International Shipping for Less: 7 Cheap Services for Online Shoppers

October 5, 2018 | Posted by: Venus Zoleta | Personal Finance

October 5, 2018

International Shipping Companies |

Starting your online shopping for Christmas gifts? Looking for the cheapest way to ship to the Philippines? No need to blow your budget on international shipping fees. You just need to find service providers that ship goods from the U.S. at affordable rates.

What are Package Forwarding Companies?

Package Forwarding Companies
Package forwarding companies are cheap alternatives to traditional, premium shipping services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. They get discounts from their logistics partners and ship products in bulk. This enables them to pass on the cost savings to customers.
These low-cost international shipping companies also provide a seamless online shopping experience. Just shop at a U.S. online store and have your order delivered to the U.S. shipping address of the package forwarding company. The package will arrive at the company’s warehouse where it will be processed and prepared for shipment. After paying the shipping fee, your package will be shipped to your Philippine address.
Because their shipping rates already include duties and taxes, you can receive your packages faster without having to go to the Customs to claim and pay for them.

7 Cheap International Shipping Companies

Here are the shipping services to consider for shopping from online stores in the U.S. or any foreign country.

1. My Shopping Box

International Shipping - My Shopping Box

  • Shipping fee:
    a. Air shipping: USD 5.99 per pound (Class 1 items) / USD 8.50 per pound (Class 2 items)
    b. Sea shipping: Starts at USD 2.99 for all items
  • Delivery time:
    a. Air shipping: 10 to 12 business days (for Metro Manila deliveries) plus one to three business days for provincial deliveries
    b. Sea shipping: 45 to 60 calendar days (for Metro Manila deliveries) plus one to three business days for provincial deliveries
  • Delivery location: Nationwide
  • Accepted payment modes: Credit and debit card (Mastercard, Visa, and American Express) and  GCash American Express

My Shopping Box allows you to shop from U.S. and Europe online stores like Amazon, Etsy, and Zappos and have your package shipped to anywhere in the Philippines. Membership is free.
It ships via air cargo and sea cargo. Sea shipping is the cheaper option, but it takes longer for a package to arrive compared to air shipping. If you choose air shipping, you’ll be paying more if your purchased item falls under Class 2 (higher-value goods such as gadgets). Class 1 items such as clothes and non-perishable food cost less to ship via air.
The international shipping company doesn’t offer a consolidation service. So when you buy multiple items from different merchants, they’ll be shipped individually. But when your packages arrive at its warehouse on the same day, they’ll be shipped as a single package.
Money-saving tip: If you’re using a BDO, Metrobank, or Robinsons Bank card, you can avail of My Shopping Box’s promos to get up to 15% discount on shipping fees.

2. Planet Express

International Shipping - Planet Express

  • Shipping fee:
    a. Economy shipping: Starts at USD 7.48 + USD 4 insurance fee
    b. Express shipping: Starts at USD 8.21 + USD 4 insurance fee
  • Delivery time:
    a. Economy shipping: 30 business days
    b. Express shipping: 17 to 25 business days
  • Accepted payment modes: Credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin

Planet Express is a California-based package forwarding company that provides affordable shipping services worldwide.
Options for international shipping methods include DHL, FedEx, and USPS (United States Postal Service). But for customers on a tight budget, its own shipping service called the Planet Mail charges the lowest shipping fees.
If an online store doesn’t accept your credit card, you can use Planet Express’ Shop For Me service. The company will order the item for you.

3. Shipping Cart

International Shipping - Shipping Cart

  • Shipping fee:
    a. Sea cargo: USD 1.75 per inch (regardless of weight) + USD 10 delivery fee
    b. Air cargo: USD 6.99 per pound / USD 11.99 per pound (for items that require special handling) + USD 10 delivery fee
  • Delivery time:
    a. Sea cargo: 45 days
    b. Air cargo: 10 days
  • Delivery locations: Nationwide
  • Accepted payment modes: Credit card or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay, and JCB) and PayPal

Shipping Cart is one of the cheapest ways to ship orders from a wide range of U.S. online stores to the Philippines. The company also offers a free service that allows customers to save money on shipping costs by consolidating multiple packages into one package.

4. MyUS

International Shipping - MyUS

  • Shipping fee:
    a. Small Pack Saver: Starts at USD 14.99
    b. Budget Economy: Starts at USD 22.96
  • Delivery time:
    a. Small Pack Saver: Seven to 20 days
    b. Budget Economy: Seven to 14 days
  • Delivery locations: Various cities including Manila, Makati, Quezon City, Pasig, Cebu City, Davao City, Cagayan de Oro, etc.
  • Accepted payment modes: Credit and debit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and UnionPay) and PayPal

MyUS has been in the international shipping business for more than 20 years, serving 220 countries including the Philippines. Monthly membership fee costs USD 7 after a 30-day free trial.
The most affordable services are Small Pack Saver and Budget Economy. Consolidation services aren’t available for these shipping methods. But if you need your packages consolidated or delivered faster, you can choose other international shipping methods like DHL, FedEx, and UPS (United Parcel Service) that ship within one to four days. These premium methods charge higher shipping rates, though.

5. Johnny Air Plus

International Shipping - Johnny Air Plus

  • Shipping fee: Starts at USD 16.98 + USD 10 delivery fee
  • Delivery time: Five to 10 working days
  • Delivery location: Metro Manila only (plus pick-up locations in Makati and SM Megamall)
  • Accepted payment modes: Cash and credit card (Mastercard and Visa) upon pick-up or delivery

Johnny Air Plus lets Pinoy online shoppers ship products from any U.S. online stores like eBay or Amazon using any of the shipping company’s four office addresses in Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, and San Francisco. Membership is free.
The company ships goods only to Metro Manila with a service fee of USD 10. You can avoid the delivery fee by picking up your package instead at Johnny Air’s head office at CJV Building in Makati, Dian branch in Makati, or SM Megamall. You’ll be notified via email or SMS when your package is ready for pick-up.
Money-saving tip: If you often shop at U.S. retailers, get a JAC Plus Loyalty card to earn rewards points that you can use to pay for future shipping fees. Enjoy exclusive perks like the Customer ICE Box, a service that consolidates multiple orders into a single package. The card also entitles you to a 10% discount when the scheduled shipment falls within your birthday month.

6. comGateway (Standard International Shipping)

International Shipping - comGateway

  • Shipping fee: Starts at USD 14 (for the first 0.5 kg) + USD 4 for every additional 0.5 kg
  • Delivery time: Five to 13 business days
  • Delivery location: Nationwide
  • Accepted payment mode: Credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, and UnionPay) and PayPal

comGateway ships products purchased from any online U.S. retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Google Play, and Kate Spade. When you register for an account, you’ll get a free, sales tax-exempted U.S. shipping address for online shopping.
The company partners with DHL and FedEx, so customers enjoy premium international shipping services at lower costs. You can further cut down on shipping fees by consolidating multiple purchases into a single shipment, as comGateway stores packages in its warehouse for up to 30 days.
Its Buy For Me service makes online shopping more convenient, as it allows you to buy from U.S. stores that don’t accept non-U.S. credit cards. comGateway will purchase on your behalf, have it delivered to your U.S. shipping address, and ship it to your Philippine address.
Money-saving tip: Save 25% off your shipping fees by using the promo code CGinPH25 upon checkout.


International Shipping -

  • Shipping fee:
    a. Air shipping: Starts at USD 19.50 (minimum of 3lbs) plus USD 6.50 per additional pound
    b. Ocean shipping: Ranges from USD 40 to USD 85 depending on package size
  • Delivery time:
    a. Air shipping: 15 days for Metro Manila deliveries (Provincial deliveries take longer.)
    b. Ocean shipping: Five weeks for Metro Manila deliveries (Provincial deliveries take longer.)
  • Delivery location: Nationwide
  • Accepted payment modes: Credit card, PayPal, and bank deposit to Peso account (BDO and UnionBank) or Dollar account (BDO) ships products bought from U.S. online stores to almost anywhere in the Philippines. Its international shipping fees already include taxes and customs documentation.
For customers who want to save money on shipping costs, offers free consolidation services that allow packing multiple orders into a single shipment. Your items can be stored in its Los Angeles warehouse for up to 30 days while waiting for all your orders to complete.
Money-saving tip: Are you a frequent traveler who’s collecting PAL Mabuhay Miles? You can earn 100 air miles per PHP 1,500 spent on shipping fees at Simply enter your Mabuhay Miles number on the invoice in your My Billing Page.

Final Thoughts

With the help of these low-cost international shipping companies, you can save a great deal when shopping for clothes, cosmetics, shoes, gadgets, and other items from the U.S. and shipping them to the Philippines. Take advantage of Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales without worrying about expensive shipping fees.

Shipping costs vary depending on not only the service provider’s prices but also your packages’ weight, size, value, and other factors. So before you shop online, use the package forwarding company’s calculator or price estimate tool on its website and compare its shipping rates with other service providers.

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