Most Reliable Auto Repair Shops in Metro Manila

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Most Reliable Auto Repair Shops in Metro Manila
It’s never a good thing when your car breaks down. Repairs can be costly and at times, made worse by mechanics that don’t precisely know how to deal with your vehicle. The question then becomes “how can I get my car properly repaired,” and the answer is to take it to reliable garages whose mechanics know precisely what they’re doing with your car.

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Naturally, preference and location will still matter, and no two experiences with a single garage will be the same. Here’s a list of a few reliable auto repair sites in Manila:

Good Gear Auto Parts

Some of the most-driven cars are made in Korea owing to their relative size and price. Good Gear specializes in Hyundai and Kia, and other cars of Korean make. Their parts and services come at a modest price, so if you need your car looked at by specialists, head on down to their shop in Pasay.

They also offer Korean OEM parts for other cars as well, if you’d like to put a little more flavor in your vehicle.

Location: 2682 Taft Avenue, Pasay

Contact: (02) 833 5493

SCaG Automotive Services

SCaG is an independent garage that works out of Paco, Manila, and specializes in the repair of automobiles and trucks. They offer a wide range of services beyond repair and maintenance. They also offer performance parts and oil change services.

Their company profile states that they have “exceeded dealer level expertise with state of the art equipment,” an ideal garage for people who want top-of-the-line care for their vehicle.

Location: 900 D. Romualdez St., SCaG Building, Paco, Manila

Contact: (632) 521-2785 / (632) 579 7779

Rides Restoration

This particular body shop services not just cars, but bikes as well. It focuses on auto body services and engine repairs, and is also a licensed dealer for most motorcycles, as well as their maintenance. As the name suggests, they also do a pretty bang-up job repairing and restoring vehicles.

In addition to these, they also do custom paint jobs and designs on both kinds of vehicles. Consider this place especially if you’re around the Pasig area, and if you want to trick out your ride.

Location: 2185 Pasig Line, Sta. Ana Manila

Contact: +63 922 818 2257


The name’s pretty catchy on its own, but this particular body shop has plenty to offer. Plenty of car aficionados consider this place to be a leader in its field. Originally, it was a body repair training center in conjunction with DuPont Philippines that eventually evolved into a full-on body shop.

Visitors may notice teams working on all kinds of cars; from the Civic to the rumbles of an Aston Martin. Another fun thing is that they also use DuPont’s paints, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of your paint job.

Location: 45, Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Manggahan, Pasig

Contact: (02) 916 0580

Motolite Car Batteries and Repair Shop

While Motolite is well-known for its batteries (and the commercials promoting them), they also have a string of repair shops and affiliated garages through gas stations across the country.

Their specialty naturally remains automotive batteries, but their repair shop offers options that are particularly affordable, and their affiliates are well-equipped to handle most car troubles. They also offer quick check-ups at selected Shell stations.

Location: Ramcar Center 80-82 Roces Ave. Diliman, Quezon City

Contact: (63)-(02)-370-1000

There are many other repair shops that do great jobs at fair prices out there, and these are just a few of them. Most of these body and repair shops get a lot more business through word of mouth, though a majority are now promoting over Facebook and Google+, so feel free to drop by and check out how exactly they can help you.
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