments and don’t forget to call your bank and ask about international fees. Also prepare for mandatory fees such as airport taxes and environmental charges so you can include them in your budget before you leave.

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Pack a medicine bag

Travel Hacks to Save Money |

Getting sick–or worst, hospitalized–while on a trip will not only ruin your vacation but your travel budget as well. Allergies brought by weather changes and food poisoning are just some of the common illnesses you need to watch out for.
Keep yourself healthy weeks before your trip. Eat well, get enough sleep, and drink vitamins. It’s also best to bring a first aid kit and medicine bag. Looking for a drugstore and for a medicine brand that you trust while on holiday is not only inconvenient but costly as well.

Compare flight prices

When booking a flight, look at other airline prices. Who knows, you might stumble upon a sale or a deal exclusive to members of loyalty programs. You can also book connecting flights with different airlines to save money. Skycanner is a great website to compare airfares all at the same time. 

Use Wi-Fi when contacting loved ones

Travel Hacks to Save Money |

Avoid roaming charges by taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi at the airport or your hotel. Also, don’t be embarrassed of asking for the Wi-Fi password when dining in a cafe or restaurant. They set it up for customers to use, anyway.
Doing this will save you a lot of money since telecommunication companies charge around PHP 120 to PHP 150 per minute when subscribers call from abroad. 160-character text messages, on the other hand, cost PHP 20 to PHP 25. Surfing on mobile costs PHP 3 to PHP 5 per 10Kb.

Check your luggage weight before leaving home

Excess baggage can be a source of additional fees if you don’t really prepare for your flight in advance. Cebu Pacific[1], for example, charges PHP 200 per kilo per bag for domestic flights and PHP 800 per kilo per bag for international flights. Think about it… excess baggage of 1.5 kilograms can cost you as much PHP 1,600. Yikes!

To avoid this, invest on a baggage scale or just use your weighing scale at home to get the exact weight of your luggage. If you intend to bring back souvenirs for family and friends, leave a baggage allowance to accommodate this without paying extra at the airport.

Download mobile applications that can give you the best discounts

Travel Hacks to Save Money |

There are numerous mobile apps that you can use to book flights, hotels, and tour packages with big discounts. Some of them even have tie-up programs with various credit cards, allowing you to receive exclusive reward and discounts. Some of these apps are:

  • Skyscanner[2]
  • Traveloka[3]
  • Cheapflights[4]
  • Kayak[5]


  • Expedia[6]
  • Trivago[7]

Tour Packages

  • Klook[9]

Get lunch specials

If Vikings have a cheaper lunch price than their dinner buffet, that applies to other restaurants as well. There are many food places that offer lunch menus which are way cheaper than when you go there during dinner. This is due to the restaurant’s lower cost with a limited menu with people coming in and out every 45 minutes as opposed to the usual two hours according to Mikka Luster, a sous chef from Dallas.
You can use this technique if you want to try specific restaurants during your trip. Research their menus and latest promos to get the best deal.

Earn frequent flyer points through credit card rewards

It’s easy to earn flyer points if you regularly use your credit card when booking domestic and international flights. One to keep watch of is AirAsia’s BIG Loyalty Program as they reward AirAsia BIG Points to RCBC, BPI, Security Bank, and Maybank cardholders. Take advantage of this and you could fly to your dream destination for free!
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