Avoid Deactivation: How to Register Your SIM Card in the Philippines

Rouselle Isla

Rouselle Isla

Last updated July 04, 2023

If you own a cellphone with a prepaid or postpaid SIM card, chances are you’ve had enough of those scammy text messages flooding your inbox. With the SIM card registration law in the Philippines, Filipinos will hopefully stop receiving these malicious messages from unknown random numbers, curbing the proliferation of online fraud.

SIM card registration in the Philippines is nearing its deadline. If you haven’t yet, here's how to register your SIM card in the Philippines.

What is SIM Card Registration in the Philippines?

how to register sim card philippines - what is sim card registration philippines

Under the SIM Card Registration Act of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 11934),[1] all Philippine subscriber identity module (SIM) cards must be registered. The SIM owner’s personal information is attached to the registration and acts as its unique identifier.

This SIM card registration policy covers all individuals—including foreigners—and corporate entities using SIM cards bought in the Philippines for mobile phones and modems.

Your most urgent questions might include "Can I still register my SIM card?" or "Until when can I register my SIM?" Whether you have a physical or embedded SIM (also called eSIM), you need to register it until the extended Philippine SIM card registration deadline on July 25, 2023, to avoid deactivation. 

If you purchased a new SIM on or after December 27, 2022, you must also register it before it can be activated. 

👉 Why is SIM Card Registration Mandatory in the Philippines?

SIM registration in the Philippines makes it easier for authorities to prevent and investigate cybercrimes involving SIM cards. It also protects consumers from online and mobile fraud, which has increased over the years.

In the past, fraudsters could easily purchase new SIM cards without linking their personal information. As such, they could use these cards for criminal activities without getting caught.

Under the SIM card registration law in the Philippines, all SIM cards sold by telcos, authorized distributors, and resellers will be activated only after you register the SIM card via its authorized registration platform.

Worried about your data privacy? Under the Act's confidentiality clause, all data collected will be treated as strictly confidential.


👉 What Happens If You Don't Register Your SIM Card? 

If you fail to register your SIM card on or before the deadline, your SIM card will be deactivated. Obviously, this means you won’t be able to make outgoing calls, receive incoming calls, or send and receive text messages. Your remaining load balance will be forfeited if your SIM card is deactivated.  

Without a SIM card, you also won’t be able to subscribe to prepaid data packages. Without a data connection, you won’t be able to access your email and favorite apps.

More importantly, however, you won’t be able to receive one-time passwords (OTPs), which are standard security features not just in shopping and social media, but also in online banking. If you can't receive OTPs via your mobile number, you’ll find it difficult to access your bank accounts. 

Plus, an active mobile number is typically a requirement when it comes to applying for credit cards or loans. If you fail to register your SIM, you’ll miss out on important credit card or loan notifications regarding your application status, payment reminders, promos, and other matters.


👉 When is the Deadline for SIM Registration?

The original deadline was on April 26, 2023, but President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. approved the SIM card registration extension, which runs until July 25, 2023.[2] Currently, there is no news as to whether the registration will be extended once again. 

SIM card registration in the Philippines is free and takes only a few minutes. Finish it earlier than the deadline to avoid the rush and the hassle of getting your SIM card deactivated because of non-compliance.

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How to Register Your SIM Card in the Philippines

Now you might wonder, “Can I register my SIM card online?” Yes, you can visit your telco's secure SIM card registration online platform to complete your SIM card registration. Just fill out the registration form electronically.

Check out this quick guide on how to register your SIM card online in the Philippines this 2023: 

how to register sim card philippines - how to register globe, smart, dito sim

Read on for a more in-depth guide for each service provider.

📌 How to Register SIM Card from Globe or TM

Complete your prepaid Globe and TM SIM card registration by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Globe and TM SIM card registration online link at new.globe.com.ph/simreg.[3]
  2. Enter your 10-digit Globe or TM mobile number and click Register.
  3. Key in the one-time code that will be sent to your number.
  4. Fill out the online form to verify your identity. You must provide your full name, address, date of birth, and gender. You’ll also need to provide a valid ID and its ID number.
  5. Take a selfie or upload a photo of your valid ID. The maximum file size is 2MB.
  6. Tick the boxes and click Next to complete your registration.
  7. Note the reference number, which will serve as your SIM card registration control number. Globe will also send an SMS regarding your successful SIM card registration.

You may also register your prepaid SIM card via the Globe One app. If you’re using only a basic phone or don’t have internet access, you can proceed to any assisted registration hubs and on-site booths nationwide to help you register your Globe or TM prepaid SIM.

Meanwhile, existing Globe postpaid and Platinum subscribers can confirm their SIM registration by texting SIMREG [account number] [landline/SHP number] and then sending it to 8080.

LTE@Home customers can confirm their SIM registration by waiting for the text from GLOBEATHOME and then texting SIMREG to 268204.

Globe Business accounts billed under corporate individuals can complete their SIM registration by texting SIMREG to 8080 or registering via the SIM registration microsite. 

📌 How to Register SIM Card from Smart or TNT

For your Smart and TNT SIM registration, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit smart.com.ph/simreg.[4]
  2. Enter your 10-digit Smart or TNT mobile number and tick the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice boxes.
  3. Click Send OTP.
  4. Enter the code and click Verify OTP.
  5. Complete your profile and attach a copy of a valid government ID.
  6. Take note of your SIM card registration control number for further validation. You may also receive a call or an SMS regarding your successful SIM card registration.

Alternatively, you can visit any Smart Store or call the Smart Hotline (*888 from your Smart or TNT mobile or 02 8888 1111 from your landline) to register. You may also register via the GigaLife App or Smart FB Messenger.

Smart postpaid subscribers’ Subscriber Application Form and submitted documents will serve as their SIM card registration. To confirm this, subscribers only need to text YES and send it to 5858. They will receive a successful SIM registration after (plus free 3 GB of data). 

📌 How to Register SIM Card from DITO

New subscribers can proceed with their DITO SIM registration[5] by clicking the SMS link sent after inserting their SIM card. If you’re an existing subscriber, launch the app, click the registration banner, and fill out the DITO SIM registration form.

As part of the registration process, DITO will collect your personal information, such as full name, address, date of birth, gender, ID, and ID number. Take a selfie with your valid ID and enter the OTP for verification. Click Submit, and that’s it!  

For your reference, take a screenshot of your successful SIM card registration.

FAQs on How to Register Your SIM Card in the Philippines

how to register sim card philippines - faqs

1. How much does a SIM card cost in the Philippines?

You can purchase a new SIM card for ₱29 to ₱49. But SIM cards also come with free data, which you can buy for ₱299 or ₱399, depending on the telco.

2. Does a SIM card have an expiry date?

When your SIM card has no load, you’re given an extra three months (90 days) to reload and keep your prepaid SIM card active. If you fail to load within the additional 90 days, your SIM card will automatically expire, and your prepaid number will be disconnected.

3. What IDs are accepted for SIM card registration?

You can use any valid government-issued ID, such as your passport, PhilSys national ID, driver's license, etc., bearing your photo (for identity verification) to register your SIM card. 

4. What is the SIM card registration process for children below 18 or those who don’t have valid IDs?

You can register a minor’s SIM card under the parent’s or legal guardian’s name.

5. I’m using a SIM for business. Who should register the SIM card?

If you’re using a SIM card under your company name, it should be registered by the authorized representative. Aside from the company SIM card registration, they'll also be responsible for updating the telco on any changes in their business SIM.

6. Can I register more than one SIM card number in the Philippines?

Yes. You must register each new or active SIM card under your name. Visit your telco’s SIM card registration page and follow the process for each SIM card.

7. Are foreigners required to register their SIM cards? 

Yes. If you’re a foreigner visiting the Philippines as a tourist, your registered SIM will be valid only for 30 days.

To register their SIM card in the Philippines, tourists should prepare the following requirements:

  • Passport 
  • Return ticket to country of origin or another country
  • Proof of address in the Philippines (hotel booking or any other type of accommodation)

For foreigners holding a different type of visa, you should present the following:

  • Passport 
  • Proof of address in the Philippines 
  • Alien Certificate of Registration Identification Card (BOI), Alien Employment Permit (DOLE), or school registration or ID for students 

8. How to reactivate a deactivated SIM card?

You can have your SIM card revived within five days after the registration deadline, according to the National Telecommunications Communication (NTC).

NTC Deputy Commissioner Jon Paulo Salvahan said that the SIM Card Registration law’s implementing rules and regulations (IRR) allow for the reactivation of an automatically deactivated SIM.[6] However, the IRR doesn't state anything about how to restore deactivated SIM cards after the deadline.

9. Can I still keep my mobile number if my SIM gets deactivated for failure to register? 

No, you can't use the same mobile number once it’s deactivated. This is why you need to register your SIM card in the Philippines within the registration period. 

10. What should I do if I lose my phone or device with my registered SIM card?

Report the lost SIM card immediately to your telco and provide your particulars and mobile number. Your telco will permanently disconnect your SIM and give you a new one with the same mobile number. 

11. I registered my SIM card online but didn’t receive a successful registration SMS. What should I do? 

Wondering if your Globe, TM, Smart, TNT, or DITO SIM card registration failed?

Try to input your SIM card number on the online registration portal. You should receive a prompt that the number is already registered. If not, proceed with the SIM registration steps again. 

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Final Thoughts

There are millions of SIM cards to be registered,[7] so be patient if you’re having difficulties accessing the registration portals. Do it during off-peak periods (late night or early morning) to increase your chances of a successful SIM card registration in the Philippines.

Moreover, be wary of emails or text messages inviting you to click on links to register your SIM. Don’t click on these links to avoid potential threats, and don’t provide any personal information. 

To be safe, visit your telco’s official SIM registration online portal to know how to register your SIM card in the Philippines and complete your registration.

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