Over the years, Smart and Globe, two of the country’s biggest networks, have been consistent in providing its consumers with promising packages when it comes to their postpaid plans. The Big Two never fail to satisfy its million subscribers with new promos and postpaid bundle offers that would fit daily communication needs.

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Aside from better SMS and call promos, mobile internet has now become the third platform for subscribers. Smart and Globe give their subscribers the power of three platforms in a variety of bundles. Smart’s Flexibundles and Globe’s mySuperPlan offer flexible features wherein subscribers can mix-and-match features depending on needs and budget.

Smart Flexibundles matrix

Smart gives its subscribers the freedom to choose all the features that the subscriber needs and certain price queues. Smart didn’t limit the promos with its network alone. There are deals where subscribers can text and call other network subscribers.


  • Unli Talk/ P500.00 – unlimited calls to Smart, and TNT for 30 days
  • Trio Talk Plus 300/ P300.00 – 300 minutes calls to Smart, TNT, Sun Cellular, and PLDT landline for 30 days
  • All Net Talk/ P250.00 – 80 minutes of calls to Smart, Globe, and Sun for 30 days
  • Sun Talk/ P99.00 – 50 minutes calls to Sun for 30 days


  • Unli Tri Net Text/ P350.00 – Unlimited texts to Smart, TNT, and Sun for 30 days
  • All Net Text Upgrade/ P350.00 – 3,500 texts to Smart, Globe, and Sun for 30 days
  • Sun Text/ P99.00 – 1,000 texts to Sun for 30 days


  • Unli Call & Combo/ P999.00 – unlimited calls and texts to Smart and TNT plus 1 GB worth of mobile browsing for 30 days
  • Unli Call & Text/ P600.00 – unlimited calls and texts to Smart, and TNT for 30 days
  • Trinet Plus 400/ P400.00 – 500 minutes to Smart, Sun, TNT, and PLDT landline plus 2,000 texts to all networks with 150MB worth of browsing for 30 days.
  • Sun Combo/ P199.00 – 1,250 texts and 50 minute calls to Sun for 30 days.


  • International Flexi Call & Text/ P500.00 – 400 minutes or international texts to USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore for 30 days.
  • IDD Bundle Saver/ P200.00 – call abroad at local rates plus get free 5 minutes of international calls for 30 days

Mobile Surfing

  • Unli Surf/P1000.00 – unlimited mobile internet access for 30 days
  • Always On 995/P995.00 – 2GB worth of mobile browsing for 30 days
  • Always On 500/P500.00 – 1GB worth of mobile browsing for 30 days
  • Always On 300/P300.00 – 300MB worth of mobile browsing for 30 days

For example, a subscriber’s budget allocation for a postpaid line is P1, 500.00 and wants to get unlimited calls and surf at the same time. The subscriber may combine the Unli Surf and Unli Talk in a bundle. The combination goes with other features.

Globe’s mySuperPlan matrix

mySuperPlan is a bit similar with that of Smart. The difference is that each mySuperPlan has a corresponding peso value. If the subscribers choose Plan 999, the plan has a corresponding monthly peso value of P1, 700.00. You may combine an Unlimited Surf Booster for P999.00 plus a gadget of choice that has P599.00 monthly peso value. The remaining 102 pesos can be used as a consumable amount for excess usage like calls and texts.

Here’s a look at Globe’s mySuperPlan’s matrix and check possible bundle combinations.

Step 1: Monthly peso value allocation

  • Plan 299 – P500.00 monthly peso value
  • Plan 499 – P900.00 monthly peso value
  • Plan 999 – P1, 700.00 monthly peso value
  • Plan 1, 799 – P3,200.00 monthly peso value
  • Plan 2, 499 – P4,400.00 monthly peso value
  • Plan 3799 – P6, 500.00 monthly peso value
  • Unlimited Plan- P200.00 monthly peso value
  • Family Plan (group of 3 up to 11 Unlimited Plans) – P200.00 monthly peso value.

Step 2: Combos

  • Surf with 50 MB- P99.00 monthly peso value
  • Globe and TM calls (20 minutes calls)- P100.00 monthly peso value
  • All Net Combo (100 SMS, 5 minutes calls)- P100.00 monthly peso value
  • All Net Texts (125 SMS all networks)- P100.00 monthly peso value
  • International (5 minutes IDD calls, 5 international SMS)- P100.00 monthly peso value
  • Unlimited BlackBerry Surf- P599.00 monthly peso value
  • Unlimited Surf- P999.00 monthly peso value

Step 3: Gadgets

  • 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 months contract period.

STEP 4: Boosters

  • Unlimited text to Globe and TM- P349.00 per month
  • Unlimited call for duo and landline- P450.00 per month
  • Unlimited all net (unlimited SMS to all networks)- P599.00 per month
  • Surf 50 MB- P99.00 per month
  • Unlimited calls and text to Globe and TM- P599.00 per month
  • Unlimited BlackBerry surf- P599.00 per month
  • Unlimited calls and text to one Globe number- P249.00 per month
  • Unlimited surf- P999.00 per month
  • Unlimited BlackBerry Messaging (BBM)- P99.00 per month

So which network wins this round? Globe? Smart? Or both—right? Because with these amazing bundles developed by Smart and Globe, prepaid subscribers may consider a switch whichever way they wish and at any time they need to since both offer plans that work for people with different needs at various price grades. Users just have to be wise enough to settle on their picks.

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