Cheap Activities for Millennials |

We always look forward to weekends because they allow us to take a break from work and spend some time with family and friends. Some weekend activities, however, can be costly especially for millennials on a budget. If you spent too much during the Holy Week or if you’re saving for something more special (a new car, maybe?), here are some cheap activities you can do in the city this weekend.

Cheap Activities to Keep You Busy This Weekend

Watch a musical

Cheap Activities for Millennials |
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When was the last time you saw a musical? Last year? Last month? Or, uhm, never? Reconnect with music and theatre by seeing a musical this weekend. For less than a thousand bucks, you can experience quality artistry from local stage productions. One you should not miss is “Sa Wakas” a rock musical featuring the songs of Sugarfree. First staged in April 2013 then again in January 2017, Sa Wakas tells the sad love story of Topper and Lexi. Tickets are priced from PHP 800 to PHP 1,500 and are available through Ticketworld.

Go on a bargain hunting

Cheap Activities for Millennials |
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Score cool discounts from the Manila Sundance Bazaar this April 6 to 8 at the SMX Convention Center Hall 3, Pasay City. Shop for tops, footwear, and accessories from local brands like DM Cat Cases, Pixie Dust, Cinta Manila, and Mura Clothing. Don’t forget to haggle and bring your credit card to earn rewards and points!

See art in a park

Cheap Activities for Millennials |
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You can see art everywhere but this one is quite special. Organized by Philippine Art Events Inc., Art in the Park[1] is an annual gathering of galleries, art schools, independent art spaces, and art collectives in the Philippines. Tagged as “an affordable art fair”, the event aims to make art more accessible and more affordable to millennials and art collectors alike. Art in the Park is on April 15, 10AM to 10PM, at the Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati. And oh, entrance is free!

Join a photowalk

Cheap Activities for Millennials |
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If you’re into photography, sign up for a photowalk with local groups like LomoManila and PhotoUp Philippines. Joining one is absolutely free. Just make sure to pack your camera and bring a cheery disposition with you. Photowalks involve hours of walking, learning, and making new friends so it’s best to be friendly and adventurous.

Enjoy traffic-less Makati

Cheap Activities for Millennials |
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What’s great about weekends is the peacefulness of Makati City. Discover the business district minus the traffic by hanging out in famous barkada spots like Poblacion or by experiencing a weekend market like the Salcedo Community Market (every Saturday, 7AM to 2PM) or the Legaspi Sunday Market (every Sunday, 7AM to 2PM). Take photos, enjoy a meal, and simply appreciate Makati before it gets busy (and congested) again.

Go on a roadtrip

Cheap Activities for Millennials |
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Yearning for the beach? Or somewhere cold, perhaps? Don’t fret because going on a roadtrip is one of the cheap activities in this list. Gather your friends and plan a day trip to close provinces like Tagaytay, Laguna, and Batangas. Go for a swim, enjoy local delicacies, and appreciate the scenery without spending much. Here’s a budget breakdown for a group of four to help you plan:
Gas: PHP 1,000 (PHP 250 each)
Toll: PHP 200 back and forth (PHP 50 each)
Food: PHP 150 to PHP 200 each
Beach entrance (optional): PHP 50 to PHP 100 each
Grocery (snacks, drinks, etc.): PHP 70 each
TOTAL: PHP 670 each
You can further cut down costs by preparing your own meals and by saving money on gas. Try to limit your budget to PHP 500 per person if you really want a cheap yet memorable roadtrip.

Sweat it out

Cheap Activities for Millennials |
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Fitness does not need to be expensive. In fact, you can exercise and lose weight without spending a centavo. Create a fitness plan and start working on it this weekend. You can start by jogging around your village, joining a yoga class, or trying out a sport to keep you active and physically fit. No need to bring your wallet—just yourself, a good pair of training shoes, and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

Rediscover Manila

Cheap Activities for Millennials |
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We often overlook the beauty of Manila because of traffic. This weekend, take some time to rediscover its wonders to keep intact of our culture. Here are some cheap activities to try in Manila.

  • Take a tour around Intramuros
  • Go on a food trip in Binondo
  • Visit HUB: Make Lab in Escolta
  • Bike around Luneta Park
  • See local art in the National Musuem

None of these activities will cost you more than PHP 300 so tag a friend and make the most out of it this weekend.
Don’t just bum around this weekend. Be productive and creative by trying any of these cheap activities. It’s time you enjoy your break without burning a hole in your wallet.