Need to Upgrade Your Ride? You Can’t Go Wrong with These Car Accessories Stores

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated May 11, 2022

Cars equal convenience—it’s common knowledge. When you have your own vehicle you can take with you anywhere, you get access to a lot of things that public transportation just can’t provide.

But having your own car also comes with great responsibility. You need to follow a car maintenance checklist to make sure that your vehicle is always in top shape.

One way to increase the value of your car is to equip it with accessories. Sure, these may not be entirely necessary (that’s what “accessory means,” after all). But they’re still nice to have, as they can enhance the look and feel of your car and improve its functionality. Accessories are also a good way to customize your car and make it uniquely yours.

If you’re up for a quick upgrade, head out to a car accessories store. So you can easily find one, we've compiled a list of top shops for car accessories in the Philippines.

Big Brands Offering Car Accessories in the Philippines

Finding a car accessories shop that sells high-quality goods perfect for your vehicle can be quite daunting, especially when you don’t know where to look. But don’t be intimidated. The four shops below are easily accessible in malls.

Ace Hardware

car accessories store - ace

Yes, that Ace Hardware that's become everyone’s go-to shop over the years offers car accessories as well. In fact, Ace Hardware has an exceptional line of imported car accessories and products, including audio systems, tools, oils and fluids, and cleaning supplies.

Ace Hardware car accessories are definitely not something you’ll miss while out malling because the brand is present in almost every SM Supermall.

What’s great about shopping at Ace Hardware is the rewards system. When purchasing goods, you can use the Ace Rewards card to earn points and enjoy exclusive discounts. You can also use your SM Advantage card as Ace Hardware is an affiliate of the SM Group of Companies.


car accessories store - blade

Blade is undoubtedly one of the biggest names when it comes to car accessories in the Philippines. Established in 1994, the company offers a wide selection of car products, including auto electronics, cleaning materials, oils and fluids, and interior and exterior accessories. It also offers performance parts, wheels, and tires, making it a one-stop-shop for car owners in the country.

If there’s one thing that sets Blade apart, it’s the unique line of car accessory products that the brand offers. Blade car accessories like waxes, cleaning cloths, dehumidifiers, car covers, and seat cushions are everywhere in malls. You can shop at any of Blade’s 20+ stores nationwide or browse online on the company's website.


car accessories store - concorde

Concorde may not be as big as Blade. But it sure is another familiar name in the auto accessories industry. You’ll find Concorde car accessories nationwide as the brand is now present in more than 20 locations, mostly in malls.

Apart from car accessories, Concorde also offers car appliances, car care products, alarm systems, and household items. Some of the brands under it include Elevo, Cyclo, Mitsuba, Car All, Formula 1, and Pocky Poda.

True Value

This brand is one of Ace Hardware’s biggest competitors, so it’s no surprise that True Value car accessories are also hot in the market. If you’re looking for imported and unique car products, True Value is the store for you.

Items like car mats, car fresheners, engine oils, car covers, and interior and exterior car accessories are available in-store. Some of the brands under True Value are 3M, Mothers, Glade, and Turtle Wax.

Just note that the products here are pricier compared to other brands. Check the prices before purchasing to get your money’s worth.

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Small Businesses Selling Car Accessories in the Philippines

Several other shops also deserve a spot in this list. If you’re looking for an auto accessories store in Metro Manila or neighboring places, the following small shops can surely meet your needs.

A few of them can even be considered as some of the best shops for car customization in the Philippines, as they provide a more personal style of service that you just can’t get from bigger brands. Do visit these shops if you live near or frequent their areas.

Audionel Car Accessories

  • Address: 345 Real St. cor. 5th St., Talon 1, Las Piñas City
  • Contact: 0929-288-3464
  • Facebook: /AudionelCarAccessories/

This automotive parts store is trusted by many car owners when it comes to car accessories. Check out Audionel's social media to see some of its completed projects.[1]

Autoline Philippines

car accessories store - autoline
Photo c/o Autoline Facebook Page
  • Address: 2679 Trinidad Ayala St. cor. Zobel Roxas Ave., Manila City
  • Contact: 285243697
  • Website:
  • Facebook: /AutolineMotorsports/

This shop has been operating for over two decades now, and it’s known among car enthusiasts for its top-quality services. It’s been dubbed as the “performance mecca of Manila” by Super Street Magazine, a popular media channel that features everything car-related. Autoline has also won multiple Best of Show Awards all over Manila.[2]

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Autoworkz Car Accessories

  • Address: 368 Sekai Center, Ortigas Ave. cor. Madison St., Greenhills, San Juan City
  • Contact: (02) 576-8650
  • Facebook: /AutoworkzPH/

This shop boasts “Banawe-priced car accessories within the convenience of Greenhills.” Banawe is known among car enthusiasts as a haven for affordable car parts and accessories. Casa shops anywhere just can’t compare to this place when it comes to cheap finds. The only catch is that it’s also notorious for being a safety risk. It’s not the best place to be for motorists and other visitors.

That’s why Autoworkz prides itself for offering products as cheap as those found in Banawe, but in a more accessible place in San Juan.[3]

Copperblue Car Accessories Center

car accessories store - copperblue
Photo c/o Copperblue Facebook Page
  • Address: 12 President’s Ave., Tahanan Village, Parañaque City
  • Contact: 842-7732 or 662-0329
  • Facebook: /copperblueautoconcepts

This shop in Metro Manila offers various products and services, including audio setup, tint, alarm, and electrical solutions. Check out Copperblue's social media for more info.[4]

J & D Car Accessories

  • Address: 8 Emerald, Quezon City
  • Contact: 0905-141-6966
  • Facebook: /JandDCarAccessories/

This brand has a car accessories Shopee page, so it’s easier for you to order online and get your purchased items delivered straight to your home.

Like others in this list, J & D car accessories are also wide-ranging. It has the standard car parts and accessories that you’ll expect from any store, plus many more. It's a popular choice among savvy car owners who need small upgrades for their vehicles.[5]

KM Car Accessories

  • Address: Borol 2nd Balagtas, Bulacan
  • Contact: 0926-730-9474
  • Facebook: /KMCarAccessories2020/

If you’re looking for a car accessories shop near the metro, give this one in Bulacan a try. KM car accessories range from tints and horns to alarms and reverse cameras. Check out its full range of products and services on its Facebook page.

Also, before visiting the shop, call first to confirm the availability of your desired products.[6]

L.A. Car Accessories and Tint Room

car accessories store - la car accessories
  • Address: 52B President Ave., Teoville III, Sucat, Parañaque City
  • Contact: (02) 7748-8710, (02) 8478-6570, 0917-327-9089, 0998-565-3501
  • Website:
  • Facebook: /lacaraccessories

This brand has one of the largest selections of car accessories across four locations nationwide. Its Makati branch is temporarily closed, but you can still head to the Parañaque branch for your car accessory needs. It also has stores in Cebu and Davao. One of the features you’ll find in this shop is a sophisticated Tint Room that's air-conditioned and dust- and pollution-free.[7]

Racing R Car Accessories

  • Address: 1658A Evangelista St., Bangkal, Makati City
  • Contact: 0947-455-2845
  • Facebook: /caraccessoriesracingr/

Racing R accessories offers a wide range of decorative items for car exteriors, including grilles, deflectors and shades, emblems, auto exterior kits and covers, body armors, license plate covers and trims, fancy wheel rims and decorations, and spoilers and wings.

It also has accessories for car interiors, including floor mats, cargo liners, winches, interior covers, lug nuts, and auto cameras. More importantly, items are available at competitive prices.[8]

Shark Philippines Car Accessories

  • Address: 14 Aramismis, Project 7, Quezon City
  • Contact: (02) 372-2464, (02) 374-3636, 0920-922-0324, 0922-882-0342
  • Website:
  • Facebook: /sharkphil

Some of the car accessories offered by Shark are floor liners, roller lids, LED bars, smart racks, dash cams, and seat skins. If you’re all about car cleaning and sanitation, they also offer COVID-19 essentials like sanimaps, mist spray pumps, and car air purifiers.[9]

Final Thoughts

With so many car accessories stores out there, you’ll never run out of places to visit any time you need to get a little trinket for your car. Whether you get your goods from the mall or from a small shop along the street, what’s important is that you get good value for your money from a trusted car accessories store.

Owning a car is costly enough as it is; make sure you always check and compare prices to get the best deal when buying car accessories.

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