9 Businesses You Can Start With Php 50,000 Or Less

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Having your own time, being your own boss, and working from home – too good to be true? Not when you’re a business owner or freelancer. There’s a new paradigm shift as more people are freelancing and starting their own businesses. In the Philippines, the number’s close to 900,000, and that’s only taking into account those who use Upwork, Elance, and Freelancer. The number is greater if you include those who use Facebook and Instagram as e-commerce avenues and traditional platforms.

With the self-fulfillment working for yourself provides, more Filipinos are grabbing the bull by the horns. Everyone wants a slice of it, but many ask, “I don’t know what I’m good at. Will people pay for my services?”

Moneymax.ph rounds up 9 businesses you can start with Php 50,000 or less:

business1 Accessories

Starting Capital: Php 15,000
“If you want to start selling accessories, then online channels are your best bet for distribution,” Pat of Bahia Accessories begins. Bahia Accessories is a Facebook store selling unique, handcrafted goods from rope, fabric, and other scrap materials. “Not only is online the cheapest means, but you’ll be able to reach a wider audience through social media.”

Php 15,000 is a good starting capital, but it can increase depending on factors such as more expensive materials. The use of leather can raise your starting capital to Php 30,000. The initial amount is enough to cover labor, materials, overhead costs, product development, and even website and design development for accessories such as small pouches, bracelets, and drawstring bags.

Stores like The Craft Central in Greenbelt are both physical and online, allowing you to get started on two fronts.


Starting Capital: Php 1,800
“There are so many options to choose from when it comes to monetizing a blog,” Jason Acidre, sole author of Kaiserthesage.com, begins. It’s your go-to blog if you want to learn more on SEO, link building, and content strategy among others. “Consider affiliate marketing, ad displays, or selling products and/or services when blogging.”

When Moneymax.ph asked him what it takes to start a successful blog, he points out, “research and writing skills, knowledge in building traffic and your personal brand, building relationships with your network, and identifying opportunities.”

As for the finances, Php 1,800 can get you a personal domain name and a 3-month hosting plan. You would need to inject some cash to start monetizing your blog since most free blog-hosting sites do not allow advertisements. Now you have your own personalized blog site; let your work do the talking. With so many blogs on the internet, it’s important to stand out, and one way is to put out your best work, every time.

The first thing you’ll need is a place to host your blog. You can check out dotPH and GoDaddy to register domains, or use sites like WordPress to kickstart your blog.

business3Online Retail Store (Design & Manufacturing)

Starting Capital: Php 20,000
“You need the passion to last. It’s exciting at first – starting a clothing business – but once the thrill dies down and the responsibilities set in, you have to keep going,” Cj, an online retail entrepreneur, begins when asked the ins and outs of starting the business. “I started with Php 20,000. That was enough to cover expenses for materials, labor, and photoshoots for marketing and promotional purposes.”

“Aside from passion, you have to accompany that with innovation and financial knowledge,” she continues. With the rapid pace in which trends are set, you need to keep your client base interested. This does not only encompass the designs of your clothes but other initiatives as well, from marketing to promos. As for financial knowledge, it’s important to do the math. A cost-benefit analysis will allow you mathematical proof whether your venture will be worthwhile or not.

OLX and Shopify are two places you can use to set up shop. There’s also the Lazada Marketplace, a program that sets your store up there with some of the giants of retail.

business4Food Cart Franchise

Starting Capital: Php 50,000
A food cart franchise allows you to learn the ropes of business with a system in place. Food carts offering one or two products start at a franchise fee of Php 35,000, which includes equipment, training, and customer support to name a few. If you want to invest in larger franchises, the fee is much higher.

A word of caution though is additional costs will arise. Make sure you have an emergency fund when unforeseen events come up. In relation, also consider your monthly rent for your cart as this will eat up a portion of your earnings. A Php 35,000 food cart franchise will not earn more than a Php 300,000 franchise offering more products, so placing the Php 35,000 in a mall might not be a good idea if you will be paying more on rent than what you’re earning. Make sure to take all business costs into consideration before taking the plunge.

Franchise Manila has a wealth of food cart franchising options to choose from, as does Food Cart Corner, along with a community that can help you get your new food cart business up and running.

business5Graphic Design

Starting Capital: Php 25,000
All you need is a dependable laptop to come up with your finished product – be it for logo, banner, and layout designs and infographics. What you’ll need to look for when shopping for a high-performance laptop are large storage capacity (500 GB or higher), an up-to-date processor (Intel Core i7), and high RAM usage (4GB or higher) and graphics performance (e.g. NVIDIA graphics processor). You’ll want a laptop that won’t lag and freeze when running software such as Adobe Illustrator. If you don’t have the cash to buy Illustrator, you can use free alternatives such as Adobe Photoshop Express, GIMP, and Krita.

“Post your projects on social media, and when the people in your network see the quality of your work, your client base will come to you,” Elisha, a freelance graphic designer, says.

Beyond keeping a portfolio online for people to find, you can also look up jobs on Upwork and 99Designs

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