Smart Smartphone Choices: Best Phones Under ₱15,000 Worth Checking Out

Jay Pagkatotohan

Jay Pagkatotohan

Last updated June 30, 2023
With prices of almost everything going up these days, luckily, you can still buy phones under ₱15,000. But with many choices in the market, it’s hard to pick a good mobile phone that provides the perfect balance between performance and affordability.

Still, there are a few bang-for-buck options that stand out. So if you’re shopping for new phones, check out this list of the best phones under ₱15,000 this 2023.

Note: Pricing information is based on the suggested retail price for each product. Smartphones sold in malls and online shops may offer discounted prices. Just be careful when buying from online sellers on social media to avoid fake products.

Best Phones Under ₱15,000 in the Philippines 

What are the best phones under ₱15k in the Philippines this 2023? You have a lot of options, and some of them come with 5G connectivity. Check out the following: 

📱 Redmi Note 12 

  • Prices:
    • 4GB: ₱8,999
    • 6GB: ₱9,999
    • 8GB: ₱10,999 
  • Redmi Note 12 Key Specs 

    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 685
    • Operating system: MIUI 14 based on Android 13 
    • Memory: 4GB / 6GB / 8GB
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Battery: 5,000mAh 
    • Display: 6.67-inch AMOLED DotDisplay
    • Rear camera: 50MP
    • Front camera: 13MP

Over the years, Redmi has become one of the top names when it comes to mid-range phones. And with the launch of the Note 12, the brand evidently still has a hold on that status. 

This phone under ₱15K is made fast and powerful by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 685 processor, complemented by the generous RAM of up to 8GB and storage space of up to 128GB. All these make for a smooth and lag-free mobile experience, especially when you’re multitasking. 

The Redmi Note 12 also boasts a long battery life. Running on a 5,000mAh battery, the device can last for up to 1.35 days. This is translated to 31 hours of calls, 21 hours of video playback, and nine hours of gaming. 

📱 Inifinix Note 12 Pro 5G

best phones under 15000 - infinix note 12 pro 5g

  • Price: ₱11,099 (discount price on Infinix’s official Lazada store)
  • Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G Key Specs
    • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 810
    • Operating system: Android 12
    • Memory: 8GB to 13GB
    • Storage: 128GB 
    • Battery: 5,000mAh
    • Display: 6.7-inch FHD+ True Color AMOLED
    • Rear camera: 108MP
    • Front camera: 116MP

If you’re looking for a gaming phone under ₱15K, Infinix is one brand worth checking out. One of your best bets would be the Note 12 Pro 5G. 

The Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G runs on a MediaTek Dimensity 810 processor that unleashes powerful speed. Despite its performance, the chip consumes low energy. 

To up your gaming experience, the Note 12 Pro 5G comes with XArena-Darlink 2.0. This system learns your usage patterns to optimize your phone’s memory, temperature, and battery. Meanwhile, its Monster Kit system puts you right in the game through omnidirectional optimization.[1]

The Infinix Note 12 Pro is also outfitted with dual speakers that produce 360-degree surround sound. This makes gaming and multimedia consumption truly immersive. 

📱 Infinix ZERO 5G

  • Price: ₱11,699 (discount price on Infinix’s official  Lazada store) 
  • Infinix ZERO 5G Key Specs
    • Processor: Mediatek Dimensity 900
    • Operating system: XOS 10 based on Android 11 
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Storage: 256GB
    • Battery: 5,000mAh
    • Display: 6.78’-inch FHD+ IPS LCD
    • Rear camera: 50MP
    • Front camera: 16MP

The ZERO 5G is one of the best phones under ₱15,000 for those looking for a lifestyle phone with 5G capability. While relatively affordable, it’s packed with big features. 

Under the ZERO 5G’s hood are the MediaTek Dimensity 1080 processor and 8GB RAM. The RAM can be extended to 13GB through its integration with the device’s 256GB ROM. As a result, you can expect fast performance from your ZERO 5G. 

The ZERO 5G is equipped with a 50-megapixel AI camera capable of capturing clear portraits, landscapes, and urbanscapes. And with the camera’s Auto Scene Detection feature, the colors in your photos are more vivid. 

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📱 Samsung Galaxy A14 5G 

best phones under 15000 - samsung galaxy a14 5g

  • Price: ₱12,990 
  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Key Specs 
    • Processor: Exynos 1330 
    • Operating system: Android 13
    • Memory: 6GB
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Battery: 5,000mAh 
    • Display: 6.6-inch Full HD+ PLS LCD 
    • Rear camera: 50MP 
    • Front camera: 13MP

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is one of the best phones under ₱15,000 from one of the world’s biggest and most prominent tech brands. If you put a premium on your lifestyle but operate on a small budget, this handset is for you. 

First on the list of its biggest features is the octa-core processor combined with a 5G connection. This makes for smooth gaming, streaming, and downloading of videos. 

Because it’s from Samsung, expect your A14 5G to have a set of powerful cameras. Its 50-megapixel main camera is complemented by a depth camera that adds dimensions to your image and a macro camera that captures the details of your subject. 


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📱 realme narzo 50 Pro 5G 

  • Price: ₱13,799 (discount price on realme’s official  Lazada store) 
  • realme narzo 50 Pro 5G Key Specs
    • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G
    • Operating system: realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Battery: 5,000mAh
    • Display: 6.4-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED
    • Rear camera: 48MP
    • Front camera: 16MP 

realme is another formidable player in the affordable and mid-range smartphone category. One of its best smartphones under ₱15k is the narzo 50 Pro 5G. 

It’s equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor. This chipset ensures smooth and lag-free performance, making the device perfect for gamers. The narzo 50 Pro 5G is built with a five-layer cooling system that dissipates heat, reducing the core temperature by 10°C even if you’re gaming hard. 

For its power, the narzo 50 Pro 5G boasts a 5,000mAh battery. If you run out of power, you can charge your phone and get up to 50% of power in just 31 minutes. 

For an engaging multimedia and gaming experience, it features a Super AMOLED display, which ensures color accuracy. As one of the best Android phones under ₱15K in the Philippines, he narzo 50 Pro 5G also has Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res Audio to deliver 3D sound. 


best phones under 15000 - honor x8

  • Price: ₱12,990
  • HONOR X8 Key Specs 
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 680
    • Operating system: Magic UI 4.2 based on Android 11
    • Memory: 6GB
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Battery: 4,000mAh
    • Display: 6.7-inch IPS LCD
    • Rear camera: 64MP
    • Front camera: 16MP 

The HONOR X8 is the type of smartphone you’ll always want to show off because of its elegance. But don’t let its ethereal and dainty appearance fool you; it’s actually packed with power. 

This Android phone under ₱15K runs smoothly and efficiently, thanks to its Snapdragon 680 chipset and 6GB of RAM, which is expandable to 8GB. Its battery, on the other hand, features the HONOR SuperCharge system. Through it, you can get three hours of video playback with just a 10-minute charge. 

Navigating your X8 is mesmerizing with the screen’s 90Hz refresh rate. Shooting stunning and high-resolution pictures is also possible with the device’s 64MP camera. 

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📱 realme 10 Pro 5G

  • Price: ₱14,499 (discount price on realme’s official  Lazada store) 
  • realme 10 Pro 5G Key Specs
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G 
    • Operating system: realme UI 4.0 based on Android 13
    • Memory: 6GB
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Battery: 5,000mAh
    • Display: 6.72-inch FHD+ IPS LCD
    • Rear camera: 108MP
    • Front camera: 16MP 

Minimalism is beauty—that’s the main theme of the realme 10 Pro 5G. Its display bears only a tiny punch hole on the top-center part. realme claims that this device offers the most expansive viewing experience in a smartphone.[2] 

Powerful performance is also one of this unit’s draws, thanks to the Snapdragon 695 5G chipset and 6GB of RAM. 

If you dabble in photography, the realme 10 Pro 5G will be your best friend. Its 108MP camera lets you capture highly detailed images. It also has a Super Nightscape Mode that brings out the beauty of your subject even if you’re shooting during nighttime. 

📱 POCO X5 5G 

best phones under 15000 - poco x5 5g

  • Price: ₱14,999
  • POCO X5 5G Key Specs
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G 
    • Operating system: MIUI 13 based on Android 12
    • Memory: 6GB
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Battery: 5,000mAh
    • Display: 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay
    • Rear camera: 48MP
    • Front camera: 13MP 

Looking for a ₱15K budget phone with a vibrant and youthful style? Check out POCO’s X5 5G!

This phone may be compact and lightweight, but its internal mechanism is all about power and performance. Take its Snapdragon 695 chipset and 5G capability. With the latter, the X5 5G is capable of download speeds of up to 2.5Gbps.[3]

As a lifestyle phone, the X5 5G comes with a 48MP main camera. It’s supported by an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera, which allows you to capture a bigger field of view, and a 2MP macro camera, which is designed for capturing detailed close-ups of your subjects.

📱 OPPO A78 5G

  • Price: ₱14,999
  • OPPO A78 5G Key Specs 
    • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 700
    • Operating system: ColorOS 13 based on Android 13
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Battery: 5,000mAh 
    • Display: 6.56-inch HD+ IPS LCD
    • Rear camera: 50MP
    • Front camera: 8MP

The OPPO A78 5G is a ₱15K budget phone with stellar features that suit different lifestyles. You’ll love this device whether you’re a gamer or a selfie addict.

The A78 5G’s MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip uses less power while providing powerful computing. Its 8GB RAM, which is expandable to 16GB, can smoothly run games and demanding apps. 

Its 50MP main camera can capture high-resolution and vivid images. If you like taking portraits, the A78 5G’s AI Portrait Retouching System can help you improve your photos by identifying your subject’s age, gender, and more.  

📱 vivo Y76 5G

best phones under 15000 - vivo y76 5g

  • Price: ₱14,999
  • vivo Y76 5G Key Specs
    • Processor: Mediatek Dimensity 700
    • Operating system: Funtouch OS 12 based on Android 11
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Battery: 4,100mAh
    • Display: 6.58-inch FHD+ IPS LCD
    • Rear camera: 50MP
    • Front camera: 16MP

The vivo Y76 5G is one of the best phones under ₱15,000 for aspiring vloggers. Dubbed the “Vlog Phone,” this handset features a 50MP AI Triple camera system that captures images in high definition. Its Ultra Stable Video system also intelligently senses the motion of the phone and makes adjustments to avoid shaky clips. 

The Y76 5G takes vlogging to the next level with its Dual-Video feature. This mechanism lets you capture the front and back subjects all at once. 

Moreover, the Y76 can also function as a gaming phone. It employs the Ultra Game 2.0 system with features such as 4D game vibration and picture-in-picture mode. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have a good idea of the best phones under ₱15,000 in the Philippines this 2023, are you ready to part with your hard-earned cash? 

Do your research and compare your options. Remember that it’s important to find the right smartphone that won’t bust your budget. 

For discounts, cashback, and points on your smartphone purchase, make sure to use the right credit card. Check out the best credit cards for buying electronics below: 


Credit Card
Perks on Electronics Purchases
UnionBank Rewards Credit Card
2023 UnionBank Rewards VISA
  • 1 rewards point for every ₱30 spend
  • 3x rewards points when you shop locally or abroad
Metrobank Titanium Mastercard®
  • 1 rewards point for every ₱20 spend 
  • 2x rewards points on department store and online purchases
Metrobank Platinum Mastercard®
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  • E-commerce purchase protection worth up to US$200
  • 0% interest installment 
Metrobank World Mastercard®
  • 1 rewards point per ₱20 purchase
  • 2x rewards points for international purchases
  • 0% installment program for up to 24 months
HSBC Red Mastercard
hsbc red


  • 1 point per ₱20 purchase and 4x bonus points per ₱20 on overseas, online, or shopping transactions
  • 0% interest on up to 36 monthly installments
HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back
hsbc gold visa cashback
  • 1% rebate on department store spend and online transactions
  • 0.5% cashback on other transactions
Security Bank Gold Mastercard
Security Bank Gold Mastercard 2023
  • 1 rewards point per ₱20 spend
  • Installment of up to 24 months
Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard
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  • Up to 5% rebates on essential spend categories
  • Online purchase protect insurance worth US$200
  • Exclusive promos all year round
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