6 Ways Parents Can Save Money on Newborn Expenses

Published: June 30, 2014 | Updated: July 2, 2020 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

Who doesn’t love babies? Most especially, if you’re the parent – you have never-ending thoughts of giving your child only the best in the world. Giving your baby all the best things in life can mean big spending (especially after birth expenses).

Let’s get back to basics and do a checklist on how to enjoy the baby without giving your pocket a heartache:

1. Accept hand-me-downs.

Talk to your fellow mommas about their child’s clothes. Babies grow up so fast that they only wear their baby dresses at the maximum of six months, use their walkers for around three months, their high chairs, cribs, strollers and playpens for less than a year. Accept baby items such as clothes, toys, and some gears from relatives and friends to cut your expenses.

2. Buy second-hand items.

Buy baby items that are still in their great condition and remember not to buy items only because it is economical. Check if the items are clean and still hygienic for usage.

3. Master Doing-it-Yourself (DIY).

You don’t have to spend or allocate a budget for random baby items such as baby wipes, changing pads, and door stoppers because it can be done by yourself to save money. For example, prepare cotton or cotton balls soaked in water and use it as baby wipes when you’re at home. Use cloth diapers and save diapers when you and the baby are out-of-home. On food, it’s healthier and cheaper to prepare your baby’s food than buying bottled ones. Allocate these expenses to other necessities.

4. Don’t stick to branded items.

If you’re on a budget but don’t prefer hand-me-downs, compare all the items in the market that suit your needs and budget. Don’t just look at the brands, but the overall quality for your child. The item, whatever that may be, will only be used for a short period of time. Buying overrated, expensive items is unnecessary spending.

5. Buy in bulk.

You can save a lot by buying in bulk and in big packages. When you go for baby items-shopping in the supermarket, go for the biggest pack of diaper, biggest bottles of baby soap, or the biggest package of formula milk. It will always come cheap if you buy in bulk because you will not pay for multiple packaging when you buy in small but cheaper items.

Save money with these tips and allocate it to other important things such as utility bills, home mortgages or rent. What were your money tactics when you had your newborn?