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January 1, 2018

Car Service Centers in Metro Manila |

Car breakdowns are inconvenient but inevitable. If you drive a private vehicle, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with the hassle of taking your car to a service center and shelling out a sizable chunk of cash. That’s why smart car owners maintain their car regularly—periodic maintenance is less troublesome than a one-time, hard-hitting repair. Typically, you can go to a casa for regular servicing as long as you’re still entitled to a warranty. However, once the warranty period is over, the more practical thing to do is to take your car to a local repair shop or talyer that offers replacement parts for lower prices.
We know—and we’re sure you do, too—that the auto servicing industry is not as clean as we want it to be. Some local repair shops are unscrupulous, but there are still a handful out there that provide top-tier service for a great value. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you’re dealing with a competent and dependable car service center. 

Qualities of a Reliable Car Service Center

Car Service Centers Metro Manila |

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Sometimes, when you walk into a shop, you can immediately tell the quality of service you’ll likely get there. Other time, you’ll have to learn by experience. Lucky for you, there are some signs that can give away the work ethic of a car repair company and the quality of service you can expect from its workers. Here are three of them:

The mechanics regard their craft with integrity

A mechanic’s job does not require him to be chatty with clients. He usually lets his work do the talking for him. You can see a mechanic’s dedication from the way he handles your vehicle. He takes his time and keeps his focus. He also regards his tools with care. And while he’s not always babbling the secrets of his trade, he readily answers whatever questions you may have about what’s wrong with your vehicle and how you can avoid it in the future. In other words, he makes sure that every car he lays his hands on is on tiptop shape the second he gives it the thumbs up.
A true mechanic has integrity, which extends outside his personal interests. He’s always quick to help—even if it means referring you to other reliable car service centers. He doesn’t badmouth other shop owners because he regards professionalism highly. If your mechanic is like this, you’re lucky. And if the entire team of mechanics in your local repair shop is like this, well, you better hold on to that gold.

The mechanics are focused and committed

When you walk into a service shop, you want everyone to be engaged, not lounging around, waiting for a task to be handed to them. You want them sweating from working strenuously, not rusty from sitting too long on the bench. You want their plates to be full because that means you’re not their only customer. You’re not the only one who finds their services employable.
Pitchy salesmen are everywhere—you’ll encounter them even in the car service industry. They’ll talk you into buying parts and availing services for a higher price. Their charm is sometimes impeccable, so you’ll find yourself being swayed by their friendliness. But, again, don’t forget that it’s not a mechanic’s job to chat; what he’s supposed to do is keep your car in the best shape possible. Unless he does that and does it well, keep your cash in your pocket and your trust up your sleeve.

The service floor is clean and tidy

Everyone functions under different kinds of work conditions. Some mechanics work best in a clean and organized environment while others prefer a more effortless-looking, unruly service floor. Still, despite the supposed stroke of genius that some mechanics claim to have from a chaotic workspace, every repair shop must still have a semblance of order. When a shop looks like a dump, it probably is. Of course, this isn’t to say that the level of cleanliness is directly related to the quality of service. However, respectable-looking car service centers say something about how much their mechanics care about maintaining their work environment and making sure that, like the cars they service, it’s always in tiptop shape.

Notable Car Service Centers in Metro Manila

Car Service Centers Metro Manila |

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Using the three qualities of a good talyer mentioned above as core criteria, we scoured Metro Manila to look for the most reliable car service centers that will give you the best value in 2018. We found three reliable brands, which you should take note of. 


What you’ll immediately notice upon entering a ValuePlus shop is that the company invests in good customer service. You will always be greeted with a smile and assisted with courtesy—a sign that personnel are trained to go the extra mile. They’re big on cleanliness and organization, too, as you’ll see from the overall layout of the shop and other smaller details. Also, upon checking up your car, workers give two cost estimates that you may choose from—one for original parts and one for replacements parts. This means you’re not obligated to pay for expensive products when you’d rather go with more cost-effective options.  
Most importantly, ValuePlus uses the latest tools and equipment and employs world-class professionals to keep your car in top condition. You can watch everything that’s going on from the customer lounge or the service floor to see how the mechanics are handling your vehicle. Personnel are open about their services, so you can ask away.
Some of the services the company offers include preventive maintenance; diagnoses and repairs for brake, clutch, suspension, engine transmission, air-conditioning, and electrical systems; wheel alignment, tire changing, and wheel balancing; car care, detailing, and undercoating; and body and paint services. At ValuePlus, you can expect a balance between quality of service and value for money.


Rapide is one of the most trusted car service centers in the country. With more than 50 shops nationwide, they make sure that their working environment is always safe and secure for customers. Their technical mechanics use state-of-the-art equipment that they man with world-class precision and expertise. Like most auto repair shops of its kind, Rapide offers traditional core services for maintenance. On top of that, it also offers brake inspection, steering and suspension services, clutch and drivetrain checkup, and battery and tire services. Putting its vision of a “hassle-free service” into action, this brand always puts its customers’ minds at ease.

Centennial Auto

Centennial Auto can’t disappoint with its wide range of automotive services. It specializes in preventive maintenance, general rehabilitation works, automatic transmission repair, body works and painting, and towing rescue and road assistance. You can even drop by for a pre-trip inspection and a preventive maintenance check—all for free! If that doesn’t spell commitment, we don’t know what does. Centennial Auto’s comprehensive suite of services is certainly enough to get your vehicle in the best shape possible.
The aforementioned are our top three car servicing shops in Metro Manila, but they surely are not the only notable car service centers out there. For your reference, check out the following car shops as well:

  • Wilson and Jackson Automotive Repair Shop
  • Leon Guinto Auto Repair Shop
  • MCR Car Repair Services
  • Vian-Son Auto Repair Center
  • Tower of David Auto Supply and Repair Shop

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