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32 Food Franchise Businesses You Can Start Under ₱1 Million

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated April 13, 2023

Negosyong patok ba ang hanap mo? If you have less than a million pesos, how far can it go? With the huge popularity of food carts today, you might make it big with a food franchise in the Philippines.

Why Start a Food Franchise in the Philippines?

Franchising is a sound business model. It allows aspiring entrepreneurs to leverage the strong brand recall and business operating systems of popular brands. You can achieve this at relatively lower costs than starting a business from scratch. If your end goal is to launch your own business, franchising can be your first step towards that, as it’ll teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Food is one of the best businesses to franchise in the Philippines. Filipinos love to eat. You can find food carts and stalls everywhere in the Philippines: inside malls, train stations, and other public areas. Whether Filipinos are hungry or not, they like to have options wherever they are. See all these money-making opportunities?

Check out this list of potentially profitable and affordable franchise businesses in the Philippines. It’s a mix of both well-recognized and up-and-coming food and beverage brands with a starting business capital of ₱50,000 to ₱1 million. Whether you’re looking for an affordable pizza franchise in the Philippines or a more high-end coffee in-line store, you can find it on this list.

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Food Franchise Under ₱50K in the Philippines

Looking for a cheap food cart franchise in the Philippines that you can get for just ₱50,000? This burger joint is open for franchising.

🍽️ Burger Matsing Food Cart or Kiosk Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱49,000 to ₱219,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, management training, business operations support, marketing and promotional support, site processing, use of goodwill marks, crew training, online ordering system, etc.
  • Contact information: info@burgermatsing.com / 09453456957 / 09438700283

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Food Franchise in the Philippines Under ₱100K

If you don’t have ₱1 million to invest in a business, there are some options for a food franchise under 100K in the Philippines, too. Check out this small business franchise option below.

🍽️ Star Frappe Food Cart Franchise

food franchise in the Philippines - star frappe
  • Initial investment: ₱99,000
  • Package inclusions: Collapsible food cart, equipment (blender, sauce dispenser, canisters, measuring cups, whipped cream dispenser), crew uniforms, inventory and concept manual, initial products worth ₱3,000, franchisee and crew training, and after-sales support, etc.
  • Contract term: lifetime franchise (no renewal fee)
  • Contact information: franchiseinquiry101@gmail.com / (02) 509-1049 / 09152828213 / 09188073575




Food Franchise in the Philippines Under ₱500K

You have various options for a food cart or restaurant franchise in the Philippines. Check them out below.

🍽️ Mister Donut Food Cart, Take-Out Booth, or Dine-In Shop

  • Initial investment: ₱100,000 to ₱2,400,000
  • Package inclusions: Food cart, equipment, initial inventory small wares, POS tablet, crew uniform, etc.
  • Minimum space requirement: 4 sqm
  • Contact information: fms@misterdonut.ph / 370-1236 / 09178896148

🍽️ Citrus Zone Franchise

food franchise in the Philippines - citrus zone
  • Franchise fee: ₱120,000
  • Turnkey package: ₱290,000 to ₱350,000
  • Package inclusions: cart and juicing equipment, crew uniform and training, initial inventory, etc.
  • Space requirement: 4 to 6 sqm
  • Contact information: partners@citruszonerefreshment.com / (02) 782-7756 / 782-5923 / 09063856785

🍽️ Potato Corner Food Cart, Kiosk, or In-Line Store Franchise

food franchise in the Philippines - potato corner
  • Initial investment: ₱145,600 to ₱263,200
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, food cart, franchisee and crew training, fryer and chest freezer, crew uniforms, small wares, and initial supplies, etc.
  • Average payback period: 2 years
  • Contact information: iwantfranchise@potatocorner.com / 09177135613 / 09953150029 / 09683740276

🍽️ Hong Kong Style Fried Noodles & Dimsum Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱165,000
  • Package inclusions: Food cart, equipment, utensils, small wares, initial product supplies, training and orientation, site and grand opening assistance, crew uniforms, free delivery of food cart within Metro Manila, etc.
  • Contact information: apgf001@yahoo.com / 8343-0536 / 09673159583 / 09228307611

🍽️ Boy Kanin Food Cart, Kiosk, Dine-In Counter, or In-Line Store

  • Initial investment: ₱249,000 to ₱399,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, trademark use, initial stocks, franchisee and crew training, marketing support, opening assistance, crew uniform, cart, equipment, etc.
  • Contract term: 3 years
  • Space requirement: 4 to 100 sqm
  • Contact information: franchising.boykanin@gmail.com / (02) 8352-8130 / (02) 7745-0771 / 0923683140

🍽️ Waffle Time Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱250,000 + ₱50,000 security deposit
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, food cart, equipment, training, and crew uniform, etc.
  • Average payback period: 6 to 12 months
  • Minimum space requirement: 4 sqm
  • Contact information: customerservice@waffletime.com / 642-1870 / 584-3704 / 477-2468 / (033) 335-0935 / 335-0026 / 09338514522

🍽️ Fiorgelato Kiosk or Counter 

  • Initial investment: ₱275,000 to ₱750,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, signage, equipment, marketing support and materials, crew training and uniform, etc.
  • Contract term: 5 years
  • Average payback period: 2 to 2.5 years
  • Space requirement: 3.5 to 15 sqm
  • Contact information: milkin_mktg@yahoo.com / franchise@fiorgelatointernational.com / 524-0384 / 524-0385 / 09178725181

🍽️ Master Siomai Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱280,000
  • Package inclusions: Food cart, initial food and paper products worth ₱7,000, equipment (steamer, chest freezer, acrylic plastic juicer), kitchenware and plasticware, crew uniforms, cleaning supplies, and marketing collaterals, etc.
  • Contact information: inquiry@mastersiomai.ph / 8709-5288 / 8709-0901

🍽️ Siomai King Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱288,888
  • Package inclusions: Training, operating support, initial products, etc.
  • Contact information: hello@siomaiking.ph / (632) 8424-3900
  • More franchise details[1]

🍽️ Minute Burger Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱290,000 (economized franchise package)
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, stock bond, site processing fee, license to operate two stores, etc.
  • Contract term: 4 years
  • Average payback period: 18 to 24 months
  • Contact information: (02) 8776-7740 and 09063926610 for Luzon / (032) 345-4053 and 09173297534 for Visayas / (082) 244-0191 and 09174790884 for Mindanao
  • More franchise details[2]

🍽️ Mr. Liempo Franchise Store

  • Initial investment: ₱295,000
  • Package inclusions: feasibility study and site approval, store design and construction assistance, training, franchise operations manual, employee handbook, opening assistance, research development and monitoring, franchise setup (stainless grilling unit, chopping board and knife, electric fan, pail and basin, cleaning supplies, crew uniforms, office supplies), etc.
  • Contract term: 5 years (renewable for ₱150,000)
  • Average payback period: 12 months
  • Minimum space requirement: 3m x 4m
  • Contact information: info@mrliempo.com / (046) 8487-0806 / (032) 268-9551 / 09062487852 / 09237351513
  • More franchise details[3]

🍽️ Fruitas Cart and Kiosk Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱300,000 to ₱1,500,000
  • Package inclusions: Food cart, initial inventory, equipment, supplies, franchisee orientation, crew training, marketing materials, and grand opening assistance, etc.
  • Space requirement: 4 to 6 sqm
  • Contact information: franchise@fruitasholdings.com / 09269888988 / 09391010101 / 8330-2889
  • More franchise details[4]



🍽️ Bibingkinitan Food Cart, Kiosk, or In-line Store

food franchise in the Philippines - bibingkinitan
  • Initial investment: ₱300,000 (bounce back franchise package)
  • Package inclusions: One-year franchise fee, small wares, equipment (oven, coffee brewer and glass decanter, chest freezer), initial stocks, crew uniform, marketing collaterals, cart fabrication and design, point of sale system, etc.
  • Contact information: franchise@foodasia.com.ph / 846-4646 / 09175846172

🍽️ Mr. Softy Ice Cream Food Cart or Kiosk Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱300,000 to ₱495,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, machine (optional), standard cart or kiosk, initial inventory, security deposit, etc.
  • Space requirement: 3 sqm
  • Contact information: franchisingmrsofty@gmail.com / 09176776389

🍽️ Siomai House Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱350,000
  • Package inclusions: Training, operating support, food cart, equipment, initial supplies, crew uniform, marketing materials, etc.
  • Contract term: 3 years
  • Average payback period: 6 to 18 months
  • Contact information: emailus@siomai.house / 8709-6237

🍽️ Lots’a Pizza Food Cart, Stall, Depot, or Store

food franchise in the Philippines - lots'a
  • Initial investment: ₱350,000 to ₱950,000
  • Package inclusions: Site evaluation and market research tools, product research and development, franchisee and service personnel training and development, opening support, franchise success plan, marketing support, delivery system and logistics support, etc.
  • Contact information: franchiselotsapizza@gmail.com / 873-8435 / 873-8414
  • More franchise details[5]

🍽️ Fatboys Pizza Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱395,000 to ₱950,000
  • Package inclusions: Food cart, equipment, initial food and store supplies, franchisee and crew training, operations manual, opening assistance, etc.
  • Space requirement: 4 sqm
  • Contact information: fatboyspizzapasta@gmail.com / fatboys@fatboyspizzapasta.com / (02) 358-8021 / (02) 940-9851 / (062) 7358-8021 / (062) 7940-9851 / 09615282222 / 09985385530
  • More franchise details[6]

🍽️ Fruit Magic Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱400,000 to ₱600,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, equipment, utensils, franchisee training, initial inventory, marketing materials, opening assistance, etc.
  • Average payback period: 1.5 to 2 years
  • Contact information: franchise@fruitmagic.com.ph / 364-3621 / 364-6927

🍽️ Bente Silog Take-Out Counter or Dine-In Store

  • Initial investment: ₱450,000 to ₱560,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, initial stocks, site assessment, store design, layout, and construction, equipment, wares, utensils, operations manual, franchisee and crew training, crew uniform, opening assistance, marketing materials, etc.
  • Space requirement: 8 sqm
  • Contact information: inquiry.bentesilog@gmail.com / 09476341159

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Food Franchise in the Philippines Under ₱1 Million

Got around a million pesos in the budget for your franchise business? You have some good options from the top food and beverage brands in the Philippines.

🍽️ Aquabest Water Refilling Station

food franchise in the Philippines - aquabest
  • Initial investment: ₱500,000 to ₱1,000,000
  • Package inclusions:  Water treatment system, signages, operations manual, staff and franchisee training, and technical support, etc.
  • Space requirement: 28 sqm
  • Contact information: inquiry@gqwest.com / +632 2 8332-2222

🍽️ JM's Shawarma Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱545,000 to ₱1,200,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, site evaluation and construction assistance, cart tools and utensils, staff uniforms, operations manuals and systems, training, pre-opening and grand opening assistance, marketing, business guidance and support, etc.
  • Minimum space requirement: 4 sqm
  • Contact information: jmshawarma@gmail.com / 09214894538
  • More franchise details[7]

🍽️ Famous Belgian Waffles Food Cart, Kiosk, or Counter

  • Initial investment: ₱550,000 to ₱730,000
  • Package inclusions: Business operating system, pre-operation crew training and orientation, opening assistance, continuous franchisor support, store setup, site evaluation and securing of lease, etc.
  • Contract term: 3 years (subject to renewal)
  • Space requirement: 3 to 8 sqm
  • Contact information: famousbelgianwaffles@gmail.com / 8425-2591 / 09175594318
  • More franchise details[8]

🍽️ Nacho King Food Cart or Kiosk Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱580,000 to ₱770,000
  • Package inclusions: Food cart or kiosk, equipment, crew training and uniform, initial inventory, etc.
  • Contract term: 3 years
  • Space requirement: 3 to 4 sqm
  • Contact information: customerservice@nachoking.com / (02) 8836-5850 / 535-6215 / 09175609336 / 09985955270 / 09669212696 / 09613198060

🍽️ Crystal Clear Water Refilling Station

  • Initial investment: ₱600,000 to ₱800,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, store layout and design, initial inventory, training, operations manual, marketing and operational support, etc.
  • Space requirement: 25 sqm
  • Contact information: crystalclear@crystalclear.com.ph / 09189576129 / 09985903543

🍽️ The Shawarma Shack Food Cart Franchise

food franchise in the Philippines - shawarma shack
  • Initial investment: ₱640,000 to ₱3,090,000
  • Minimum space requirement: 4 sqm
  • Contact information: franchising@shawarmashack.ph / 09190793774
  • More franchise details[9]

🍽️ Zagu Stall, Kiosk, or Standard Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱650,000 to ₱850,000
  • Package inclusions: Recipes, ingredients, procedures, crew uniform and training, marketing support, operational support, site selection assistance, initial inventory, cart construction cost, etc.
  • Contact information: 8687-4432 / 8687-4430 / 8687-4404 / 8687-0140 / 09188889248 / 09178098043 / 09234563586

🍽️ Lydia's Lechon Kiosk Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱750,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, trade name use, franchisee and crew training, opening assistance, marketing support, etc.
  • Space requirement: 8 sqm
  • Contact information: lydiaslechon@yahoo.com / 939-1221 / 939-4665

🍽️ Quickly Franchise

food franchise in the Philippines - quickly
  • Initial investment: ₱788,000
  • Package inclusions: franchise fee, equipment (freezers, sealer, counter, menu board), training, security deposit, initial inventory, etc.
  • Contract term: 2 years (renewable for another 2 years)
  • Minimum space requirement: 6 sqm
  • Contact information: franchise@quickly.com.ph / 365-2518 / 365-8516
  • More franchise details[10]

🍽️ Brownies Unlimited Food Cart Franchise

  • Initial investment: ₱920,000 to ₱2,200,000
  • Space requirement: 4 sqm
  • Contact information: franchise@browniesunlimited.com / +632 8511 1470

🍽️ Khaleb Shawarma Food Cart, Kiosk, or Counter

  • Initial investment: ₱950,000
  • Package inclusions: Franchise fee, design, construction, signage, equipment, security deposit, initial inventory, crew training and uniform, etc.
  • Minimum space requirement: 4 sqm
  • Contact information: franchise@khaleb.com / 986-4383 / 09258578673

Food kiosk franchise businesses have sprouted all over the Philippines in the last decade. It’s partly due to the relatively low cost of starting a food cart business in the Philippines. If you’re kicking off with small venture capital, a food kiosk is your best bet. You have many options to choose from.

👉 Potato Chips and Fries

Fried potato in all shapes and sizes is a staple food found everywhere—in malls, food courts, schools, terminals, night markets, and food fairs.

Pinoys simply love deep-fried, fresh-cut potatoes seasoned with all types of flavors. One popular franchise of this kind is Potato Corner, which now boasts over 500 branches in the country. It’s only been around since 1992, but this food stall franchise has already expanded to countries like Indonesia, the USA, Panama, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

👉 Dimsum

Siomai and siopao remain to be popular snacks for Pinoys. They’re not too expensive, plus they can count as a complete meal when partnered with sago’t gulaman. Some notable food kiosks in this department are Master Siomai, Siomai King, Hen Lin, and Pinoy Pao.

On a side note, another food item that has grown in popularity over the years, although not exactly a dimsum, is takoyaki. It’s worth a mention on this list.

👉 Coffee and Tea

You can never go wrong with coffee, especially in this era that embraces it so willingly. Coffee and milk tea lovers are everywhere! One peek at a coffee or milk tea shop will tell you just how big the demand is for these prized beverages.

If you’re a big coffee and milk tea fan yourself, you can get a food stall franchise like Foss Coffee, Star Frappe, Chatime, and Happy Lemon.

👉 Shawarma

This affordable Mediterranean snack has always been a favorite among Pinoys. Its convenient packaging makes it easy to eat. Plus, it’s relatively healthy street food. Some of the common shawarma carts you’ll find in the market are Turks and Shawarma House.

👉 Churros

These Spanish snacks are like donuts, except they’re deep-fried, crunchy, and dusted with sugar or cinnamon. Consider franchising Churros City or Don’s Original Spanish Churros, which are two of the most common kiosks in the Philippines.

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Food Franchise Business FAQs

1. What are the advantages of a food franchising business?

No business offers guaranteed success, not even franchising. Consumers’ tastes are continually changing, making the market more unpredictable by the day. 

Still, starting a food franchise business is a good idea. If you're having second thoughts about it, perhaps these advantages would change your mind:

✔️ No Need to Start from Scratch

The most obvious advantage of franchising is that you get to start in the middle. You don’t have to develop a business concept or write a business plan because you’re basically adopting one that has already been proven effective.

✔️ Well-Documented Operating System

When you buy a franchise, you purchase more than the products and services. You also pay for the knowledge and experience that the franchisor has gained over the years. In short, you’re paying to adopt a model that has been proven to work.

✔️ Better Brand Recognition

Most franchises have existing customers that patronize them. This saves you extra time and effort that you would otherwise use to come up with a marketing plan to attract a solid customer base.

2. What is the cheapest franchise to open in the Philippines?

food franchise in the Philippines - faqs

There are many options for a low-cost franchise business in the Philippines in 2023. The cheapest you can get is a food cart franchise worth ₱20,000. For this amount, you’ll get the complete set of equipment, initial products for selling, and crew uniform and training.

A food cart franchise for ₱10,000 is harder to find, though. For this amount of investment, you can opt to start your own small business instead of franchising.

3. How much is a water refilling station franchise in the Philippines?

Water refilling stations are a top franchise business in the Philippines. To franchise one, you’ll need to invest anywhere from ₱80,000 to ₱1,000,000. This will depend on the number, type, and size of the water-refilling equipment. However, this investment amount still doesn’t include overhead or rental expenses.

4. What is the best food franchise in the Philippines?

The answer to this may vary per individual. What may be the best food franchise for you may not be ideal for another person. It all depends on factors like location, target audience, budget, and brand familiarity.

You should know what food items are already offered in your area and what items people need or want. Also, understand who your target audience is. If, for example, you’re trying to draw in students, you can’t franchise an expensive and high-end brand they can’t afford.

You should also consider your budget. Are you limited in what you can do, or do you have the financial freedom to choose what brand to franchise? In terms of brand familiarity, the best franchise businesses for new entrepreneurs are usually those that already have a good market presence.

5. What is the most profitable franchise in the Philippines?

There is no one answer to this. However, typically, brands that people already know about are usually those that make the most profit. This is because their good reputation has already been established, so it’s easier for people to patronize them.

Relatively new brands that offer great products at affordable costs can also shoot to the top pretty quickly, especially when they have a well-executed marketing strategy.

6. How much does a 7-Eleven franchise owner make in the Philippines?

It's hard to tell since each franchisee's earnings vary, depending on product assortment, quality, service, and other factors.

In case you're curious about the initial investment, you'll have to shell out around ₱3.5 to ₱5 million. This comes with a fully stocked, turnkey operation; bookkeeping services; operations field consultants, and area managers and district managers to help maximize store performance.

For more information, reach out to the 7-Eleven Philippines franchise team through any of these contact numbers: +63 (02) 8-726-9968, +63 (02) 705-5229, +63 (920) 950-8651, and +63 (917) 871-1686. You can also send an email to franchising@7-eleven.com.ph.

7. How much is a Jollibee franchise in the Philippines?

As the country's leading fast-food chain, Jollibee is perhaps the number one food franchise in the country. Depending on the final store size and facilities, prepare to shell out ₱35 to ₱55 million. This includes the construction of the store, kitchen equipment and facilities, furniture and fixtures, air-con system, signage, and pre-operating expenses.

8. How much is a McDonald's franchise in the Philippines?

A McDonald’s franchise cost in the Philippines is in the ₱30 million to ₱50 million range. The total investment will vary on several factors—like how big the McDonald’s restaurant will be, whether it’s located within Metro Manila or not, and the equipment specifications, to name a few.

Final Thoughts

Running a food franchise in the Philippines isn’t a walk in the park, but your investment can literally be paid off in a year or two. Some franchisees even get their return on investment (ROI) in just half a year. For more franchise business options in the Philippines, check the Philippine Franchise Association website.

No matter how affordable starting a franchise business is, you can’t spend all your savings on it. If you’re looking for a way to fund your startup food business, consider getting a personal loan or a business loan from a bank to make the cost of borrowing so much less than loans from other types of lenders.

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