J&T Express Rates for 2023 (Plus How-tos, Services, and FAQs)

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated September 26, 2023

Joining the competition with LalamoveLBC Express, and JRS Express in the Philippines is a relatively new player in the logistics business: J&T Express. The courier service gained much attention in traditional and social media after its launch in the country in 2018.

J&T Express is also a familiar brand among online sellers and buyers. If you often buy from Shopee, you likely have received some of your packages through this shipping service.

Whether you need a courier for sending items to your customers or loved ones, J&T Express has got your shipping needs covered. Here's a guide on J&T Express rates, the delivery process, and other things you must know about this logistics provider in the Philippines.

What is J&T Express?

j&t express rates - what is j&t express

J&T Express is an e-commerce express delivery company that operates in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, China, and Indonesia (where it was founded in 2015). Serving mostly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and online businesses, this logistics provider gives online sellers the option to ship packages using either J&T Express boxes or their own packaging.

With over 1,000 branches nationwide, J&T Express is continuously expanding and ready to help scale up businesses. This year, it added more trucks to its existing fleet, as well as other modes of transportation such as land, sea, and air freight. This is to service more locations, especially those in remote and hard-to-reach towns in the Philippines.

How Does J&T Express Work?

As a logistics provider, J&T Express works just like any courier service in the Philippines. However, what sets it apart from other delivery companies is its wide range of features that help ensure reliable, secure, and on-time deliveries.

🚚 J&T Express Delivery Features

  • Nationwide coverage with over 400 J&T Express branches and warehouses
  • 300 delivery trucks and vehicles
  • 24/7 and 365-day operation in a year
  • 4-Service Platforms for shipping and tracking packages: J&T Express website, mobile app, social media[1], and 24/7 customer service hotline (02) 8911-1888
  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring for package security
  • GPS tracking system for monitoring delivery trucks
  • Real-time tracking system
  • VIP Platform (self-service dashboard that enables online sellers to manage transactions and speed up the J&T Express delivery process)
  • Claims system that provides compensation for lost or damaged package

J&T Express Delivery Process in the Philippines

j&t express rates - pick up or drop off

You have two options for shipping through J&T Express. Either you visit a branch to drop off your packages or have them picked up from your home.

👉 How to Ship via J&T Express Branches

  1. Fill out the drop-off form on the J&T Express Philippines website[2] or mobile app.
  2. Click the Order button.
  3. Go to the nearest J&T Express branch.
  4. Present the barcode generated during your drop-off booking.
  5. Give the packages for delivery to the staff.
  6. Pay the shipping fee.

👉 How to Book J&T Express Pickup Service

To arrange for the pickup of your package, you may book through the J&T Express website, mobile app, 24/7 customer service hotline, or contact number of the nearest branch.[3] The J&T Express pickup service is free of charge.

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👉 J&T Business Parcel Delivery Services 

If you're a business owner, you can avail of the fastest shipping offer from J&T Express. With the new Business Parcel service, you can now have your items delivered to select locations in the Philippines in as fast as two days via air shipping. You can also enjoy this new service to send documents and business parcels without paying very high shipping rates.

Business Parcel is available to door-to-door, walk-in, free pickup, and VIP clients. Only a maximum weight of 5kg will be accepted. At present, the Business Parcel service only covers NCR-GMA, particularly the following: 

  • NCR
  • Bulacan 
  • Cavite
  • Laguna
  • Rizal 
  • Cebu 
  • Palawan
  • Davao del Sur
  • Davao del Norte 
  • Zamboanga del Sur
  • Misamis Oriental 
  • South Cotabato

👉 J&T Express International Shipping 

Shipping an item abroad? No worries because J&T Express now offers affordable international shipping in the Philippines. You can ship to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia with rates starting at just ₱557. 

To find out more, you may visit your nearest J&T Express branch.[4] You may also call the J&T Express contact number at (02) 8911-1888 and press 6, or download the mobile app.

J&T Express Rates: Updated Price List for 2023

j&t express rates - shipping philippines

J&T Express Philippines charges shipping fees based on the distance between the origin and destination of the package and its weight. You can compute the shipping cost for your particular delivery using the calculator on the J&T Express website.[5]

For packages weighing 6kg or less, you may refer to the J&T rates below.

📍 J&T Express Shipping Rates from Metro Manila

Destination 500g and below 500g – 1kg 1 kg – 3kg 3kg – 4 kg 4kg – 5kg 5kg – 6kg
Metro Manila ₱85 ₱115 ₱155 ₱225 ₱305 ₱455
Luzon ₱95 ₱165 ₱190 ₱280 ₱370 ₱465
Visayas ₱100 ₱180 ₱200 ₱300 ₱400 ₱500
Mindanao ₱105 ₱195 ₱220 ₱330 ₱440 ₱550
Island ₱115 ₱205 ₱230 ₱340 ₱450 ₱560

📍 J&T Express Shipping Rates from Luzon

Destination 500g and below 500g – 1kg 1 kg – 3kg 3kg – 4 kg 4kg – 5kg 5kg – 6kg
Luzon ₱85 ₱155 ₱180 ₱20 ₱360 ₱455
Metro Manila ₱95 ₱165 ₱190 ₱280 ₱370 ₱465
Visayas ₱100 ₱180 ₱200 ₱300 ₱400 ₱500
Mindanao ₱105 ₱195 ₱220 ₱330 ₱440 ₱550
Island ₱115 ₱205 ₱230 ₱340 ₱450 ₱560

📍 J&T Express Shipping Rates from Visayas

Destination 500g and below 500g – 1kg 1 kg – 3kg 3kg – 4 kg 4kg – 5kg 5kg – 6kg
Visayas ₱85 ₱155 ₱180 ₱270 ₱360 ₱455
Metro Manila ₱100 ₱180 ₱200 ₱300 ₱400 ₱500
Luzon ₱100 ₱180 ₱200 ₱300 ₱400 ₱500
Mindanao ₱105 ₱175 ₱200 ₱290 ₱380 ₱475
Island ₱115 ₱185 ₱210 ₱300 ₱390 ₱485

📍 J&T Express Shipping Rates from Mindanao

Destination 500g and below 500g – 1kg 1 kg – 3kg 3kg – 4 kg 4kg – 5kg 5kg – 6kg
Mindanao ₱85 ₱155 ₱180 ₱270 ₱360 ₱455
Luzon ₱105 ₱195 ₱215 ₱325 ₱435 ₱545
Metro Manila ₱105 ₱195 ₱215 ₱325 ₱435 ₱545
Visayas ₱105 ₱175 ₱195 ₱285 ₱375 ₱470
Island ₱115 ₱205 ₱230 ₱340 ₱450 ₱560

📍 J&T Express Shipping Rates from an Island

Destination 500g and below 500g – 1kg 1 kg – 3kg 3kg – 4 kg 4kg – 5kg 5kg – 6kg
Island ₱115 ₱205 ₱230 ₱340 ₱450 ₱560
Metro Manila ₱115 ₱205 ₱230 ₱340 ₱450 ₱560
Luzon ₱115 ₱205 ₱230 ₱340 ₱450 ₱560
Visayas ₱115 ₱185 ₱210 ₱300 ₱390 ₱485
Mindanao ₱115 ₱205 ₱230 ₱340 ₱450 ₱560

Prices of J&T Express Boxes

If you prefer to use J&T boxes for shipping parcels, you may purchase them separately from the shipping fees at any branch. J&T Express box rates are charged based on the box size and weight capacity.

Box Size Dimensions Weight Capacity Price
Extra Small 30 x 24 x 15cm 3kg – 4 kg ₱30
Small 36 x 27 x 18cm 4kg – 5kg ₱40
Medium 46 x 30 x 23cm 6kg – 9kg ₱50
Large 60 x 36 x 32cm 10kg – 12kg ₱80

J&T Tracking in the Philippines

j&t express rates - tracking philippines

It's easy to monitor the status of your J&T package in real-time. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Trace & Track page[6] of the J&T Express Philippines website or mobile app.
  2. Get your tracking number, which consists of 12 digits and starts with numbers 9 and 7. If you're the sender, find the tracking number on your waybill below the barcode. If you're the receiver, ask the sender to give the tracking number to you.
  3. Enter your tracking number and hit the Search button. Your package status will be displayed.

Alternatively, you may call the 24/7 customer service hotline at (02) 8911-1888 to inquire about the status of your J&T Express delivery.


J&T Express FAQs

1. How can I find J&T Express branches near me?

Locate the nearest J&T branch through the J&T Express Philippines website.[7] Simply enter your province and city/municipality or select from the dropdown menu.

2. What are the office hours of J&T Express?

J&T Express branches are open daily and even on weekends and holidays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

3. Does J&T deliver on Sundays?

Yes. J&T Express delivers on Saturdays and Sundays and even on holidays.

4. What payment methods does J&T accept?

You can use cash to pay for transactions. VIPs can use cash on delivery (COD) and monthly payments.

5. What are the other J&T Express fees aside from the shipping cost?

You might have to pay value-added service fees, cash-on-delivery (COD) fees, value-added tax (VAT), and other charges if any.

6. How do I get a J&T pouch?

You can get J&T Express plastic pouches for free at any J&T branch. Choose from four available sizes: A2, A3, A4, and envelope-sized.

7. Does J&T have a weight limit on packages?

Yes. You can send only up to 50 kg of package. For express shipping, items that are 1.5m long on one side cannot be shipped.

8. What goods are prohibited for delivery via J&T Express?

The following items are restricted for shipping: 

  • Narcotic drugs 
  • Psychotropic substances (cocaine, morphine, opium, etc.) 
  • Dangerous goods and biological reagents (gasoline, kerosene, gunpowder, etc.) 
  • Perishable items like fresh fish and meat 
  • Reactionary publications and publicity materials 
  • Specimens and liquids from living animals 
  • Prohibited items like currency, tobacco, arms, antiques, precious metals, gold, etc. 
  • Other items prohibited and restricted by the government

9. How should I pack my shipment? 

j&t express rates - how to pack

Shippers are advised to pack their items carefully before the J&T Express rider arrives to pick them up. You may use materials such as styroflakes, styrofoam, and bubble wrap to ensure your package is safe and shock-resistant. Use the H-taping method shown above to secure your package as well. 

You can send fragile items, and the courier will advise if your package will need enhancements or be labeled fragile for proper handling. 

10. How should I label my package? 

An electronic waybill (e-waybill) or air waybill will be provided. Make sure you enter your details correctly to avoid shipping delays.

11. How many days does it take J&T Express to ship packages?

J&T Express delivery days take from one to eight days depending on where the package is shipped from and where it will be delivered.

Here's the updated J&T delivery times in 2023:

Origin Destination Shipping Days
Metro Manila Metro Manila 1 to 3 days
Metro Manila Luzon 1 to 5 days
Metro Manila Visayas 3 to 7 days
Metro Manila Mindanao 3 to 7 days
Metro Manila Island 5 to 6 days
Luzon Metro Manila 1 to 5 days
Luzon Luzon 1 to 5 days
Luzon Visayas 3 to 7 days
Luzon Mindanao 3 to 7 days
Luzon Island 5 to 6 days
Visayas Metro Manila 3 to 7 days
Visayas Luzon 3 to 7 days
Visayas Visayas 1 to 5 days
Visayas Mindanao 3 to 7 days
Visayas Island 5 to 6 days
Mindanao Metro Manila 3 to 7 days
Mindanao Luzon 3 to 7 days
Mindanao Visayas 3 to 7 days
Mindanao Mindanao 1 to 5 days
Mindanao Island 5 to 6 days
Island Metro Manila 5 to 6 days
Island Luzon 5 to 6 days
Island Visayas 5 to 6 days
Island Mindanao 5 to 6 days
Island Island 7 to 8 days

12. Does J&T Express have COD?

Yes, J&T Express accepts cash on delivery (COD) as a payment method.

13. What is the J&T COD application process?

To avail of the J&T cash-on-delivery option, you must be a J&T Express VIP member. As a VIP member, you can manage your transactions on your VIP dashboard account and enjoy free pickup service aside from special J&T COD rates.

To be a VIP member, just fill up the J&T Express VIP Platform Application[8] or visit the nearest J&T Express branch.

j&t express rates - vip

14. What services are available on the J&T Express Mobile App? 

The J&T Express mobile app offers hassle-free shipping with J&T Express right on your mobile phone. Get access to the latest promos and avail yourself of special discounts. You can also find the nearest J&T Express branch in your area. 

There’s no need to queue because you can book your door-to-door J&T Express pickup from home on the app for free. You can also calculate your shipping costs. More importantly, you can track your package in real-time. 

j&t express rates - j&t app

15. How to use the J&T Mobile Voucher? 

  1. To claim your voucher, click the pop-up banner Claim Now or go to the voucher tab.
  2. Next, tap the Order tab and fill out the form. 
  3. After submitting the form, choose a voucher from the Vouchers tab to apply the discount. 
  4. Read the terms and conditions and tap Submit.
  5. Present the barcode that will be generated to your assigned rider or when you visit the J&T Express branch of your choice.

16. Does J&T Express offer insurance?

J&T Express offers a special service for express mail where you pay a fee of 1% of your declared item to ensure its safety. For example, if your item price is ₱1,500, a value-added fee of ₱15 will be charged (1% of ₱1,500). 

17. When can you file a claim?

If your shipment gets damaged or lost, you may submit a claim. Indicate the state of the package in the manifest during receipt of the items. It’s also advised to take photos and videos of the items as proof. 

Send your claim via email to customerCA@jtexpress.ph or report it to the 24/7 customer care hotline at (02) 8911-1888. 

Loss complaints should be made within 30 days from the shipment date. Damage complaints should be made within seven days from the date of notification of the damage.  

18. Are there any J&T Express promos that I can avail of right now? 

Yes! From now until September 30, 2023, you can avail of the Unlisaya promo. That's unlimited weight and a flat rate based on the size of the pouches for as low as ₱60. 

You can also avail of the Super Sulit Promo until September 30, 2023, where you can enjoy savings of up to 50%. 

Read more about courier and shipping services in the Philippines: 

Final Thoughts

J&T Express rates are affordable, and its service is secure and reliable. It gives you an excellent alternative for shipping items anywhere in the Philippines, especially when you need fast delivery.

With its ever-evolving features and services, it continuously delivers what business owners need to scale up their business and ensures that customers receive their packages quickly and in excellent condition. Whether you’re an online shopper or an online business owner, J&T Express is helping bridge the gap between businesses and consumers, even in far-flung places.

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